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Published On: Sat, May 10th, 2014

The Odessa Massacre in Detail- An Investigation

An investigation into the details of the massacre on more than 40 protesters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, who rejected to recognize the legality of the US / EU – backed post-coup government in Kiev. This photo and video documentation was compiled by the editor of Strategic Culture Foundation and reveals that the massacre was a premeditated act of mass murder – a mass casualty event, consistent with NATO Unconventional Warfare Doctrine. Text edited by nsnbc. Reader / viewer discretion and parental supervision is advised – Christof Lehmann, editor-in-chief, nsnbc international.

The Anatomy of a Massacre on Anti-Maidan Protesters and the Killing of “Mommy Odessa”.

It has become clear that the number of casualties in the Trade Unions House is far greater than initially announced. Provocateurs chased people into the building where it was possible to kill them with impunity, with great relish, and without witnesses. The fire inside the building was set in order to distract from the ongoing mass murder of Ukrainian citizens inside the house. Images reveal that most victims were not killed by the flames, but shot, garroted, beaten to death, in in at least one instance it appears, raped before being murdered.


The incident began when the tents on the square were set on fire, resulting in large fires not far from the House of the Trade Unions. People were chased into the building and then trapped behind the massive doors of the Trade Unions House. Detailed analysis of available photo and video evidence and eyewitness accounts show that the pro-federalization or anti-Maidan supporters had no Molotov’s cocktails prepared in advance. The question is, from where did the fire inside the building appear?


People who were trapped behind the massive doors of the ground floor have been attacked by the Right Sector thugs who had gotten inside the building long before the anti-Maidan activists were chased towards the building and long before the execution begun. Those people caught behind the massive doors and Pravy Sector thugs inside the building were burned to the bones, first at main entrance…


…Then at rest of them outside.


Firefighters only appeared when massive entrance doors already were burned through.


Only in a single room in the five-floor-building, with ceilings over 3 meters high, was fire visible from the outside.


Who could get onto the roof of the administrative building of nationwide significance? Perhaps those who had gotten keys in advance, to unlock the steel gratings which were protecting the doors to the roof? Pay attention to the red tape around their arms.


It is important that these thugs, featuring the red tape around their arms, are identified and found. They could tell a lot about when the murderous plan was hedged, by whom. How exactly was it implemented? Who gave which orders, for example the orders to prepare Molotov cocktails. Who gave the order to bring supplies of Molotov cocktails to the House of Trade Unions?

Bodies have been moved after being murdered. The perpetrators “set the scene”  as typical in Hollywood-style US/NATO/Israeli false flag operations. The massacre in Odessa, the arrangement of the bodies, is bearing the hallmarks of a “mass casualty event” consistent with US/NATO unconventional warfare doctrine.

45798_1000 (1)

Charred bodies on the ground floor, near the entrance doors.


Why did charred bodies appear on higher floors where there was no open fire? How did they get there?


The same bodies from other viewpoint:

  • Wooden battery panel, wooden railings on the stairs and chipboard sheet don’t look burnt;
  • Blue oval points to the barricade made of tables, chairs and cabinets. It had not even been touched by fire, unlike the charred bodies lying nearby;
  • From where did the barricade appear? It was built by the Right Sector thugs to prevent people from attempting to reach higher floors. The trap was set, ready and prepared before the fleeing anti-Maidan activists were chased into the building.


The body of a female murder victim, dragged along the floor. Where was she murdered? By whom? Who dragged her body away from the scene of her death, and why?


This man was shot in the head. Judging from clearly visible blood puddle, the murderer fired at point-blank so the bullet passed through the skull.


Have you noticed already, that some of the dead people had burnt heads and shoulders only? Did you notice that their clothing under their chest-line has not been affected by fire?

Somebody poured a flammable liquid onto the upper body of those people and then set them ablaze.

Could sunglasses stay on the face when a man, desperately, tries to shake and wipe napalm off his head? Also, notice that the hands and wrists of those people have been burned to the bones while the lower part of their body was not burned. 

On this and previous images, a strange “whitewash” can be seen on the floor. That is the powder from extinguishers used by the perpetrators, after people died…in order not to burn themselves or suffer from carbon monoxide.

