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Published On: Mon, May 12th, 2014

How Colonialism Benefits from Boko Haram’s Mass Kidnapping of Girls

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The mass kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram is only the tip of on iceberg of slavery in Africa. Slavery and trafficking is more often than not tied to conflicts in which core NATO member states and terrorist organizations with ties to their intelligence services play central roles. Ultimately, conflict, slavery and trafficking, as well as prostitution are tied to issues about sovereignty. 

Turkey_MIT_THY_NIGERIA_SMUGGLING_WEAPONS_ADBoko Haram began its insurgency five years ago. Experts stress that Boko Haram is covertly funded and armed by intelligence services of core NATO member states. The function of the covert support for Boko Haram is the destabilization of a country to justify a NATO military presence.

One of the most recent incidents that supports this assessment comes from a clandestine recording of a phone conversation between Mustafa Varank, who has close ties to Tukey’s AKP government and Turkey’s intelligence service MIT and a Turkish Airlines official, in which the two are discussing details about arms smuggling to Nigeria.

Emma Christopher, an expert on slavery and human trafficking, stressed that tens of thousands of people are bought and sold in Nigeria every year. The majority of them are children. Christopher is referring to the International Labour Organization which estimated that in 2003, as many as six million Nigerian children had been trafficked at some time in their lives.

Nigeria InsurgencyCore NATO Members Engineered Conflict Drives Slave and Trafficking Business.

This prompts the questions, why the sudden outcry about the kidnapped Nigerian girls throughout western governments? Why the sudden headlines in western corporate media?

In October 2012, the Irish analyst Finian Cunningham pointed out Boko Haram’s role as an instrument of western modo-colonialism, writing:

On the surface, a militant group known as Boko Haram appears to be the protagonist. But some believe that powerful Western interests are using the violence to consolidate foreign control over Nigeria’s vast oil wealth.

Cunningham stressed that some Nigerian analysts believe that the organization is being used by powerful external forces as a conduit for destabilizing Nigeria. A “believe” which since then has been substantiated. He quoted political analyst Olufemi Ijebuode saying:

“The upshot of this latest massacre is to destabilize the state of Nigeria by sowing sectarian divisions among the population. The killers may have been Boko Haram operatives, but Boko Haram is a proxy organization working on behalf of foreign powers.” 

Note, that the rapid growth of the Nigerian economy and the country’s oil export coincides with the increased incidence of terrorist attacks and the increased presence of US AFRICOM troops.

Family of slaves in modern Mauritania.

Family of slaves in modern Mauritania.

Cultural Factors Play a Minuscule Role. A relatively small part of African slavery and human trafficking problems are related to cultural factors.

Mauritania is one of the countries where slavery is a remainder of the age-old Arab slave trade and the colonization of the Maghreb by Arabs. Slavery was banned in Mauritania in 1980.

The remaining problems in Mauritania, as tragic as they are, are minuscule in comparison with the conflict related slavery and trafficking. Moreover, most slaves in Mauritania are living within family units, which is in stark contrast to the destiny of the vast majority of those who are enslaved or trafficked in connection with conflicts.

Slave Trade in Africa and Middle East worth 1.6 Billion Annually. In an article about slavery in Africa, Emma Christopher stressed that the NGO Free the Slaves estimates that 1.6 billion dollar in profit derives from African and Middle Eastern slavery per year. Christopher adds, that this amount is greater than the combined GDP of eight African countries in 2013.

Laurent Gbagbo - An African leader with Visions of Independence

Laurent Gbagbo – An African leader with Visions of Independence

Christopher stressed that Around 40% of the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa produced in the Ivory Coast and that children from across West Africa are trafficked to work there: there is no guarantee that those children have not grown the chocolate you enjoy.

What Christopher doesn’t address in her article is that core NATO member France engineered the 2010 coup d’état against Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo who was about to end the French usurpation of the country and with it the usurpation of the other UMEOA member states.

Neither the conflict in Ivory Coast and the continuation of the slavery in and around the country can be understood without understanding the system of usurpation France installed in its former colonies and UMEOA member states.

