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Published On: Sun, Nov 15th, 2015

US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

Janet Phelan (NEO) : Fundamentally, biological warfare is sneaky. It involves a microbial sucker punch to its intended target, often accomplished in a manner in which the aggressor can claim clean hands, while his victim may suffer or die.

USA_Veteran_Homeless_NEOBiological warfare can take a number of forms. The question—how can you get a bacteriological or toxic agent on board without the target being alerted– has been asked and answered. In addition to using humans and animals as vectors, biological warfare agents can be airborne, waterborne, foodborne or put into pharmaceuticals.

Substantial concerns have been voiced concerning the potential for inserting bioweapons into vaccines. Indeed, given the history of known contaminated vaccines, this is hardly a matter of speculation. Polio vaccines have been found to contain cancer. A Merck rotavirus vaccine was found to be contaminated with a pig virus. Another Merck product, the Hepatitis B vaccine, was reported to have been laced with the AIDS virus., In addition, a tetanus vaccine distributed in the third world was found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin, an anti-fertility agent known to produce spontaneous abortions.

The correlation between the rise in vaccinations of children and autism has become an urban legend.

A Bill has just passed the US Senate, mandating that the US Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule. At this juncture, active military must receive over a dozen vaccines. This piece of legislation is therefore an effort to extend the vaccine mandate to those who have previously served their country.

Sec. 101 of Senate Bill 1203, named the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act,

states that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be tasked with the mandate to “ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.”

The schedule referred to above is frankly staggering. Over ninety vaccines are listed.

The issues here are legion. First of all, an entire group of individuals, those who at one time were in military service, will lose their inherent right to opt out of receiving what is considered prophylactic treatment. According to Anita Stewart, who served in the Air Force and now hosts Wise Women Media radio show, “This could include experimental vaccines or vaccines that have not been tested.”

It is believed that those who refuse will, under this Bill, lose their medical benefits.

Second, there is the issue of the sheer numbers of allegedly preventative immunizations required on this schedule. As anyone who has come down with a case of the flu due to taking a flu shot might realize, the numbers of immunizations on the required schedule could be enough to sicken anyone.

And herein lurks the question of vaccine safety. Flu vaccines have been known to cause Guillain- Barre syndrome, which is a neurological disorder wherein a person’s own immune system attacks the nerve cells and can cause paralysis. Gulf War Syndrome, which may manifest with such symptoms as rash, severe fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headache, irritability, depression, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders and neurological cognitive defects, is thought by some researchers to have been caused by “vaccine overload.” According to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Professor Malcolm Hooper, US Gulf war soldiers received “at least 17 different vaccines, including live vaccines (polio and yellow fever as well as experimental vaccines that had not been approved (anthrax, botulinum toxoid) and were of doubtful efficacy.”

Other researchers have attributed Gulf War Syndrome specifically to the anthrax vaccine given the troops.

In addition, a certain cluster of vaccines have been linked to type one diabetes.  The H1N1 vaccine has been linked to miscarriages and stillbirths. According to this report, the H1N1 shot resulted in sixty times the rate of miscarriage associated with the seasonal flu vaccine.

H1N1 was also found to be linked to a spike in narcolepsy in children. According to this study, there was a four hundred percent increase in the incidence of narcolepsy in those under 20 years of age who received the swine flu vaccine.

It would literally be possible to go on for pages here. The pattern is clear. Vaccine safety is a realistic concern.

In light of the considerable scientific evidence that vaccines cause illness, one must ask what this piece of legislation hopes to attain. Writes Anita Stewart, “Forced mandates are nothing more than medical tyranny….Vaccines in most cases do not cure or protect us, but could make some of us sicker and definitely create a huge and continuing revenue stream for Big Pharma.”

There are no studies concerning the effects of these numbers of vaccines on adults. Equally, there are no studies concerning the “polypharmacy” effects of combining these vaccines. Given the increasing scrutiny of civil rights abuses in the US, coupled with escalating concerns about what appears to be covert US biological weapons activity in a number of different venues, one might expect that Senate Bill 1203 will result in an upsurge of protest.

Veterans have already served their country. To re-enlist them as lab rats diminishes both the concepts of freedom and democracy and also those who have served to protect these ideals.

Senate Bill 1203 was authored by US Senator Dean Heller, Republican from Nevada. It passed the US Senate on November 10, 2015 and now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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- New Eastern Outlook is primarily interested in processes taking place at the broad expanse that stretches from Japan and the remote coasts of Africa. However, we do not limit ourselves geographically. We also look at political events happening in other areas of the world as they relate to the Orient. We cover political and religious issues, economic and ideological trends, regional security topics and social problems.