103 (2)

A young man and a young woman. They are neither burned nor suffocated – there are no signs of an open fire on the hardwood floor (it seems to be made 50 years ago so it should easily have caught fire). There is no soot from the smoke on the walls. They were killed by other means. Who killed them, exactly how? Professionals? No gunshot wounds, no stab wounds, no blood. Broken necks?


Barricades were on the other floors as well. Notice the blood on the floor. Notice the burnt head and notice the burnt hands, again. Did the killers “swap clothes”  with some of their victims?

Note: according to one of the main versions of what happened on May 2 in Odessa, the Right Sector thugs performed a false flag operation. They put St. George’s Ribbons (symbols of anti-Maidan federalism supporters) and organized violent provocations against Maidan supporters (i.e. against their own allies), in order to later blame anti-Maidan supporters and make them look responsible for death of such many people.


A dead woman near the elevator. No clothes below her waste. Did she dye there? Was she raped, then dragged there, murdered and burnt?


People with head-shot wounds. .


The same picture again: burnt heads, hands and shoulders, lower body untouched by fire. Notice the most probable m.o. – People are shot, then dowsed with a flammable liquid. Then the fire is extinguished with a powder extinguisher.


Man with multiple head-shots. One of the clearest examples of the above mentioned m.o..


This pregnant woman was one of the employees who worked in the building to clean the offices and water flowers. Reportedly, her body showed signs that she has attempted to resist. She was garroted with a cable. ON one of the videos below one can hear this woman crying and calling out for help while she was murdered.

(Her crying and call “Help me, help me!!” starts at 0:20 into the video.)145631_original

The man in this window is probably her killer. Who can identify this person? Who can identify the other two in the window to the right, waving the flag? Can they identify who murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood?


Image above: Ukrainian “patriots” disseminate this photo montage with the text “We offed Mommy! Glory to Ukraine!”

Note: “Mommy Odessa” is an affectionate nickname for Odessa, similar to “Big Apple” for New York, or “Emerald City” for Seattle.

Here a female protester states “Killing Mommy Odessa killed all of Ukraine”


The official death toll is being reported as 42 dead. The actual death toll is by some reported as slightly, by others as considerably higher.

Strategic Culture Foundation & nsnbc international editorial

Edited for nsnbc international by Christof Lehmann, editor-in-chief, nsnbc international, 10.05.2014

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  1. nsnbc says:

    On behalf of nsnbc international.

    Our condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the massacre in the House of Trade Unions. When we are publishing these images and video, we are doing so weighting their importance for documenting historic truth. We believe that helping to raise or solve important questions about the crime may be the best way of honoring both those who were murdered and the families and loved ones who survived them. Again, our heartfelt condolences. Christof Lehmann, editor-in-chief, nsnbc international.

  2. adriana says:

    Speechless !! Shock..

  3. David Herron says:

    This is all going miles away from Crimea, which until this violent and illegal take over, was a calm place being used mutually by Russia and the Ukraine.

    This chaos and ultra violence regardless of who and when is the direct result of western/US meddling abroad in other peoples politics.
    USA and EU should stop trying to force russia into conflict and back off the Ukraine and take SVOBODA and your un elected Kiev parliament with you.
    No PNAC no NWO thank you very much

    • Elena says:

      David Herron, there was no violence in Crimea. Crimean people are happy to escape the new Ukrainian order on time, saving their cities and their families from the nationalistic aggressors. It costed hundreds of lives to reach independence in the Eastern regions – Donetsk and Slavyansk have to defend their freedom now, but at least they showed the whole world that they do not want to have anything to do with coup government in Kiev. Odessa is in pain… but I hope it will join the freedom movement initiated by Donbass Republic. So will Kharkov, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhje…

  4. Johnny Coleman says:

    Will humans ever learn to live and let live?

    • Ola says:

      Johnny Coleman: When all bastards would kill each other…
      The masses have to stop to believe the mainstream media lies. That’s necessary – the consciousness.

  5. Elena says:

    The death toll is at 48 dead now… South-East will never forget this massacre – the nationalists supported by the US and the EU will find their punishment.

  6. Mark Quinly says:

    Was that the police cowering behind shields ?

    They seemed to do nothing – WHY ?

    I am beyond words … words can nullify nor pacify the image of seeing that pregnant woman , mother – in such a painful and un-natural contortion….nothing in the world justifies what she suffered

    No allegiance nor politics

  7. parrot says:

    “Peaceful” nazis and ultras shooting and provoking:

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