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Published On: Mon, May 12th, 2014

Turkey: Leading MPs and Doctors Question Prime Minister Erdogan’s Sanity

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nsnbc : Leading Turkish Members of Parliament and Doctors publicly questioned the sanity of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan and warn that the Prime Minister’s psychological condition poses a risk to Turkey’s national security. 

Erdogan_Temper_Turkey_ADAfter witnessing Prime Minister Erdogan’s “breakdown” after he exploded into a temper tantrum during a speech of the President of Turkey’s Bar Association, Metin Feziogly on May 10, leading members of parliament, including doctors, commented on the prime ministers health, reports Aydinlik Daily.

ErdoganErdogan has previously been criticized for his inability to tolerate criticism and radical, inconsiderate responses, including last year’s violent crack down on protesters in Gezi Park and numerous public tantrums.

Several of the MPs made public statements to the prime minister’s latest temper tantrum and breakdown in response to the Bar Association’s criticism, sharing their concerns that the incident shows that Erdogan’s unstable mental condition might drag the whole country into turmoil any minute now.

Aydinlik Daily quotes Dr. Aytun Ciray the Deputy President of Turkey’s largest opposition party CHP commenting on the fact that Erdogan may run for the presidency as saying:

The Prime Minister loses his temper quite quickly and such a person cannot be president. A president who cannot control his anger can get Turkey into all sorts of troubles, considering the fact that a president is also the chief commander of the army. We all saw Erdoğan’s behaviour during the State Council’s ceremony. He respects neither the public nor the presidency. As a doctor, I do not think Erdoğan is in his right mind. A psychiatrist had better study him.”

CHP Deputy President Professor Dr. Haluk Koc, for his part, was quoted as commenting on Erdogan’s tantrum and breakdown:

“I told you 10 years ago that Erdoğan was sick. He cannot manage his anger. He is in fear and trembling, which is why he is unable to act rationally. This is what it was about at the ceremony. He thinks that he owns the state. He wants to be president, prime minister, shaykh al-islam and AKP president, all at the same time. He loses it whenever he receives criticism. He is in a dreadful psychologic state. He is even afraid of people around him. He must be examined by professionals.”

Emine Ülker Tarhan, an MP for the CHP from Akara commented on the prime minister’s inability to listen and lack of judgement and rationality, saying:

“That was the evidence of a Prime Minister who listens to himself 24/7 and has no patience to listen to other people. We believe that the head of the state must be able to use his judgement rationally, but it seems impossible for him to run the country in such a state of mind since he does not have the patience to listen to others.”

The three are not the only ones who have drawn the psychological stability of the prime minister into question. The fact that leading Turkish MPs set political protocol aside and stress the need for Prime Minister Erdogan to be examined by professionals is, indeed alarming and does raise questions about national security.

Ch/L – nsnbc 12.05.2014

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  1. lumpentroll says:

    Is Erdogan anymore insane than Tony Blair, Fogh Rasmusen or a dozen others? Did Merkel recently burst into tears? These are all sick people.

    When you attack the psychological balance of someone, in this case Erdogan, without reference to the context — i.e. the continuing CIA/Gulen/Ziocon effort to weaken him, you destroy your credibility.

    • Steven Jones says:

      @ Lumpen”troll”.
      No doubt, Blair, Fogh, and many others score high on i.e. the Warmongering Scale, and score high on psychopathic features too. Merkel burst into tears, yes. I’ don’t event want to get into your claims about Edogan, Gülen, CA because its absolutely beside the point.

      The problem here is that respected figures in Turkey’s political life are concerned that the emotional instability and psychological makeup of the prime minister can throw the country into a crisis.

      And has he not done that already? Cooperate with Al-CIAda, a war against neighboring Syria, planned false flag operations to kill Turkish citizens to justify a military attack against Syrie?

      How much TOO MUCH is Enough? The man is dangerous for Turkey and for the entire region. Add emotional instability to that and he becomes an ACUTE risk for the country’s national security. That’s all. About discrediting? Well, anyone who cannot see the obvious or trolls who try to cover it up are surely credible?

    • Atila says:

      Erdogan just proved it by punching a 16 year old girl because she was protesting him. She was protesting because her dad died in the recent mine explosion. What say you to that?

    • Mehmet says:

      Are you serious? Turkey has amounted a staggering national debt while the GDP has decreased by about half in the last 15 years. The beneficiaries of Erdoğan’s government are his immediate social circle and companies with ties to his party as well as party members. Turkey might seem to have a strong government but as a country it is crumbling. A strong leading party does not equal a strong country with a stable economy and happy citizens….and I assume you support AKP as you make the same conspiracy statement that is so often parroted by the party apologists in order to show support for their supreme leader. The context is obvious as is his mental state…..

    • Dennis says:

      Having lived I Turkey for 5 years under his government I think Mr Erdogan bears a striking resemblance to European leader of the thirties in demeanor, attitude and political style. The only one destroying his image is himself.

  2. Well, Troll, there is no evidence to Erdogan’s mental condition because once the doctors unveil it, they will lose their certificate and maybe even jail.this is enough to prove his insanity, don’t you think?

  3. This is a megalomaniac despot, but he will not last in power because he has brought too much misery to Turkey, and his NATO allies are starting to worry too much, while his neighbours are gathering forces for a likely war. If he doesn’t break down, there will be a coup for sure in order to restore peace and concord with the world. Caligula is over.

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