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Published On: Sun, Jul 13th, 2014

Protests around the world call for end to Israeli assault on Gaza

Celine Hagbard (IMEMC) : Hundreds of protests were held in cities around the world on Friday and Saturday, calling for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza, which has lasted five days and cost over 150 Palestinians, including babies, small children and whole families, their lives. Many more protests are planned for the coming week.

Protests were held on Saturday in cities from Milan, Italy to New York City to Seoul, South Korea. Thousands of people took to the streets in London, Oslo and Paris on Friday, as well as more than a hundred other towns and cities.

Protest in Indonesia (image by Ifalasteen on Twitter)

Protest in Indonesia (image by Ifalasteen on Twitter)

In Israel, Palestinians and Jews protested in Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Yaffa, Tira, Sakhnin on Saturday to protest the attacks on Gaza and call for an end to the violence. Dozens rallied in two protests in Yaffa by Palestinian youth and solidarity activists. In Tel-Aviv five hundred left activists held a demonstration calling for an end to the violence.

A large group of right wing activists clashed with the protesters, assaulting some of them as they were running for cover when a siren went off indicating a Palestinian homemade shell. Eyewitnesses say the police were idle at best, and some police indicated their support of the right-wingers who attacked the demonstration.

One of the protesters received treatment in a hospital nearby. In Haifa 500 Jewish and Arab protesters marched together against the operation. One of the organizers, Raja Zaatry, was later called for questioning after the march did not receive a permit from the Haifa city police. Demonstrations were also held in Tira and Sakhnin.

Video: Protesters outside the White House, Washington, USA, calling on US President Obama to take action against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. – Via News 2 Share

Palestinians in diaspora around the world led protests, with their supporters numbering in the hundreds in most places, and in the thousands in Oslo, Norway and Istanbul,Turkey. Turkey is the only country whose government has withdrawn all diplomatic relations with Israel as a response to the aerial assault on Gaza.

Jewish Voice for Peace was a co-sponsor in many of the events across the U.S., and many Jewish speakers voiced outrage at Israel’s claim that it represents all Jews, while carrying out such a brutal assault on civilians.

In Kashmir and Indonesia, people took to the streets to protest what they termed a ‘massacre’ in Gaza.

In Washington DC, Palestinian-American told the Washington Post, “Our relatives are being bombed; it’s not an easy thing to just sit down”.

Full list of demonstrations taking place worldwide in support of the people of Gaza.

Celine Hagbard, IMEMC Edt. CH/L-nsnbc

FATALITY LIST: Please note that the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) is publishing a regularly updated list of fatalities. The list exclusively contains the incidents and names which have been confirmed by Palestinian medical sources. We are offering a link to IMEMC’s list as a service to Palestinians in Gaza, Palestinians and others with families and loved ones in Gaza, and as a resource for journalists and researchers, HERE.

Israel’s “War on Hamas” a Misnomer

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  1. regina imburgia says:

    Dear NSNBC thank you for your reporting this story and so many other daily stories where you expose what is really going on. Unfortunately many talking heads in the US are siding with Israel. It is so sad to see and hear any of the deaths, but I also know there will be countless other casualties like miscarriages, and lasting physical and mental injuries that are not reported. Thank you so very much…I will do a better job of sharing your articles…Bless all of you.

    • Dear Ms. Imburgia.
      Thank you for your recognition. I’m saying that as editor of nsnbc and personally. Let me comment on your comment because I sense that you, like many others, want to “act” but feel powerless. Not to promote myself, but because it is a good example, let me tell you what I did last time Gaza was bombed.

      It shows that “everybody” can help and you don’t need to wait for heavy weight organizations – on the contrary.

      1) I called about 100 European Hospitals and asked for donations of everything from medicines to entire hospital wards.
      2) I have published children’s books (mostly for traumatized) kids together with a Slovenian illustrator, Maja Cuc. Her mother was the chief at the pediatric hospital in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. That helped. The hospital donated an entire pediatric ward, slightly used but useful, to go to Gaza, IF I could arrange the transport.
      3) Putting our heads together, myself, the chairman of the Danish – Palestinain Friendship Organization and the Jordanian Ambassador arranged the transport. Transportation expenses from Ljubljana to Gaza, courtesy of the Jordanian government.

      I know you are an “activist” too, so you know what we are talking about here, right? It’s just a question whether we DO IT or wait and feel powerless and hope that others will take the initiative.

      Warmest regards.
      Christof Lehmann
      NB.: Please do share in social media (not entire articles in bloggs). It is important for our survival that we get as many daily readers as possible. Besides that, it is also about my own survival because, believe it or not, establishing nsnbc has “literally” brought me to the brink of starvation. Server bills, phone bills, and countless other bills have stressed my economy so much that I some times have to make a decision whether to starve myself “literally” or to keep the project alive. We need as many readers and other support, as we can get; and the world needs an independent newspaper like nsnbc. It is a daily struggle.

  2. regina imburgia says:

    Dear Mr. Lehmann,
    Thank you for your reply and for offering me direction. I have been posting links like this on FB and my FB tweets it out too… like this ok? I will also post your web site and encourage people to go and donate a monthly amount. I just sent 19.00 ERU not as much as I would like…but as you say… YES I do understand how expensive “activism” can be!I will be going to Washington September 5-8 to the Fluoride Alert Conference. The Fluoride battle seems so trite compared to the atrocities in Palestine… but we need to expose “truth” in areas BIG and Small…and Fluorides negative effects are not really “trite” …I just mean as a reply in this article it could appear mis-placed. again I thank you and pray you get the strength, time, and funds to continue for a long time!

    • nsnbc says:

      Thank you for helping in keeping us running. The2nd monthly donator after 18 month:) And a lot more than a few thousand others would have to, if they were of your ilk. If everyone subscriber donates just what it costs to buy one newspaper at the shop, per month, we would mount a “realistic” challenge to those “media” who omit the true nature of the violence in Palestine (and omit what independent science has to say about fluoridation too). Thanks on behalf of nsnbc, and a personal thank you. Christof Lehmann.

  3. Steven Jones says:

    Thank you for adding the statistics from IMEMC and for doing that average life expectancy research vs. age of casualties(Lehmann). I have friends there, so I’m reading the list every day in horror.

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