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Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

USA Blocked Signing of Colombian Peace Agreement at UN in New York

nsnbc : The United States blocked the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian State and the FARC this month at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

President Juan manuel Santos announces that the peace agreement will be signed on September 26 in Cartagena.

President Juan Manuel Santos announces that the peace agreement will be signed on September 26 in Cartagena.

On September 26, 2016, the administration of Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and the leadership of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) will sign a peace agreement in the Colombian city of Cartagena.

The signing of the peace accord that effectively ends 52 years of civil war between the State and the largest leftist Colombian guerrilla should have been signed at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York City, USA. However, the signing of the historic accord was blocked by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ).

Nobody at the DoJ would officially confirm the decision, but the DoJ’s obstruction was substantiated by the fact that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, on Wednesday, announced that the accord would be signed at the UN in New York City.

The allegations about the United States’ obstructions were further substantiated by Robert McBrien, a former lawyer at the DoJ and retired associate director of the Global Targeting Division of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control. McBrien would talk about FARC delegates, saying “These are people we would work very hard to bring to the U.S. to prosecute. To let them come in and sign an agreement and then fly away, I find very hard to accept.”

It is noteworthy that nsnbc international is in possession of a document dated prior to the U.S.’ decision to designate the FARC as a terrorist organization,  in which the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) encouraged the FARC leadership to invest drug revenues in U.S. banks. An offer which the FARC declined, stressing it would rather invest the money in Colombia where it benefits the Colombian people. US authorities indicted FARC leader Timoshenko on charges of drug trafficking.

Moreover, an important part of the peace accord stipulates that the government and the FARC cooperate on substituting illicit crops with legal agricultural crops. The program also includes steps to support farmers and communities who previously depended on cultivating coca and other illicit crops economically, to help build a socially just and sustainable agricultural sector.

un_new york_USASantos officially rejected Rajoy’s statement on Wednesday as false. However, nsnbc received information from “leftist” Colombian circles, stating that Santos’ rejection of the Spanish Prime Minister’s statement was made to avoid embarrassment and a scandal. A senior Colombian diplomat, Carlos Arturo Morales, for his part, told the press that the “schedule was a little bit too tight” for the U.S. government to grant temporary immunity for wanted FARC leaders.

The historic ceremony and the signing of the, arguably, most important accord Colombians have signed over the course of the past five decades, will take place in the Colombian city of Cartagena at the Caribbean coast. A national referendum on the peace agreement is scheduled to be held on October 2.

An nsnbc source in Colombia also notes that the U.S.’ “sabotage” is a great disappointment for both President Juan Manuel Santos, the FARC leadership, and the many of those who have labored intensely, since peace negotiations began in the Cuban capital Havana in 2012. Signing an executive order at the White House that would have granted free passage for FARC representatives would have taken U.S. President Barack Obama no more than five minutes.

The United States’ sabotage falls in line with numerous violations the United States has committed in its function as a host of the UN headquarters. Several Heads of State as well as the Non-Aligned Movement have repeatedly stressed that the U.S. consistently violates its obligations as a host nation for the UN and called on moving the UN headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, or another, more neutral country. U.S. violations include, among others, to restrict the movement of UN diplomats from several countries which the U.S. perceives as hostile, or countries targeted by the United States, and even the denial of visas for heads of State who plan to visit the UN headquarters in New York City.

CH/L – nsnbc 05.09.2016

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