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Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2014

Turkish IHH accuses Syria of Destroying Two Aid Trucks En Route to Aleppo

nsnbc : The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Organization IHH reported that two of its trucks, allegedly carrying “relief” to warehouses in Aleppo, were targeted by Syrian aircraft. IHH is known for its close ties to Turkey’s intelligence service MIT and has been implicated in weapons smuggling to Syria in aid trucks before. IHH is designated as a terrorist organization in The Netherlands.

IHH_Truck_SyriaTwo IHH trucks were reportedly fired at by Syrian aircraft while carrying flour to warehouses in the Syrian city of Aleppo, reports the Turkish Aydinlik Daily. At least one of that these trucks was reportedly stopped by Turkey’s Gendarmierie (police) on January 1 2014, carrying substantial amounts of weapons and explosives.

The IHH then denied involvement and also denies that the two trucks which allegedly were targeted by Syrian aircraft were involved in weapons smuggling operations. Aydinlik Daily reports that the IHH released a statement about the latest incident, saying:

“The two IHH trucks, which were carrying pasta, flour, blankets and beds from the IHH warehouse in Bab al-Hawa to the warehouse in Aleppo, were shot by Syrian Aircraft in Aleppo yesterday evening. While two Syrian citizens became martyrs, two others were injured during the missile attack of the Syrian jets […] at Castillo Boulevard at Aleppo’s entrance.”

TRUCK_TURKEY_WEAPONS_SANAWhile it was impossible to determine, conclusively, whether the trucks were fired at by Syrian jets and whether the trucks were carrying aid or weapons, there are other factors which can be determined;

the first of which is that an IHH truck has been implicated in large-scale weapons smuggling when it was stopped by Gendarmerie on January 1.

IHH_TurkeyThe second point that can be conclusively determined is that the IHH has been implicated in the mass killings of Syrian civilians in January 2014, when Turkish police raided the offices of the IHH and arrested its directors, Recep Camdah,Ömer and added Faruk Aksebzeci on a wanted list, to be questioned upon his return from Saudi Arabia. More than 20 other IHH members were also arrested and questioned about IHH involvement in weapons smuggling to Syria and the organizations involvement in the mass killing of Syrian civilians.

Mavi Marmera 1The third point that can be conclusively determined is that Turkish intelligence experts and analysts repeatedly stressed that leading IHH members are closely tied to Turkey’s intelligence service MIT and that the IHH has been implicated in what experts describe as one of the most audacious and complex false flag operations in recent history, the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara and the killing of nine Turkish citizens by Israeli special forces. The operation involved a close cooperation between the IHH, Turkish and Israeli intelligence, as well as the first and second in command of the al-Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Abdelhakim Belhadj and Mahdi al-Harati.

April 28, 2011, the government of The Netherlands designated the IHH as a terrorist organization. The IHH operates in more than 100 countries and has been banned in several other countries. IT entertains close ties to Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood as well as the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood which was one of the main militant organizations involved in the predominantly Turkish, Qatari, Israeli, Saudi, US, UK and French-backed attempt to subvert Syria.

With regard to the alleged targeting of two IHH trucks by Syrian military jets it is noteworthy that international law provides that the Syrian government can determine which vehicles are authorized to cross the Turkish – Syrian border and which vehicles are prohibited from entering Turkish territory and that aid organizations have to follow internationally standardized procedures before entering a conflict zone.

Ch/L – nsnbc 09.05.2014

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