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  1. Oh my gosh. This is horrifying. When you sign up to sacrifice your life for your country, you don’t sign away every freedom for the rest of it. How about this – every congressman and representative get these shots first. Every damn one of them. And their families. Take away THEIR rights. They SERVE the people. America has become something I cannot recognize anymore. Fight this people fight it. This is about freedom on your part!!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Please email your house representative if you want to try to stop this. I feel like we live in Nazi Germany and this bill was introduced by a Republican. I thought they were the party of making your own choices.

  3. Tony Roberts says:

    This bill is criminal and any Senator who voted for this bill should be held under the same “law”!
    Why did we not hear of this and have an opportunity to stop it prior to a vote? Where can we get the names of the Senators who signed on to this terrible bill?

  4. Shawn Siegel says:

    Thanks for this article. ITP – Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura – is also a flu vaccine injury that’s been compensated by the national vaccine court. It’s an autoimmune disease that affects blood platelets, dropping the count so drastically that internal bleeding occurs spontaneously, no actual injury necessary, ultimately turning the body a bruise-like black and blue – or purple, as the name suggests.

    • J Sanford says:

      I am a Veteran and was diagnosed with ITP after my fifth pregnancy. I am not surprised that these things are all connected. I stopped vaccinating my kids years ago, but the long term affects of the required vaccines during my service most likely still affect them. I will only get worse and could die if I’m vaccinated further. This bill is completely wrong. I will contact who I need to in Austin to fight this….or lose the VA benefits I do have.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am also in Austin. I fought against HB 2006 during the 84th Legislature along with 16 other bad bills. I testified before the Texas House Public Health committee. And I am mentor for a political action committee called Texans for Vaccine Choice. I’m also a disabled veteran and just wrote Congressman John Carter asking him to vote no on the bill. I’m spreading the word about this to every veteran that I know. Unfortunately, the language of the bill has left most people with the impression that it provides access to vaccinations but that it does not mandate them.

    • Sandy says:

      Shawn, ITP sounds a lot like Ebola, as it’s been presented to us. I’ve been wondering all along if what we’re told is “Ebola” is actually a USA-originated biological weapon which is delivered through vaccinations. Makes one wonder…

  5. Chuck Robey says:

    I have been under VA care for 15 years now and have always been taken care of very well. Now because of this asinine law I will have to stop getting excellent medical care as I will not ever allow a needle containing a Vaccine touch my body ever. I was forced to get the Anthrax Vaccine and it caused me to have Migraines and Cerebral Atrophy as well as degenerative and painful joints, NEVER AGAIN shall I be forced to do anything against my will…

  6. Tracie says:

    It only says the VA must report to Congress. It says nothing about losing benefits if you don’t get the boosters. has the recommend adult immunization schedule. We’ve already received them on Active Duty. Some like Tetanus and MMR have recommended boosters every 10 years or so. This article is a bit over the top (my opinion). Everything already gets reported to HHS and CDC, not sure why Congress wants a report as well. It would help if you put a link to the bill and to the recommended vaccinations in your article.

    • Sandy says:

      Congress wants a report because their paymasters have an agenda… 100% living humans vaccinated every time the Harmaceutical industry concocts another profitable poison. There’s no assurances in the bill that the victims – er, veterans – will have the right to decline vaccinations. That’s the key: what was NOT specified in the bill. More and more vaccinations will be added to the CDC’s schedule once every person is required by law to accept it regardless of safety or efficacy. Mission creep; you should recognize that phenomenon when it’s called by the proper name.

  7. Fight for freedom from medical tyranny. We should not have to be forcibly mandated to do anything, relating to our personal health choices, in order to continue to have health benefits. This is not right. This is very wrong!

  8. Dawn Blasko says:

    This is BS. I can’t afford traditional healthcare and have suffered greatly from the over 60 vaccines I received in the military. I’ll be dames if some dumbss is gonna force me to be vaccined. Someone will get stabbed with tjat damn needles and it won’t be me

  9. Rob says:

    Wow, way to make us be continued lab rats.

  10. Roger says:

    In June of 1968 we were given 9 shots .In basic training All 9 shots I ask what they were for .6 answers were don’t know. and 3 answers were for the time being Still don’t know what they were for . The Government ( LOST ) my records VA does not have . Division of records do not have .Have tried for 20 years to find them

  11. Pam says:

    This is one major flaw I find with Carson. He is for government mandated vaccinations.

  12. Carl Lucas says:

    Next they will probably require all these vaccines if you want to keep getting Medicare! They want to kill off as many people as they can.

  13. I will fight against this with every breath I have. My heroes have already paid enough and should not lose their rights of exemption….especially when we KNOW how dangerous these vaccines are.

  14. Mari says:

    I stand corrected and looked into it further. It does request mandatory vaccines!

    (c) Report To Congress.—

    (1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than two years after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall submit to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the House of Representatives a report on the development and implementation by the Department of Veterans Affairs of quality measures and metrics, including targets for compliance, to ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.

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