Franc_CFAThe system was described in great detail, in the article “French Africa Policy Damages African and European Economies”. The problem can be reduced to the following:

  • France has installed commissars in the UMEOA region’s three central banks. The commissars have veto right and can, in fact, block any financial, monetary or economic decisions.
  • France is printing the regions money, the Franc CFA in Chemaliers, France.
  • UMEOA member states “must” deposit 65 % of their foreign currency reserves in the French National Bank against 0 (ZERO) % interest.
  • France earns about 3 % interest on the deposits and “lends” the profit back to individual UMEOA member states against 5 – 6 % or more as “development aid”.
  • UMEOA member states “must” deposit “all” of their gold reserves in France. No audit has taken place for decades.
  • Any head of state who wants to get his country out of the French racket is faced with the prospect of assassination, imprisonment or a coup d’état. Laurent Gbagbo has since 2010 been held in a prison of the International Criminal Court.

Soldier CARChristopher also, correctly points out that seven types of slavery are prevalent in eastern Congo. Men and boys are enslaved in the mines of the region, whose products we all have in our mobile phones and other electronics.

A covert investigation in 2013 by Free the Slaves found that more than 90% of mine-workers were enslaved, the majority through debt bondage or having been kidnapped by armed groupsNearby, they found women and girls who had been trafficked to work as prostitutes to serve the miners. (emphasis added)


The Sudanese parliament reported in 2008 that at least 35.000 people remained enslaved, the majority of them being Christians from the South held by Islamic families in the North.

The problem has received little international attention, although it has been noticed when US and Qatari intelligence services began targeting the country for civil war and its separation into Sudan and South Sudan. That development came when depletion of oil resources made the exploration of Sudanese resources attractive.

Kidnapped Tunisian girls trafficked through Turkey to work as sex slaves for terrorists.

Kidnapped Tunisian girls trafficked through Turkey to work as sex slaves for terrorists.

NATO Engineered Conflict and Sex Slavery. October 2013 the Tunisian Interior Minister Lofti Ben Jeddou complained that Tunisian girls were being trafficked trough Turkey. Young Tunisian girls are being lured into traps or simply kidnapped and trafficked to Syria via Turkey.

Ben Joddou announced to Tunisia’s National Assembly, that Tunisian girls are forced to satisfy the sexual needs of terrorists in Syria under the euphemism sexual jihad.

Ben Jeddou stressed, that Turkey has become a bridgehead for sex jihad and declared that the trafficked Tunisian girls are forced into having sex with 20 – 30, in some cases 100 of the “holy warrirors”. Ben Jeddou stressed, that most of them return pregnant.

Besides the psychological trauma that the young Tunisian girls suffer, the large number of children which will be born due to the forced sexual service will create a sociological time bomb in Tunisia. Another problem, which remains largely unaddressed is that many of the girls who return, have been infected with sexually transmittable diseases, including HIV. Yet others again never return because life has become a cheap commodity since the country was targeted for holy war.

It is worth noting that these holy warriors, for the greatest part, are US-UK-Turkish-Saudi Arabia and Qatar-funded mercenaries who are fighting a war on behalf of core NATO member states, CGG member states and Israel. For those who have not yet noticed the fact, a statement by the former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas is a good starting point to understand the situation in Syria.

Dumas, photo courtesy of SANADuring an appearance on the French TV channel LPC, Dumas made a short remark, saying that top British officials were preparing the subversion of Syria with the help of “rebels” two years before the first protests in 2011, and that he was asked, whether he wanted to participate. During the TV appearance on LPC, in June, Dumas said:

“I am going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me, that they were preparing something in Syria. … This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer Minister of Foreign Affairs, if I would like to participate. Naturally, I refused, I said I am French, that does not interest me … This does not make sense, it is time to fix all this again. … there are some sides who have the desire to destroy Arab states, like what happened to Iraq and Libya before, particularly given Syria´s special relations with Russia. … that if an agreement is not reached, then Israel will attack and destroy the governments that stand against Israel”.

