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Published On: Mon, May 19th, 2014

Libya: CIA’s General Khalifa Hifter Ousts Tripoli Government

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nsnbc :  Libyan troops, loyal General Khalifa Hifter seized control over the Libyan parliament building in Tripoli and other strategic locations.

The putch came after Hifter launched an air raid against the al-Qaeda government in Bengazi, and after the Muslim Brotherhood aligned Ahmed Maetiq formed a government, on Sunday, waiting for the approval of the General National Council. Top Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Abdelhakim Belhadj, have reportedly been fleeing the country.

General Khalifa Haftar attends a news conference in AbyarGeneral Khalifa Hifter and military forces loyal to him, suspended Libya’s General National Council (GNC) on Sunday, challenging the legitimacy and legality of the current regime in Tripoli.

The General National Council was scheduled to vote on the approval or dismissal of a cabinet, proposed by newly elected Prime Minister Ahmed Meatiq. 

Maetiq_LibyaMaetiq, who is closely tied to Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, was elected in a vote of the General National Council on May 8. After first failing to secure the necessary 120 votes to be approved for the post of prime minister, the council closed proceeding.

Proceedings were unlawfully reopened, where after Maetiq received 121 votes. On May 8, the General National Council compromised, agreeing that Prime Minister al-Thinni should remain in office until a new administration, proposed by Maetiq, had been approved by the GNC.

Maetiq and Al-Thinni

Maetiq and Al-Thinni.

Al-Thinni, who also has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, had stepped down after an attack against members of his family, in April. Al-Thinni, however, agreed that he would remain in office until a new Prime Minister and government had been elected.

As mentioned above, Maetiq was ready to propose the new cabinet to the GNC on Sunday, when General Hiftar and troops loyal to him seized the parliament building and other key locations in Tripoli.

Khalifa Hiftar is by no means an unknown in Libya as well as in the USA and UK. During the 1990, Hifter war part of a  failed, US- and UK-backed attempt to assassinate Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. After the failed assassination plot, Hifter found refuge in the United States where he was living close to the headquarter of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley Virginia.

Belhadj Tripoli 20111004Hiftar returned to Libya in 2011, where he was instrumental in the core-NATO member engineered coup d’état, together with MI6 asset and NATO double agent Abdelhakim Belhadj, the commander of the al-Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), and the Irish Libyan second in command of the LIFG, the Irish – Libyan Mahdi al-Harati.

While Belhadj became the Military Governor of the Tripoli Military Council, al-Harati moved on to Syria in 2012, where he commanded the 20.000 men strong Libyan Brigade in liaison with Turkish and US intelligence.

A well-informed source, however, informed nsnbc today, that Abdelhakim Belhadj and a number of other prominent Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members had fled Libya in two planes.

Meanwhile, another well-informed source reported to nsnbc that the so-called Zintan Brigades, who are holding Saif al-Islam Gaddafi prisoner, have aligned their troops with those loyal to General Hifter. The Zintan Brigades denied delivering Saif al-Islam to Tripoli, stressing that the Tripoli government was to weak and unstable to provide the necessary protection for Saif al-Islam, who has been called to appear in Tripoli on charges of war crimes and corruption.

Hifter forms provisional government. Speaking on national television after Sunday’s coup, General Mokhtar Farnana announced on behalf of General Hifter, that a 60 member constituent assembly had been appointed and taken over government. Farnana added, that the constituent assembly would be acting as an emergency cabinet without parliamentary elaboration before making decisions.

Al Qaeda Flag over Bengazi Courthouse

Al Qaeda Flag over Bengazi Courthouse

New Tripoli regime to fight al-Qaeda government in Bengazi. General Farnana stressed that the recent air raid against the al-Qaeda dominated government in Bengazi was no “one of a kind attack”. General Farnana, who was wearing full military uniform during the televised address, said:

“We are announcing to the world that the country cannot be a breeding ground or incubator for terrorism.”

The Muslim Brotherhood dominated, now ousted, interim government for its part, condemned the Hifter’s putch. Libya’s ousted interim Justice Minister Salah al-Marghani said:

“The government condemns the expression of political opinion through the use of armed force. … It calls for an immediate end of the use the military arsenal … and calls on all sides to resort to dialogue and reconciliation.”

Today, troops loyal to Hifter, troops loyal to the ousted interim government, reportedly including the Zintan Brigades, as well as troops loyal to the al-Qaeda dominated regime in Bengazi are maneuvering in attempts to secure strategic locations and checkpoints. Fighting has spread to the southern parts of Tripoli Sunday night, along the airport and the highway.

Ch/ L – nsnbc 19.05.2014

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