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Published On: Thu, Jun 5th, 2014

Assad Wins Presidential Elections With A Sweeping 88.7 %

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nsnbc : A massive 77.42% voter turnout and a sweeping 88.7 % victory has given an unequivocal mandate to Bashar al-Assad for a third term in office and for pulling Syria through and out of the crisis that has been forced upon the country since 2011.

SANA Handout

SANA Handout

The Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, announced on Wednesday, that Dr. Bashar Hafez al-Assad won Syria’s Presidential Elections and a new seven-year term with 88.7 percent and 10.319.723 votes. Addressing some 200 international media at a press conference, al-Laham announced the Higher Constitutional Court’s results.

The elections were marked by a massive voter turnout with 11.634.412 valid and 442.108 (3.8%) invalid cast votes out of a 15.845.575 electorate. Dr. Hassan Abdullah al-Nouri received 4.3 percent with 500.279 votes, while Maher Abdul Hafiz Hajjar got 372.301 votes and 3.2 percent. The massive, 73.42 percent voter turnout prompted Higher Election Commission, on Tuesday, to extend the opening hours at the 9601 polling stations until midnight, to assure that everybody who had come would have a chance to make his vote count.

Al-Shaar_election commission, syria_SANAThe Chairman of the Committee, Hisham al-Shaar, announced that there had been no problems whatsoever, despite the fact that terrorists of all varieties had promised to target polling stations. The only problem, al-Shaar said, was that several polling stations needed additional envelopes, ballot papers and ballot boxes, to which he added that the Commission would continue touring the polling stations to assure that all sub-committees would get everything that was needed to assure that everybody could have a say.

The 73.42 percent voter turnout and the sweeping 88.7 percent for Bashar al-Assad are an unequivocal mandate for Assad as an all-Syrian President to steer Syria through the troubled waters it has been forces into with the help hostile powers since 2011 and to re-consolidate peace and security.

Speaking at a press conference at the Damascus Sheraton Hotel, presidential candidate Dr. Hassan al-Nouri congratulated Dr. Bashar al-Assad for “winning the confidence of the Syrian people by winning the presidential elections”.

al-Nouri_syria elections 2014_syriaAl-Nouri showed extraordinary statesmanship and sportsmanship during a meeting at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, one week prior to the elections. Al-Nouri, aware that an overwhelming majority would be voting for al-Assad, he praised al-Assad for saving Syria from being overrun by the foreign-backed insurgency and said that he did not run for office for himself, but for the sake of Syria and the principle of democracy.

Addressing international media at the Sheraton on Wednesday, al-Nouri stressed that those who had called for a boycott of the elections had failed, saying:

“I promise I was a patriotic candidate who takes part in building Syria and will be a soldier behind the Syrian Arab Army”.

Syrian Minister of Justice, Najm al-Ahmad spoke via Syrian satellite TV on Wednesday evening, stressing that the presidential elections, held in the presence of Arab and foreign parliamentarian delegations were unprecedentedly successful. Al-Ahamad described the elections as a direct blow to conspiring countries, saying:

“The success of the elections struck a blow against those countries which are conspiring against Syria, conveying the message that they should respect the will of the Syrian people and their right of choosing their president without interference”.

Al-Ahmad added that the election process was marked by a high degree of transparency under the supervision of the judiciary and foreign as well as international media. He expressed his hope that the elections would usher in a new phase of stability so Syria could improve and continue boosting its development of democratic processes.

The Justice Minister also thanked the Syrian Arab Army and he congratulated Dr. Bashal al-Assad, adding that he had gained the trust of the Syrian people through his leadership in times of crisis. Al-Ahmad also thanked presidential candidates Dr. Hassan al-Nouri and Maher al-Hajjar for their participation in the elections and in the democratic processes in Syria and their role in supporting national dialog and reconciliation.

assad votes_election_syria_2014Bashar al-Assad, on Wednesday, thanked the Syrian people for their participation in the elections and for their mandate for another term in office. Al-Assad thanked the Syrian people for their expression of joy over the elections but called on them to refrain from celebratory gunfire because it poses a threat to the lives of the citizens.

In a statement, published on the Facebook page of the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, al-Assad praised the heroism of the Syrian soldiers in defending the Syrian homeland and in fighting terrorism. He added, that each bullet that is fired blindly into the air as an expression of joy fulfills a much worthier purpose in combating terrorism.

Reiterating also, that celebratory gunfire easily could lead to misunderstandings, al-Assad called on all Syrian citizens to express their national feelings in a way that reflects the high morals and civilization of the Syrian people and their culture.

The 2014 presidential election is the first election since the adoption of the new Syrian Constitution on February 27, 2012. The Constitution was adopted by over 80 percent in a referendum, and is widely regarded as by far the most democratic constitution among Arab nations. Its inclusion of provisions for the protection of the rights of minorities, the role of women in society, and of human rights guarantees exceed, by far, those enshrined in the constitutions of most of those western countries which participate in the attempted subversion of the country.

The adoption of the Constitution of February 27, 2012 and the Presidential Election of 2014, are consecutive steps within a comprehensive reform program that was adopted by all participants in the national dialog that has been launched in 2012, and which continues today.

Ch/L – nsnbc 05.06.2014

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