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Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

Israel Denies Golan Syrians’ Voting Right – UN Fails to Respond

nsnbc : Israel denied Syrians in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights to participate in the upcoming Syrian Presidential Elections. Citizens representatives in the occupied Golan called on UN Secretary-General Ban Kyi-moon to ensure their constitutional right to cast their votes in the elections while the UN failed to respond.

GOLANOn Wednesday, citizens representatives of Syrians in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights styled a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Kyi-moon to ensure their constitutional right to vote in the Syrian Presidential elections on June 3.

One copy of the letter was handed to a UN official in Quneitra and an identical letter was forwarded via the office of the UN Commissioner-General in Jerusalem. In their letter, the citizens representatives state:

“We ask you to work through the international community and the UN to allow us to practice our legal right in the presidential elections in Syria by putting ballot boxes in the occupied Golan villages’s squares to elect our candidate for the Syrian presidency.”

netanyahu_golan_hospital_February_19_2014_JP_israel_syria_nsnbc fileIn their letter, the petitioners stress their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity in their right under the Syrian constitution to cast their votes. 

Israel has, in recent years implemented a variety of measures in an attempt to negate the Syrian Arab identity and nationality of the residents in the occupied Golan. Measures, which are illegal under international law.

The measures include, among many others, forcing Syrians to use new Hebrew as official language and the substitution of Arab traffic signs with Israeli signs, forcing schools to use Israeli curricula, and a large number of other measures aimed at the Judaization of the occupied Syrian territory.

lieberman_IsraelIsrael intensified its push for an illegal and permanent annexation of the Golan Heights since 2012, as Israeli military and intelligence began hosting takfiri mercenaries in the Golan as a launching pad for military operations against the Syrian Arab Army.

In February 2014, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel and the Golan are part and parcel and said Israel should push at the UN and the “international community” to settle the Golan issue with a permanent annexation.

The office of UN Secretary Ban Kyi-moon has, so far, not responded to the two identical letters addressed to his office. Syria’s presidential elections are scheduled for June 3, that is, in less than two weeks.

Ch/L – nsnbc 22.05.2014


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