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Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2014

House grilled Nuland over US’ Cooperation with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

nsnbc : A two-hour hearing of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at the House Foreign Affairs Committee over the Obama administration’s and the US’ role in the developments in Ukraine nailed down Nuland over the United States overt cooperation with and use of neo-Nazis. Nuland tried to dodge questions, explained US plans for Ukraine and told the Committee outright lies about Kiev having “upheld the obligations of the Geneva agreement”. Nuland omitted that Kiev has mobilized Ukraine’s military forces and the presence of large contingents of Ukrainian troops near the Russian border.

NUland_House Foreign Affairs Committee_USAHard times covering-up cooperation with neo-Nazis. It becomes increasingly difficult for the Obama administration and the corporate US press to cover-up the fact that the main driving force behind the coup in Ukraine are neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists, supported by the US.

While the Obama administration is pushing for Ukrainian elections on May 25, it transpires that about half of the 30.000 troops Kiev deployed to southeastern Ukraine are members of the National Guard, created in March, and “special regional military units” created this month, consisting predominantly of members of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sector and UNA-UNSO, militant members of the ultra-nationalist and overtly anti-Semitic Svoboda party and other radicals dressed in uniform to give the impression of “legality”.

U.S. Assistant secretary of State Victoria Nuland with leader of Ukraine's Svoboda party, Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

U.S. Assistant secretary of State Victoria Nuland with leader of Ukraine’s Svoboda party, Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

Dodging questions. Nuland, who was asked to give her assessment of the situation in Ukraine and the “necessity to hold elections in Ukraine on May 25″ to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, attempted to dodge questions about “sensitive” issues.

Nuland was nailed down by the Californian Republican Congressman Dana Rohrbacher who asked Nuland about the legality of the ousted Yanukovich government and the presence of neo-Nazis during the protests in Kiev and the coup. Rohrbacher served his entré, saying to Nuland:

“We did have a legitimate election before, and the legitimate president was removed after we had major street violence. There were pictures of people running around, that we were told were neo-Nazis”.

Ukranian M.P. for Svoboda, Oleg Tyahnbok, here after his reelection as Svoboda "Leader".

Ukranian M.P. for Svoboda, Oleg Tyahnbok, here after his reelection as Svoboda “Leader”.

Nuland attempted damage control attempting to position the mobs in Kiev’s Maidan square as “peaceful protesters”, saying:

“First of all, the vast majority of those who were participating on Maidan were peaceful protesters. There were mothers and grandmothers and veterans…

Rohrbacher, obviously discontent with being served propaganda, reminded Nuland about the nature of his entré, about neo-Nazis, saying:

“I saw those pictures and I also saw a lot of people throwing fire bombs at groups of policemen. There were people shooting into the ranks of police. So, yes, there were mothers with flowers, but there were also very dangerous street fighters engaged in those demonstrations. …The question is: were there neo-Nazis involved?”

Neo-Nazis Honoring Stepan Bandera. Note Svoboda's logo.

Neo-Nazis Honoring Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. Note Svoboda’s logo.

Nuland, continued dodging a very direct questions, saying that “there were many colors of Ukraine involved, including very ugly colors”. It has become established fact that the US administration and allies have cooperated with neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine since the end of WW II, and that the primus motor behind the coup were neo-Nazi organizations centered around Pravy Sector and the Svoboda party.

Nuland submitted and read out a statement on US policy towards Ukraine to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, saying that the Obama administration’s policy is based on four pillars.

With regard to the first column, Nuland said that the US is, first of all offering “financial, technical and non-lethal security assistance” for the election on May 25. Nuland said:

In addition to $92 million in FY2013 State/USAID funds and $86 million in FY2014 funds, we are providing an additional $50 million in technical assistance and the $1 billion dollar loan guarantee under the authority passed by Congress on April 1st.”

Nuland added that the United States electoral assistance includes “$11 million for non-partisan election activities, including efforts to support voter education and civic participation” plus the participation of observers, in addition to the OSCE observers. Nuland said:

In addition to the 100 OSCE observers we are sending, the United States is supporting 255 long-term observers and over 3300 short-term observers”. 

Nuland explained that US financial aid also involves “$18 million in non-lethal security assistance to the Ukrainian armed forcesand State Border Guard Service to enable them to fulfill their core missions.” 

Nuland outlined the second column, saying that the US is working with its international partners “to leave the door open for diplomatic de-escalation should Russia change course”.  

At this point, Nuland claimed that Kiev had implemented its commitments with regard to the Geneva agreement, while she accused Russia, saying “Russia fulfilled none of its commitments.” 

Nuland’s claim to the House Foreign Affairs Committee was an outright lie. Kiev’s obligations with regard to the Geneva agreement were that Kiev disarms illegal militant groups, ends punitive military actions against the regions who don’t accept the legality of the post-coup government and ask for federalization of Ukraine, that Kiev enters into direct dialog with the regions, and that Kiev releases political prisoners.



Meanwhile, acting president Turchynov has ordered punitive military actions which have resulted in dozens of dead, using 30.000 troops with heavy military equipment.

