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Published On: Sat, Jul 12th, 2014

Can HAMAS who stabbed its biggest benefactors Syria and Iran be trusted ?

Agha H. Amin (nsnbc) : NO NO NO NO ? Islamic history is a series of grand contradictions since the demise of Islam’s Prophet? Israel is a very recent creation, but confusion in political legitimacy in Islam is much older than Israel?

HAMAS_LOGO - KopiWhat we witness are confused Muslims who killed the Muslim Prophet’s family for a free Hajj! Literally, bodies trampled under horses hooves. Such excesses, that a special form of poetry, “Marsia”, dedicated to Muslim Arab atrocities against the Muslim Prophet’s family was invented.

The simple fact is, that a religion and a people, plagued by such internal divisions and schism never can arrive at any stability. Even the origins of Hamas a 90% “Islamist” extremist organization is dubious with its midwife being Israeli intelligence.

The game is a simple one. The British mastered it in India and Afghanistan. Find a good Mullah, pay him money and he is all “Yours”! You cannot buy an “Islamist” but you can rent him! The number of Muslims killed by Muslims exceeds a thousand times the number of Muslims killed by non-Muslims. The Iran – Iraq war was a giant. The Israeli attacks on Gaza are a “pygmy” in comparison to it.

I have taught Arab army officers and attended many courses with them. My father attended courses with Arab officers in the 1960s. Those who expressed any originality or dissent, my father states, simply disappeared! What are the reasons of Muslim’s failure, and this includes all states from Pakistan to Morocco and Indonesia?

Lack of Merit ! Simple lack of Merit ? You visit Malaysia and Turkey, which are two brilliant success stories. What you notice is, that the presence of “booze” and “prostitution” are the corner stones of these two national economies. Tourism means “booze” and “women” and “gambling”! These are “Taboo” in Islam! It changes nothing because all exist in plenty in “Islamic States”! Where is the problem then? It is denial! A self-imposed facade and a mask of lies!

Expensive gadgetry, huge military purchases, flashy air shows in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates! But result? This was brilliantly defined by Pakistan’s Premier Suharwardy in 1956 when, Israel attacked the Arab States?

Zero x Zero? Arab- Israeli wars? Total Arab failure! Failed, because of a lack of merit within Arab Muslim societies? The Iran – Iraq war which I saw as a volunteer in 1980?  A “Total Failure”!

The Syrian War, the Libyan War, and the ongoing Iraq War prove that anyone with money can buy any “Extremist Islamist Outfit”!!!

RESULT — ZERO x ZERO. My uncle’s brother in law died in vain in Syria after winning Wissaam Ul Shujat, the highest military award of Syria! DIED IN VAIN! As far as I know, no Arab pilot could bring down any IDF aircraft in air combat in all four Arab – Israeli Wars. These are Islamic skills in actual war. What is the issue? “Lack of Merit within Arab States?

Where Islamic societies produced heroes was only under severe stress of War !

Mustafa Kemal would not have gone beyond the rank of a major in today’s Turkish Army! It was only the traumatic British incursion at Gallipoli which catapulted Ataturk into greatness.

Otherwise, by the standards of the Islamic system of “kill all merit for a free Hajj”, Attaturk was not an outstanding military commander. He was unfit by the standards of the so-called Islamic codes, because he drank and womanized openly and not secretly as required by established Islamic codes of success!

“Sin Thou Art But Secretly Sin! Outwards Be Pious As The Adage Goes!!!

Pakistan’s greatest military commanders belonged to Ahmadi sect declared non Muslims under Pakistani law in 1974!

Arabs produced “Khalid Bin Waleed”, a great military commander? Today there are thousands of Khalid Bin Waleeds in Arab States but Arab leaders make sure that no Khalid Bin Waleed lives or goes beyond a majors rank! And what happened to Khalid Bin Waleed? He was sidelined and demoted! And after Khalid Bin Waleed Arab Muslims could not win a single strategic victory against Christian Byzantines!!!

Ezer Weizman, a famous Israeli personality, commented on Pakistan’s Air Marshal Nur Khan:

” This man is a devil , thank God he is not an Arab ! “

Nur Khan had established a gunnery record at an air combat course he had attended in the UK.

The Gaza War is a storm in teacup made worse only by Electronic media! Not because they love Islam but because horrific images from Gaza bring US dollars!!!! How Can HAMAS which Stabbed its Benefactors , Iran and Syria be Trusted ?

About the Author

- A.H Amin studied at Saint Marys Academy Lalazar and Forman Christian College Lahore and at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. He was commissioned in 11 Cavalry (FF) earlier known as PAVO Cavalry on 17 March 1983. Served in various command , staff and instructional appointments in the army , finally commanding an independent tank squadron and retiring from the army on 05 March 1994. His writings were published in Pakistan Armys leading institutional journals , notably Pakistan Army Journal and Command and Staff College Quettas Citadel Journal. He also authored three major tactical publications “ Tactical Handling of Recce Troop “ (1986) , “ Tactical Handling of Recce Support Group” *(1989 and the “ The RFS Concept “ (1990). His recommendations regarding creation of army command groups as published as an article in 1998 were accepted by the Pakistan Army in 2007 when army commands were created. His books are essential reading in more than 200 leading libraries of the world including Library of Congress USA , Combined Arms Research Library of US Army Command and General Staff College ,Fort Leavenworth which is worlds largest military library ,US Army War College Carlisle Library,Defence Intelligence Agency Library of USA , Columbi University Library , US Armor School Fort Knox Library,LUMS Library etc. He wrote extensively for various journals and newspapers and also served as Assistant Editor Defence Journal , Executive Editor Globe, Founding Editor Journal of Afghanistan. Studies and presently as Editor in Chief for “Intelligence Review”. He also actively worked as an associate of two leading think tanks of Ravi Rikhye and as Fellow of Alexandrian Defense Group ,USA. Major Agha H Amin has been invited to lecture and present papers at various institutions including US Army Centre of Military History etc .

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  1. MICHAL CLINE says:

    And what is the point of this article? I have lived in the middle east and know many muslim and non muslim people. All of them just wantto live peaceably with their neighbors.

    Looking back at history: how many muslim people were killed by western governments; how many very rich people hired those of any religion to kill for them; how many indigenous people were killed by colonists? Why does this article focus on muslims and to what purpose?

    • You say you lived there. I am from there. Stop your “the white man’s burden attitude” please. What is the purpose? A little bit of much needed self-reflection maybe? As a fundamental precondition for being able to overcome colonialism? If you haven’t grasped even that, what article did you read? And what Middle East did You live in?

  2. Elise says:

    With all due respect, it is unclear who this article seeks to educate.

    Anti-imperialist European and Americans reading this feel horror because it repeats the same anti-Islam sentiments of the worst imperialists in our countries.

    Muslim readers from the Middle East are doubtlessly sincere Muslims, that is, anti-imperialist pious people who put love for all Muslim sisters and brothers before mercenary blood money. So, it is truly confusing.

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