Kidnapping of girls and trafficking of girls to Syria has also been reported from Mali, invaded by France and NATO members in 2013 as well as from Egypt and Libya invaded by NATO and NATO-led Al-Qaeda “rebels” in 2011. Since 2014 the kidnapping of girls has begun spreading into Europe, with the “disappearance” of two Austrian – Bosnian girls being the best known incident.

Migrant workers in Qatar.

Migrant workers in Qatar.

Employment in Slave-like Conditions. One of the greatest Arab importers of  migrant workers who are working under slavery-like conditions, is Qatar.

About 88 % of all workers in Qatar are migrant workers. Many of them are kept in appalling conditions. Violence and abuse, including sexual abuse is rampant. Many female migrant workers are literally being held as sex slaves. Similar conditions can be found in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

An Entirely Different Problem – Trafficking for the Western Sex Industry. Trafficked African sex workers can be found in as good as every red-light district in every European capital as well as in most larger provincial cities. African girls are also being trafficked to Asia.

Many of the girls are lured into traps with promises about a cleaning job, au-pair jobs and other. Once they arrive, the standard procedure is that their passports are taken away and that they are “broken in”.

In an interview with several trafficked African prostitutes in a provincial town in Denmark, one of the girls told the author that she was hospitalized with severe blood loss after having been forced to service numerous “clients” one day.

Asked how she managed at the hospital she reported that a health insurance card was “lent” to her by her pimp. When she was asked why she didn’t use the occasion to escape, she said that she was scared. Her pimp knows who her family is, and they will kill someone if I run away, she said.

The standard price for these trafficked African girls in Denmark is between 170 and 200 dollars per hour. A trafficked girl can expect to earn about 20 to 30 of the 200 dollars. From that income, they are often forced to pay 50 – 100 dollars per day for accommodation and other “services”.

Trafficked African girls in similar situations can be found in their thousands across Europe. The vast majority of them are from the former French colonies, now UMEOA member states or one of the countries of “special interest” for other core NATO member states.

A Question of Sovereignty. Ultimately, what one is dealing with is a question of sovereignty. That is, national sovereignty as well as individual sovereignty.

The girls kidnapped by Boko Haram have been deprived of their sovereignty over themselves and their own bodies. Boko Haram is used by core NATO member states to deprive Nigeria of its sovereignty by subverting the country, to place AFRICOM troops, to “secure” the country’s resources for the USA and its western allies.

The slave or migrant workers in Ivory Coast and its cocoa plantations have been deprived of sovereignty over themselves and their bodies. They have been reduced to an instrument for a modo-colonialist system of usurpation. Ivory Coast and the other 14 UMEOA member states don’t have any sovereignty. France can and does dictate their fiscal, monetary and economic policies and changes regimes which threaten to break free from the racket.

The trafficked girl in the Danish provincial city does not have sovereignty over herself or her body. The thousands of girls in similar situations in Europe have been deprived of their sovereignty.

Double Moral in Western Prostitution Laws – The Ultimate Betrayal. Nobody should live in slavery or work under slavery-like conditions. Nobody, neither woman or man should be kidnapped, trafficked or otherwise forced into prostitution.

Brothel raiders. West Midlands Police

Brothel raiders. West Midlands Police

That said, some women and men alike are making the conscious decision to escape sweatshops in the Maghreb, cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast, gold mines in Congo, uranium mines in Mali, or minimum wage, zero hour contract jobs at a McDonald in London.. etc..

Some people make the sovereign decision to say unequivocally “no” to working as industrial slaves in a rigged game. Some of these people recognize that all that the system in which they are entrapped leaves them with is sovereignty over themselves, their own body and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Some of these people make a sovereign decision to sell sexual services under conditions which they themselves determine and agree to. People who empower themselves by providing sexual services to paying clients. Some of them travel from Africa or Asia to Europe to work and provide for their family and to save money to build a life when they return.

If there was a political will to crack down on trafficking there would be very few trafficked women in western countries. Instead, we see increasingly restrictive prostitution laws which target those who are working as free entrepreneurs as well as their clients.

Restrictive prostitution laws which prevent these people from empowering themselves with the only resource this system, in many cases, has left them with. These laws drive them into the hands of exactly those criminals who will abuse them –  this is, the ultimate betrayal of their sovereignty – this is, the ultimate enslavement that denies even, that one uses one’s own body as a sovereign.

