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Published On: Wed, May 28th, 2014

U.S. Training of Mercenaries in Qatar Known Since 2011

nsnbc : A PBS documentary “reveals” that the U.S. trains Takfiri militants in Qatar. The PBS documentary confirms what independent media reported since the televised “liberation of Tripoli” staged on a Hollywood-set like “Green Square” in Doha, Qatar.

Photo courtesy of Al-Alam

Photo courtesy of Al-Alam

Takfiri fighters, interviewed for the PBS documentary that is scheduled to be aired on Tuesday, said that the U.S. is training them at a secret military base in Qatar.

U.S. specialists reportedly train the Islamist de-facto mercenaries, in tactical skills needed for attacks against Syrian troops, tanks, APCs and more.

Gunmen interviewed in the documentary reported that U.S. handlers meet recruits in Turkey before they are sent for training to Qatar.

al-Mafraq_mafraqThe documentary corroborates what independent media reported since 2011, which is that U.S. military and intelligence personnel recruit mercenaries in Turkey as well as in Jordan, and that these mercenaries are trained in Turkey, Jordan and Qatar.

nsnbc reported, for example, about a joint Turkish/US intelligence room in Mekka Street in Amman, Jordan, since 2012. The assault of the 20.000 strong “Libyan Brigade” under the command of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group second in command Mahdi al-Harati, against Aleppo in June 2012, was for example, launched from al-Mafraq and the Ramtha air base in Jordan.

The U.S. maintains a presence of special forces, CIA, DIA, USAID and a cohort of other organizations in al-Mafraq and Ramtha Air Base. It is also worth noting that nsnbc has first hand reports about U.S. special forces recruiting activities in the al-Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, a clear violation of international law.

Photo: SANA

Photo: SANA – The outcome of a raid against the Syrian Red Crescents humanitarian aid trucks by “rebels”.

The Qatari military base mentioned in the documentary is reportedly located near the Qatari – Saudi border where recruits receive several weeks of training in, among others, advances weapons systems and firing techniques. One of the mercenaries said:

“They trained us to ambush, vehicles and cut of roads. … They also trained us on how to attack a vehicle, raid it, retrieve information or weapons and munitions, and how to finish off soldiers who still live in the aftermath”.

Regular nsnbc international readers will note that there is absolutely nothing new in this other, than that PBS now airs a documentary about it. Regular nsnbc readers know that the military base in Qatar is far from the only location where U.S. military personnel are involved in training mercenaries.

Liberation of Tripoli's Green Square filed in Doha, Qatar, with participation of U.S. and Qatari special forces.

Liberation of Tripoli’s Green Square filed in Doha, Qatar, with participation of U.S. and Qatari special forces.

The U.S. special forces involvement in training mercenaries in Qatar became first known in 2011, during the war on Libya.

In August 2011, U.S. and Qatari special forces, along with mercenaries, “staged” a psychological operation by broadcasting the “staged” liberation of Tripoli’s Green square on Libyan television.

U.S. and Qatari special forces filmed the purported liberation of Tripoli’s Green Square in Doha, Qatar, with participation of mercenaries.

The film was broadcast while U.S. naval forces were involved in an amphibious assault on the Libyan capital. U.S. helicopter gunships supported the landing “rebels”.

The amphibious assault was coordinated with NATO bombing raids as well as an U.S. and Qatari special forces-led “rebel attack” on Tripoli.

It is widely known in Libya that the fake, televised “fall of Green Square” contributed significantly to breaking the will of regular Libyan forces in Tripoli and that of the armed “green resistance” in Tripoli.

Any documentary aired on PBS, however, is unlikely to disclose details of this nature. The purpose of the airing of the PBS documentary is more likely that of acclimatizing the U.S. public to the “normality” and “normativity” of illegal U.S. unconventional warfare operations.

Ch/L – nsnbc 28.05.2014

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