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Published On: Sat, Jan 23rd, 2016

Libyan House of Representatives Wants Arrest and Investigation of General Heftar

nsnbc : The President of Libya’s House of Representatives, Ageela Saleh, supports the House’s call for an investigation of General Khalifa Heftar over a number of crimes including corruption. 

General Khalifa Hfter attends a news conference in AbyarHouse of Representatives President Ageela Saleh ordered a parliamentary investigation into claims by the former spokesman of Operation Dignity, Colonel Mohamed Hejazi, that General Khalifa Heftar (a.k.a. Hefter, Hifter) was involved in corruption and a number of other crimes.

Following an attack against his home Hijazi was forced to flee to Ajdabia where he reportedly is being provided security by the head of central region Petroleum Facilities Guards, Ibrahim Jadhran.

The whereabouts of General Khalifa Heftar are currently not publicly known. Heftar went underground after an arrest warrant against him was issued following the attack against Hijazi.

Ageela Saleh’s order came after the Defense Committee of the House of Representatives had called for an inquiry into alleged crimes committed by Hefter.

Hefter has been one of the most controversial figures in Libya since the onset of the so-called Arab Spring in 2011. Heftar is reportedly an asset of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Initially a supported of the late Muammar Qaddafi, Heftar turned against Qaddafi after he was captured in 1987 in the war with Chad. During his time as a PoW he conspired with other Libyan officers to try to overthrow Qaddafi. Several well-informed sources have since then stressed that French intelligence was involved in “turning Heftar around” to become a NATO intelligence asset.

Heftar was released in the early 1990s where after he spent about two decades in the United States, with his home being close to the CIA headquarter in Langley, Virginia. He became an US citizen in 1993. He returned to Libya after the onset of the so-called Arab Spring in 2011.

F/AK – nsnbc 23.01.2015

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