So why all that sudden interest about those girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, which is clandestinely financed, fueled and instrumentalized by modo-colonialist powers?

Ch/L – nsnbc 12.05.2014

About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. zahid says:

    this colonialism is because of american policies.

    • @Zahid.
      American policies are sure part of the problem but I am afraid the problems here are much more complex than that. It is the US, NATO countries including former colonial powers. France is playing an extremely important role. And finally, there is also the fact that too many African leaders and African citizens don’t stand up for themselves.

      • Fahd says:

        Agree with ya Fahwad, the problem is much more complex and it is worst when the colonials mislead the whole world by creating a whole new story that has interesting chapters from the past :(

      • Dahmane says:

        You are forgetting one important factor in the equation. Yes, Western countries have been and still are involved in the re-colonisation process, terrorism across the world, financing and training jihadists and all that follows but our narrow mindedness, lust & greediness and our ignorance which tops all of them and plays a highly destructive role. Without our stupidity (African, Arabs, Muslims, Christians etc…), the West would never be able to achieve their evil goal. Therefore, at the end of all this, we are to blame most for our misery and worst of all our so called learned scholars should also take responsibility for this mess.

  2. khalid says:

    true picture of capitaism usually hidden on corporate media

  3. KK Singh says:

    France is printing the regions money, the Franc CFA in Chemaliers, France.
    UMEOA member states “must” deposit 65 % of their foreign currency reserves in the French National Bank against 0 (ZERO) % interest.
    Oh, is there any limit of plunder of French and other imperialists?? Direct, indirect loot on cost of millions of poor people, workers, peasants and innocent children including girls forced to give their bodies for their super profits!
    Only violent and bloody revolution to evict these parasites!

    • @ Singh
      Oh, is there any limit of plunder of French and other imperialists??
      The short answer is “NO, unless we stand up and stop them dead in their tracks”.

      • Sandy says:

        Dr. Lehmann, don’t misunderstand me please but ya should be an African. You have more African spirit in you than 90% of Africans. Every African leader worth his salt should make you an honorary citizen. I know at lest two who should have done that for you long ago. Thank ya and please keep on we need you.

        • Sazz says:

          He already African. If you buy into the theory that life on the planet began in Africa, everyone on the planet is African, it’s just we concentrate and be exploited by our difference than what we have in common

      • Jim Scott says:

        What puzzles me is who are Cameron and Hollande etc. doing this for? Most ordinary citizens would be shocked if they knew what was being done by our leaders.
        How do we get this information to the people? I think the only way to peace and justice and freedom is through the truth being told.
        Keep up your fantastic work Christof.

  4. Fahd says:

    The problem is the so called popular and honoured media like the CNN is completely in hands of these colonials and they (the media) do the dirty job of wiping out blood stains from the colonials and smearing it in the palms of their pawns. The whole attention of the mislead world is then on that blood stained pawn.

  5. Raheel Wali says:

    So shameful. Human beings shall be treated with equal respect and culprits shall be dealt in away with no mercy. That’s it may be.

  6. Hammos says:

    It shameful perhaps in such 21st century,seeing such acts be done purposely for African country is ashame colonialism

  7. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE CAMERA, this is exactly wat happens, western countries pretending to fight for human rights yet they are the first to break!! ask youselves why alshabab is still alive yet it gets opposition from superpowers like the US, they use to serve their interests!exactly wat you see in movies is happening in real life.trusted nations doing otherwise behind the camera, i wish Obama would one day spill da truth to the media one day one time …. i wish.. just wish

    • Dahmane says:

      Carry on wishing Abdulaziz until the day of judgment because that will be the only day the truth will be displayed in front of our eyes. Obama has been the establishment man since he was born because his very mother was a CIA agent grassing on Black Panther party members than and if you want to know more about her devastating activities in Indonesia and so on, browse the internet and you will see.