Instead of disarming illegal armed militia, Kiev has put them in Ukrainian uniforms, claiming them to be “special regional military units” and the “National Guard”.

Kiev has not entered into a dialog with representatives of the regions. Kiev has released almost non of the political prisoners.

Moreover, and most alarmingly, acting president Turchinov has ordered the full mobilization of Ukraine’s military forces and called in, all military aged men as well as the reserves.

With regard to the third column, Nuland said that Washington is steadily increasing sanctions, claiming that the sanctions against Russia are beginning to bear fruit. Nuland said:

The Russian economy … is,.. already buckling under the pressure of these internationally imposed sanctions. Its credit ratings are hovering just above junk status”.

Russia_Central BankRussian Central Bank Director Elvira Nabiullina said in April, that previously forecast results for 2014 were unlikely to be achieved, making a downward revision of macro-economic indicators necessary. The growth in Russia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to slow to below one percent, while the annual, projected inflation rate will increase by five percent, said Nabiullina, addressing the association of Russian Banks.

The Russian Central Bank Director added, that capital flight will exceed 20 billion US dollars, and warned that the country’s geopolitical situation after the development of the crisis about the Ukraine and Crimea as well as the dangers of a closure of access to foreign investment for Russian businesses as part of western sanctions, may adversely affect internal financial stability. The Russian Interfax news agency cites experts as predicting an economic contraction of 0.6 percent in 2014, compared to the 1.3 percent economic growth registered in 2013.

Experts agree however, that the US, EU and G7 imposed sanctions are harming western economies as much as they are harming the Russian economy. Moreover, China, earlier this week made statements to the same effect and warned the US and EU against any further sanctions.

Nuland added that the US is also taking measures to reassure its NATO allies about the US’ commitment and that the US is  “providing support to other front-line states like Moldova and Georgia. … We have worked with our NATO Allies to provide visible reassurance—on land, sea and in the air—that Article 5 of the NATO Treaty means what it says.”

While the US continues aggravating the situation in Ukraine, there have been taken tangible steps by Russia, the OSCE and Germany and “some” other EU members, in an attempt to deescalate the situation. Steps suggested by Russian President Putin and Swisss President and OSCE Chair Didier Burkhalter were ignored by Kiev.

Putin and Burkhalter called on Kiev to immediately end military operations against rebelling regions and to begin direct dialog. The initiative was supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Putin also called on the rebelling regions to delay the referendum, scheduled for May 11. At least two of the regions, Donbas and Kharkov, however, rejected the delay stressing distrust toward Kiev in the light of the ongoing military operations and a lack of guarantees that a referendum could be held after elections.

Ch/L – nsnbc 09.05.2014

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  1. Greg says:

    Spocibo no fingers in between I like it.
    When the B(lin) lies she lies. BL… ;)
    Nice you don’t write “the BLIN “misled” the house, she LIED.
    Spocibo BOLSHOI

  2. Elwyn Evans says:

    Gutter mouth who was caught on tape talking to the idiot pyatt did not mention the 5 billion the U$ spent to provoke the Ukranian conflict. She will join Jesus in the boiling excrement for all eternity. (that is where Jesus is according to the Jews

  3. Tasha Barr says:

    Victoria Nuland is a disgrace to Unated States. Publicly distributing sweet cookies to neo-nazi “revolutionaries” during Maidan in Kiev… She made USA look as a joke! Thank you, Congressman Rohrbacher , for your questions and clarifying comments during the hearing on Victoria Nuland ! No US money should be given to the fascists’ new authorities in Kiev!

  4. andor_1 says:

    This is the first honest assessment of the situation in Ukraine from the Western Media I’ve read. Since I understand Ukrainian and Russian, it is easy for me to read the Kiev propaganda as well as the Eastern Ukraine sites. I also read regularly the Crimean Forums to gauge the mood of the people there. They are struggling with the bureaucracy of the transitional period, but are united in their desire to stay with Russia. People help each other with practical advice of changing money, accounts, bank matters etc, etc..

    • elen says:

      Thank you for a refreshing and unbiased article. The way the the mainstream media reports, they could start WWIII. Plus its an insult to our intelligence as most bloggers sound more savvy.

      Historically, it would be very unusual for Ukranians to kill Russians and vica versa. Ask any one whose parents were in World War2. After Ukraine turned to Russia during the German occupation, they became brothers again and all was forgiven. Therefore, the military that has been attacking the protestors could not be Ukranians but a foreign force.

      Its all very simple, the trouble in Ukraine started when the idea of establishing ABMS in that part country was proposed and we all know it so why fool outselves and the need for the innocent civilian be harmed. Russia knows that its not a defense from Iran.


  5. Sandy says:

    That B(londe) should be brought to a war crimes tribunal. Release Gbagbo, lock her up instead.

  6. Tris says:

    People in Mariupol was waiting 4 hours in line to vote for Donetsk People;s Republic because to get back Dnepropetrovsk mafia in the union with fascists is something unbearable. However, USA always supported all kind of fascists, and it is the worst tyrant terrorizing entire world.

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