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Published On: Sun, Jun 29th, 2014

Rand Paul said “we armed ISIS” forgets telling its Hq is the U.S. Embassy in Ankara

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nsnbc : U.S. Senator Rand Paul told the TV channel CNN that the U.S. armed ISIS because it supported its allies in Syria. Paul forgets mentioning that a source close to former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri told that the U.S. Embassy in Ankara functions as headquarter for ISIS operations and that prominent U.S. citizens and members of the Atlantic Council are behind its war on Iraq.

Rand paul_USA_ADRepublican Conservative Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union program, said:

“I believe that we firstly need to know how we came to this point. … I think one of the reasons why ISIS has been emboldened is because we have been arming their allies. We have been allied with ISIS in Syria”.

While Senator Paul is correct in stating that the U.S. had ISIS as an ally in the U.S. war efforts against Syria, he is omitting the fact that ISIS also is an ally in the U.S. war on Iraq, waged with ISIS as a U.S. trained, financed and commanded proxy or mercenary force.

Photo:Aydinlik Daily

Photo:Aydinlik Daily

In an article, published in nsnbc international on June 22, nsnbc editor Christof Lehmann details a conversation with a person close to former Lebanese Prime Minister, multi-billionaire and Atlantic Council member Saad Hariri.

The article revealed that the green light for the use of ISIS brigades, to carve up Iraq, widen the Syria conflict into a greater Middle East war and to throw Iran off-balance was given behind closed doors at the Atlantic Council meeting in Turkey, in November 2013, and that the U.S. Embassy in Ankara is the operation’s headquarter.

The article quotes the Hariri-insider saying that prominent U.S. citizens, along with others, have been planning the current ISIS campaign since 2013, that the headquarter for operations is the U.S. Embassy in Turkey’s capital Ankara and that no decisions are made without U.S. Ambassador Riccardione, saying:

“Who exactly pressured Obama? I don’t know who delivered the message to Obama. I suspect Kerry had a word. It’s more important from where the message came, Kissinger, Scowcroft, Nuland and the Keagan clan, Stavridis, Petreaus, Riccardione, and the neo-con crowd at the [Atlantic] Council. … As far as I know ´someone` told Obama that he’d better pressure al-Maliki to go along with Kurdish autonomy by November (2013) or else… As far as I know, nothing moves without Ambassador Riccardione”

It is possible that the information has escaped Senator Rand Paul. It is also possible that Senator Rand Paul is thinking about a possible candidacy for the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S. running on a conservative ticket.

Which one it is could possibly be determined by challenging the Senator with the information and to see if he takes tangible steps to investigate or not. Another fact that appears to have escaped Senator Rand Paul is that any U.S. support to ISIS, regardless whether they are fighting against the government of Syria or Iraq is a gross violation of international law.

Ch/L – nsnbc 29.06.2014

U.S. Embassy in Ankara Headquarter for ISIS War on Iraq – Hariri Insider

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  1. peter dunn says:

    This is why the US won’t be bombing ISIS in Iraq anytime soon. It is also why the Iraqis have had to buy second hand ground attack aircraft from Russia. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Israel decided that these aircraft were a threat to its own security and destroyed them. When this happens there will – of course – be some form of mild protestation from the US.

    • Well yes, that would be the logical conclusion. I presume Mr. Paul Jr. and Sr. would join the mildly-protesting choir too, as long as they won’t have to vote against Israel or a US troops deployment. Words may not come easy for them but they come cheap.

  2. “that any U.S. support to ISIS, regardless whether they are fighting against the government of Syria or Iraq is a gross violation of international law”

    Really? REALLY? Well, say that to NSA.Oh, wait, they will read it.

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