  8. jeph amadi says:

    This things are not easily done as said cos the rate of poverty in Africa has gone beyond control and that’s why most African girls fall into prostitution and when they are caught most of them claims that they were kidnapped and forced into slavery.from home to abroad they accept to go out for greener pastures and when being cheated they claim they were held against their will

    • Mr. Ahmadi. What you stated here is not only terribly misinformed, it is also astoundingly chauvinist and contradicted by all available evidence on the matter. On a positive note, I’m glad you commented because your comment is a brilliant example for the prevailing stereotypes which prevent people from taking appropriate action. So, thank you.

    • Amadi, if i may asked, how many young girls and children were being forced to become orphans, across African countries, due to so called war against terrorist, which is always leading to prostitution and other social vices acros the continent.

    • Jim Scott says:

      Jeph do you think the schoolgirls taken by Boko Harem had any choice? Furthermore, even if some women take up prostitution because of needing to eat while living in countries being pillaged by European colonial states, that is in fact forcing some of them into prostitution.

  9. Daniel Daily says:

    Its ashame but telling the evils of capitolism that human life and respect isn’t worth much. It’s also funny how laws are designed to punish the lowest end of crime. It’s always the people of the street and never the distrubators or the shadow companies behind them. Rather drugs, prostitution or the alike. We rather punish the voiceless and reward the sharks as good business men

    • Steven Jones says:

      Yes Daniel. Its a shame, its also what the article points out. The system is destroying everybody who wants to liberate himself from it while it organizes trafficking of people and drugs or benefits from it.

  10. Mass says:

    To Sandy:

    We do stand up – we do fight. But the problem is that every time an African leader has tried to change the current situation, he was either killed or removed from power. The latest examples are the assassinations of Thomas Sankara and Kaddafi and the ejection of Laurent Gbagbo from power. Africa is a very complex case, the more people will take interest in the continent the more we will be close to a long-term solution. Unfortunately, the press is not free and the information is dictated by different interests.

  11. kinza says:

    When will people understand the ‘divide and rule ‘ game.

    informative article.

  12. Someone will have to pay for all the damage done !!!! I no it

  13. AJ says:

    That’s true !

  14. Williams says:

    God help us all…

    • O.K. Williams..and while you wait for God, we who take responsibility for ourselves will continue working on the revolution. That’s O.K. just keep those who actually do something in your prayers, please. Now that you have a religious affinity, let me quote Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

      “When the missionaries first came to us we had the land and they had the Bible. .. They asked us to close our eyes and to pray. .. When we finished praying and opened our eyes again, they had the land and we had the Bible”.

      Happy praying Williams.

  15. Only greedy leaders will give in to Western deception. What a shame for those NATO and double standard. It’s high time African leaders stand up and do away with anything from the West, the should have an African Monetary Fund; a good dream by the late Muhammad Qaddafi. But I know we are going to get there. Am so happy for enlightened minds like Christof for enlightening the world.

  16. Aurakzai Mushtaq says:

    My heart bleeds and my eyes weeps when i read such articles or stories.The most disgusting part of the story is that in the entire episode Muslims are involved.The western are instrumental to write the story and the Muslims play the part or role as you call it.The most unfortunate part of this story is that we call our selves inhabitants of the civilized society but on the contrary we are worst then beast and African animals.Do those who are involved any shame.Will they like their daughters and sisters kidnapped and trafficked for sexual slavery.How much truth is there in this whole story?

  17. sue says:

    It is appalling all this that I have read, the trafficking of girls, and bit will never stop until we Africans and all the oppressed people take a stand. I mean the politicians might not be able to do much because of several laws imposed on them by the colonial masters but us as people and citizens if the countries can and have the power to believe what we want. The media is playing a huge role in it all, they are shading light on the wickedness of BOKO HARAM but not the involvement of the West. It us us to see through the lies and not believe what we have been presented by the media. Thanks for this insightful post.

  18. James says:

    I cannot quite figure out how far the west is involved in this but they cannot do all this without the help of the local businessmen and officials. So the blame is 2 way. The local businessmen profit just as much. And to that extent it is a problem fueled by our own people. We are always talking of being sovereign but it never goes beyond the talk.

  19. peter lovell says:

    everybody in the world plays football which is the most glorified sport on the planet. Cannot the world cup stage 2014-Brazil be used to highlight these problems getting around the propaganda stations namely BBC and CNN?

