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Published On: Sun, Jul 20th, 2014

MH17 Crash: Malaysian PM Najib Razak Lashes Out Over Geopolitical Chess Game

nsnbc : Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak lashed out over the geopolitical game that led to the death of the 298 passengers on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Najib stressed that he attempts to get the bodies of the Malaysian victims home as fast as possible. OSCE Observers and four Ukrainian experts are at the crash site in southeastern Ukraine. Local authorities conduct search and recovery operations, but international and Malaysian investigators have not yet arrived.

Meeting with families of victims of the fatal crash of MH17 at the Marriot Putrajaya in Kuala Lumpur, Najib stressed that he wants the remains of the Malaysian victims which shall be repatriated to be removed from the crash site in eastern Ukraine, before the Aidilfitri celebration and to have them brought home for burial.

Photo, courtesy of Bernama.

Photo, courtesy of Bernama.

Speaking about his meeting with the MH17 families, Najib said:

“As a leader, there has never been an occasion as heart-breaking as what I went through yesterday. Wives losing their husbands, fathers losing their children. Imagine their feelings from such a great loss”.

The Malaysian Prime Minister reiterated that those who are responsible for the crash must be held accountable to the fullest extend of the law. Najib lashed out at anyone responsible for the geopolitical chess game which some countries are playing, that has resulted in innocent Malaysians becoming victims. Najib said:

“This is what happens when there is a conflict, whatever conflict that cannot be resolved through negotiations, with peace. In the end, who becomes the victim”?

Local authorities in the rebelling region are carrying out recovery operations aimed at recovering the remains of the victims as fast as possible while leaving the wreckage as undisturbed as possible.  Observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have arrived at the scene and have full access to the crash site, said OSCE representative Michael Bochurkiv on Sunday.

Bochurkiv reported that two armed guards accompanied the observers to the town of Torez, near the crash site, where 3 – 4 refrigerated railroad cars are used to preserve the bodies of the victims. The OSCE spokesman, however, said that he could not tell exactly how many of the bodies had yet been found.

Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic rejected media reports, according to which OSCE observers were not permitted to visit the crash site. Borodai stressed that the crash site spans over more than ten square kilometers, which strongly corroborates eyewitness accounts and mounting evidence suggesting that the plane was lured into a trap and shot down. nsnbc is conducting its own investigation in that regard.

Borodai stressed that the only occasion on which OSCE observers on site were advised not to enter an area was an occasion when it would have endangered their lives due to machine gun positions of forces loyal to Kiev. Borodai said:

“When they entered that zone, which is exactly in sight of Ukrainian machine guns, patrolmen stopped them. They proposed not to go there for one simple reason, that if they had come under Ukrainian machine gun fire, responsibility would have been shouldered on us”.

Borodai said that four Ukrainian experts who came immediately, together with the OSCE observers, are at the crash site and are dealing with technical details. Other experts, including those who should identify the casualties, have not yet arrived. Borodai said that the bodies of 196 of the 298 passengers on board flight MH17 had been recovered so far. Malaysian experts have arrived in the Ukrainian capital Kiev but have not yet arrived at the crash site.

On Friday, nsnbc launched a direct investigation into aspects of the fatal crash that killed all 298 on board the Boeing 777-200. The investigation focuses, among others on reconstructing precisely, who was responsible for diverting the plane to fly a northerly route, across an area where Ukrainian troops deployed BUK missile systems only five days prior to the crash, when all other MH17 flights up until July 17 flew a more southerly route. nsnbc is also investigating who exactly advised the pilot to fly at 33,000 ft instead of the 35,000 ft filed in the flight plan and other aspects of the incident.

CH/L – nsnbc 20.07.2014

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  1. FlanObrien says:

    Matthias Chang, the chief advisor to Mahatir (Former Malaysian PM) predicted this MH17 false flag in the following interview, published on 17 Apr 2014, that:

    “Beyond MH370, there will be another one (false flag). That’s for sure. It’s coming. There will be another false flag operation. If Ukraine were to continue, there will be another layer of false flag, in Europe.

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