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Published On: Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

Security Council Welcomes Formation of Libyan Unity Government

nsnbc : The UN Security Council (UNSC), on Thursday, welcomed the formation of the new Libyan unity government while it encouraged the House of Representatives to act swiftly to endorse the new government so as to tackle the challenges Libya is facing.  

GNC_libya_TripoliThe Security Council’s welcome comes after the Libyan Presidential Council, on Tuesday, announced the formation of the new Government of National Accord. The formation of the new government shall end the state of affairs with two rivaling governments in respectively Tripoli and Tobruk.

The new government, headed by Fayez Al-Serraj, comprises 32 ministers and four deputies to the Prime Minister. The government can assume its power after approval from the House of Representatives.

The 15 member States UNSC praised the announcement of the formation of the new government as an important step and expressed support for the full implementation of the agreement that was reached during negotiations in Morocco.

The UNSC noted that the Council looks forward to the House of Representatives endorsing the new government and stressed that the Government of National Accord should be based in the capital Tripoli.

The UNSC expressed grave concerns about the growing terrorist threat in Libya and encouraged the Libyan government to urgently focus on combating this menace. The Libyan Presidential Council was formed under the UN-backed agreement signed by Libya’s rival political parties on Dec. 17 in Morocco. The agreement said that the council must name the government within 30 days after its signing. However, the council on Sunday postponed the announcement of the government in order to complete “further arrangements.”

Libya descended into chaos in 2011 after a foreign-backed uprising of Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda linked militants co-opted popular protests. The country descended into further chaos when a coalition of several NATO and GCC member States overstepped the provisions of UNSC Resolution 1973 (2011). Instead of enforcing a no fly zone, as authorized by the resolution,  the coalition began acting as a de facto air force for Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood militants.

The country has since then become one of the world’s largest illegal exporters of weapons and insurgents for the war theater in Syria and Iraq. The self-proclaimed Islamic State has established a significant presence in Libya. Weapons from Libya as well as insurgents from Libya or insurgents trained and assembled in Libya have also contributed to the destabilization of Mali and the spread of militant Islamist movements in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia as well as in Nigeria and other African countries.

CH/L – nsnbc 21.01.2016

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  1. Jim Scott says:

    So why is the security council of the UN not taking action against the illegal actions taken by NATO and the USA in destroying the Gadaffi Government and for assisting and arming the terrorist groups. The NATO countries who are also members of the security council should be stood down and be replaced by countries not involved in illegal actions in Libya and Syria pending an investigation into their ongoing illegal actions.

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