  20. First I want to say, Peter Lovell, I agree with you, these problems should be advertised on major channels and during huge events like the Super Bowl etc….This problem is never going to come to an end because the government worldwide is profiting from this. I mean it is pretty obvious that the government are funding these groups who are trafficking etc. What they need are better boarder security officers who are not easily corrupted, and they should be monitored by video surveillance 24/7 and if anything is wrong it should be published to the public, instead of being kept secret to protect government reputation. Also women and men who are going overseas to work should also be monitored and if something goes wrong their government should be held accountable. Then maybe they will monitor women and men coming over to work and making sure that the work ad that they applied for is the work they are actually doing. Also why are these problems not being taught to men and women who are going overseas to work, maybe then they will look more into the job they are going overseas to work for. Someone needs to expose these people, we look down on animals and put them below us but it seems to me that they are more civilized then we are by a long shot.

    • Ariel, you should have “replied” to @Peter Lovell, instead of starting a new comment. Besides that ;)
      If you believe that you will ever make “corporate” or western “state” owned media to address this issue as seriously and persistently as it ought to be, you have a lot to learn about media. The only way to get these issues into the mainstream is by supporting media like nsnbc so the a) can survive b) be rewarded for their work c) improve their capacities and d) become the mainstream. – The donate button is in the right hand column. If you wait for the BBC and CNN, well happy waiting.

  21. Kayeye says:

    You are right, but be careful and precise because this is not about the west, rather it’s about a few people from the west who rule and own the big part of world’s resources and finance. I am pretty sure that the big number of Americans or French is not aware of what their pillars do in Africa or Asia.

  22. Kim Tait says:

    EVERY thing should be done to protect our children,daughters,sisters,mothers. We are talking of the future.

  23. Ana says:

    Sometimes I caught myself thinking about all those African issues. It’s sad to know that somewhere in this planet human beings are been kept as slaves and all those atrocities. Is even sadder to know that there are so many powerful institutions that do NOTHING about it. I’m a 25 years young woman and sometimes I think I’m the only one that knows about those things because apparently seems like nobody do nothing to try to make it stop. I pray for them. Maybe someday I’ll have the power to change things.

  24. myrant godfrey says:

    Samd old shit, european greed

  25. It is a shame.We Africans have failed to believe in ourselves.It has turned our minds to work for the whites

    • Jim Scott says:

      Likambu it is not only you Africans who are being victims of this plunder, rape and slavery. The weapons and military machines and soldiers of the West are being paid for by taxpayers and are being used to make massive profits for the plundering corporations and the armaments manufacturers. This money given to the corporations should have been spent on housing and health care and education. We too are in fact becoming slaves. I concede it is not so bad as you experience but the slide into slavery has not finished in the West and it is getting worse. Some girls here are having to pay for their education via prostitution because less and less is going into education from the Government.
      Gadaffi was an angel compared to the people who had him murdered.

  26. boomerang2014 says:

    Belgium recently introduced prostitution in it GDP calculations. What else do we need as proof?

    • Debbie says:

      Boomerang? Well any way. The money figures Belgium includes are, as fare as I know, from the legally registered sex workers market. I can assure you that most registered professionals in Belgium, France, etc, and many of the not registered ones who work from their home have nothing to do with trafficked sex workers. In a way it is good that the figures are included in the GDP because most measures which contribute to legalizing the industry also contribute to counter trafficking and prostitution under slavery-like conditions. Hugs and see you later ;)

  27. Paddy says:

    This should be made into a book and a documentary Dr. Lehmann

  28. Niki says:

    Thank you so much for bringing attention to the issue. I have been in the same situation as the girl you interviewed in Denmark. Thank you for caring about us girls. Big special thank you for making a difference between forced prostitution and sovereignty over our own bodies. I see Dr. Lehmann, you are one of the few who really understands. Take care. Niki Love.

