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Published On: Fri, Jun 20th, 2014

UN Elects Israel to Leadership of Committee on “Decolonization”

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nsnbc : The UN General Assembly elected Israeli Mordehai Amihai as Vice-Chair of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization which, among others, is dealing with matters related to Palestine and Palestinian refugees. The decision was met with protest by Arab UN member states.

Amihai_Israel_UNAmihai, who had been nominated by the group of Western European and other states was elected with 74 votes, exceeding the required 39 vote majority. Guy Rayée from Belgium and Iselin Hebbert Larsen from Norway each received one vote.

Before the vote, the group of Arab UN member states presented a motion to declare Mordehai Amihai as ineligible, citing Israel’s role as the sole remaining colonial power and its occupation of Palestine as incompatible with the work of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization, that among others, is dealing with Palestinian affairs such as the right of displaced Palestinians to return.

Amihai, for his part, referred to the Arab group’s request for a secret vote and complaints as “the hate-filled politics of a small group of nations” and the Arab group’s “fictitious and unfounded claims”. The Group had requested an election by secret ballot, in line with article 103 of the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure.UN DONE !!!The Saudi UN delegate, speaking on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) described Amihai’s election as “a sham, provoked by Western European and Other States”, adding:

“The election is the moral equivalent of placing the apartheid South Africa regime in charge of a committee to end racism”.

Saudi Arabia described as ” a travesty of United Nations principles, based on the right to sovereignty and self-determination – the same rights denied by a country now in charge of the decolonization committee”. The Saudi delegate described the election of Amihai as an affront to democracy, stressing that;

“the ´winning` candidate only had received the support of 38 percent of Member States, yet the candidacy was being forced down the entire world community’s throat”.

The Saudi diplomat added that it was not a question of challenging nominations, but a matter of principle – an end to occupation and self-determination – which the occupying Power did not feel the appropriate need to say it supported. He concluded:

“The election of Mordehai Amihai is not a victory for Israel; it is a defeat for the United Nations”.

The representative of the Syria stressed that the committee was charged with “decolonization”, and that Israel’s illegal practices in occupied territories, its negative positions on decolonization and draft resolutions on occupied territories, as well as the Israeli delegate’s provocative statements during sessions should disqualify Amihai and Israel.

lieberman_IsraelIn February 2014, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman declared that “Israel and the Golan are part and parcel” and demanded that the “international community” should recognize Israel’s annexation of the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan heights as fact.

In May 2014, Israel violated international law by denying Syrian nationals in the Israeli occupied Golan to participate in Syria’s Presidential elections.

In 2012, Israel substituted Syrian – Arab school schedules and educational material in the Golan Heights with Israeli ones and declared Israeli or “New Hebrew” as official language.

Israel substitutes the names of towns and villages with Israeli names, substitutes road signs with Israeli ones, and takes a cohort of other measures to confront the world with a de-facto “colonization” and annexation of the Syrian territory.

Moreover, Israel is waging an illegal proxy war against Syria from the occupied Golan where it is hosting and cooperating with al-Qaeda linked mercenary brigades.

The Canadian UN delegate, for his part, expressed Canada’s “unflinching support for Israel”. The delegate of the United States expressed the U.S.’ “unequivocal support for Israel’s election” and said that her “colleague would serve as a worthy Vice-Chair”.

Ch/L – nsnbc 20.06.2014

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  1. peter dunn says:

    Well – that’s the UN’s credibility flushed straight down the toilet.

  2. YairH says:

    We offered to return the Golan in exchange for peace several times. They didn’t want it.

    • @YairH.. How glad I am that you wrote this, so we can clarify a few misunderstandings:
      1) You cannot demand “something” in return for giving back “something you have taken” and which “you must return according to international law”. 2) especially not when you combine it with the demand to recognize Israel while Israel denies declaring its own borders 3) which would have been a de-facto recognition of Israel on Palestinian territory. Sorry YairH, but Syria cannot accept “illegal” demands in return for getting back what belongs to it. Besides that, your statement is a standard distraction without debating as much as one single point about Israels crimes. Maybe you are successful with Wall Street Journal readers but nsnbc readers are more sophisticated than that. – You should read about George Schulz and why it was that he said Israel is doing all it can to prevent peace. The truth YairH, is the first precondition for peace and reconciliation. – Break your tradition to create enemies where ever you tread. Besides that, lets not distract, the issue is if an Israeli citizen should be given office at the de colonization commission.

  3. I am wondering whether or not Mordehai Amihai, as Vice-Chair of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization, wants to comment on the July 2014 bombing of Gaza. I thought it would be appropriate to ask and interesting for our readers, so I’ll be sending him an e-mail on July 13. Stay tuned, and if you haven’t already, register your free subscription for nsnbc at the bottom of this webpage.

  4. kyle says:

    That’s the stupidest fucking shit I have ever seen. Might as well elect Hitler as chairman of tolerance.

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