    • Hello Niki.
      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m trying to understand by speaking directly with those who are directly involved. That’s what journalists should do, besides using statistics and other research data. Please accept my empathy with regard to the situation you say you were in, which wasn’t unlike the one described to me by the girl in Denmark which I interviewed. Nobody should ever be put in such a situation. I’m also glad that you noted that I differentiate between trafficking and using our own bodies as means to self-empowerment. It is a very important issue that should be looked at by legislators worldwide. You are very welcome to contact our newspaper or me directly if there is something you want(need to share or draw attention to. All the best. Christof Lehmann. Editor-in-chief, nsnbc international.

  29. Mudassir says:

    And this is the civilized west who preaches all the time about human rights, democracy and education. Shameless people.

  30. Mudassir says:

    Slavery is the fate of Africans for thousands of years. These poor people have still not gathered the courage to overthrow their exploiters. Romans enslaved them, Arabs enslaved them; they are still being killed by white American police, exploited by their European masters. Highly talented but most unfortunate people on the face of the Earth. They have diamonds, ruby, gold, rare earth metals, most importantly OIL and fertile land; and still they are not able to win back their freedom.

  31. Augure says:

    I must be honest, when I saw that once again the author of this article, like 70% of journalists, was jewish, I thought “another misinformation, semantic manipulation article…”.
    But then I saw that it was on nsnbc (which I often confuse with NSBC) and that the author was the kind intelligent, knowledgable, sensible and honest writer.

    What you say, and how you tie it in the general scheme of neo-colonialism and sovereignty is the way we should analyze and explain ALL geopolitical, political and even socio-cultural issues.

    Because that’s exactly what makes the world go “round”: the global war between NATO, Non-Aligned Countries, China and Russia to control Africa (and Middle-East). Everything that is related to geopolitic, diplomacies, wars, terrorisms, economies, immigrations and societies (consumption, crisis, racism, laws etc…) is tied to this one root that is neo-colonialism.

    And I’ll add more thought to the whole scheme as a french: Europe doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a completely fallacious and artificial crisis justifying taxes being more and more obnoxious, cost of life constantly rising, while social aids, salaries and employment decrease, and the society is more and more racist and divided, laws are more and more liberticid and oppressive, but most importantly our economy, military sovereignty, territory, museums, companies etc…are being looted by foreign interests since Sarkozy: we are being neo-colonized in a new way, since Greece’s falls, and one by one other European countries will fall like dominos.

    The islamophobic and racism that as sprouted in extreme ways in France recently is because we (or rather the government and medias) have completely embraced the communitarist, neo-liberal/neo-con “Clash of Civilization” philosophy which is the contrary of the independent Gaulist politic we’ve had until Sarkozy-Hollande.

    • AGURE:
      For your information LEHMANN is a very old German name. You are confusing it with the Lehman (only one N) and similar other slight alterations which were and are used by Jewish families who at some time immigrated to Germany and assumed a German name that, however, would be recognizable as distinct by those who know.

      That said, thank you for your otherwise honest and positive feedback to the article.

      For clarification, there are bad people in all countries, all cultures, among the practitioners of all religions, so why not stay on topic and discuss how to address the really important issues discussed in this article, politically and otherwise.

      About de Gaulle, please read my article “French Africa Policy damages African and European Economies” – De Gaulle purported French sovereignty with regard to NATO but also implemented the UMEOA racket that keeps its former colonies 100% dependent on French commissars.

      Thank you for reading nsnbc international. I’m glad not to have nsnbc confused with our not-so-ethical colleagues at NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and ETC… We are an independent daily newspaper and I am glad to be its founder and editor in chief who thus far has financed it. All help in form of donations would be warmly appreciated.

  32. Zimbo says:

    I was so much astonished with the article however i would like to support the above commentators who attributed all these attacks to the Superpowers that is a naked fact.That is a business of heartless people amassing wealth covetously, but of much shame is portraying as a religious affair. Imagine all the resources being used to traffic innocent girls can they be solely from the so called Boko Haram definitely ‘NO’.

    I want to be honest to the people to constantly ask why media ill-define the WORD terrorism aligning it to Muslims only yet equal acts are being done/perpetrated by the western countries.

  33. mikah deehsar says:

    You would not believe how many of this world’s wealthiest are behind this evil .

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