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Published On: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

Thousands of Girls forced into Prostitution for Terrorists in Syria

nsnbc : Two Austrian girls who disappeared from their homes in Vienna and who are believed to have boarded a flight to Adana, Turkey, are likely to have become victims of forced prostitution for takfiri terrorists in Syria. Turkey is the main hub for trafficking of girls to the takfiri mercenary brigades. Domestically, 1,449 of 14,412 missing Turkish children over the past five years have not been found. Police reports that many of them have been kidnapped for their fighting potential and organ harvesting. 


Samra Kesinovic

Two Austrian girls who made international headlines after their disappearance on April 10 are merely the tip of an iceberg of internationally organized forced prostitution of children and teenage girls, forced recruitment into military service and internationally organized organ harvesting.

The Austrian-born 15 year-old Samra Kesinovic and the 15 year-old Sabina Selimovic disappeared from their home in the Austrian capital Vienna on April 10. Interpol has since issued a missing-person notice for the two teenagers whose parents immigrated to Austria from Bosnia in the 1990s.

The two teenager’s parents told the Bosnian newspaper Dnevi Avaz that they had learned that their girls had boarded a flight from Vienna to the Turkish city of Adana, near the Turkish – Syrian border.

The two girls have reportedly left letters for their parents, saying that they “had chosen the right path” and were going to fight for Islam in Syria.

Pictures of the girls posing with weapons and in conservative Islamic dress which are being circulated to support the notion that the two teenagers were fighting holy war have so far all proven to be manipulated.


Sabina Selimovic

Rather than fighting “holy war” the girls are likely to have suffered the same fate as thousands of other girls who are being forced into prostitution for foreign-backed Jabhat al-Nusrah, ISIL and other mercenary brigades. Some of the girls are, according to official Tunisian sources, forced to “serve” 20 – 30 “holy warriors” per day.

After the two Austrian – Bosnian teens began making headlines, Turkey’s intelligence service MIT, who is otherwise known to be cooperating with terrorist organizations in Syria, launched a large-scale effort to locate the two girls. Prominent members of Turkey’s opposition denounce this effort as cosmetic and for public relations, while the true scale of organized forced prostitution, forced military service and organ harvesting is covered up.

Turkish intelligence announced that advanced techniques had enabled them to possibly identify a signal from one of the girls cellphones even though it was switched off.

The Turkish Hürriyet newspaper reports that an intelligence official said that the signal was coming from an area in northern Syria that is controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). It is worth noticing that Turkey’s intelligence service MIT has repeatedly and consistently been implicated in cooperating with Turkish charities who support the mercenary brigades in Syria, as well as in the financing and arming of these brigades.

Kidnapped Tunisian girls trafficked through Turkey to work as sex slaves for terrorists.

Kidnapped Tunisian girls trafficked through Turkey to work as sex slaves for terrorists.

Trafficking of Girls for “Sex Jihad” via Turkey is Internationally Organized. In October 2013, Tunisia´s Interior Minister, Lofti Ben Jeddou, complained that Tunisian Women are being trafficked through Turkey for Sex Jihad in Syria. The Tunisian Interior Minister announced to Tunisia’s National Assembly, that Tunisian girls are forced to satisfy the sexual needs of terrorists in Syria under the euphemism sexual jihad.

Ben Jeddou stressed, that Turkey has become a bridgehead for sex jihad and declared that the trafficked Tunisian girls are forced into having sex with 20 – 30, in some cases 100 of the “holy warrirors”.

The Tunisian Interior Minister stressed, that most of them return pregnant. Besides the psychological trauma the young Tunisian girls suffer, the large number of children which will be born due to the forced sexual service will create a sociological time bomb in Tunisia, he added.

Another problem, which remains largely unaddressed, is that many of the girls who return, have been infected with sexually transmittable diseases, including HIV. Many of the girls, however, don’t return at all, and it is believed that many of them are being murdered after having served their purpose. Similar reports about internationally organized trafficking of teenage girls to takfiri mercenary brigades in Syria have come from Libya, Mali, Algeria, while recent developments indicate a growing trend to attempt tricking Czech, Austrian, Bosnian, Bulgarian and Hungarian girls into forced prostitution.

CHILD_BRIDE_TURKEY10 percent of 14,000 missing children cannot be found. Many of them kidnapped for exploitation. Turkey is also struggling with a domestic problem, which many fear to increase because of Turkey’s involvement in the war against Syria. The General Command of Turkey’s Gendarmerie police reported that over 14,000 children have gone missing over the past five years alone in Turkey.

Turkey’s Hürriyet daily newspaper cites Gendarmerie General Arif Cetin as saying that 14,412 children have gone missing across Turkey. 13,528 of them have been found. The statement was made at a conference on missing children in Ankara. Cetin stressed that many of the children are being kidnapped for their organs and for their fighting potential. He did not specify how many of them were girls, who may have been kidnapped into organized child abuse or into the sex jihad networks operating in Turkey.

With Turkey being the main hub for the trafficking of teenage girls to the mercenary brigades in Syria, the problem is likely to increase. The involvement of Turkey’s intelligence service MIT in supporting Jabhat al-Nusrah, ISIL and other brigades whom the girls are being trafficked to, prompts questions about MIT’s role in the investigation of the missing Austrian girls and its role in trafficking of women in general.

Ch/L – nsnbc 22.04.2014

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  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for putting the case into perspective.
    Western media were silent about the girls who were cheated and kidnapped to Syria since 2012. Why? Because they are from the Maghreb, from Africa, from Asia too. Now they start taking a couple of blonde and blue eyed kids and see what happens. Interpol is involved. The newspapers are suddenly full of it. My respect for nsnbc. You wrote about it many times already. Nice to see a non-racist newspaper. Poor kids.

  2. Richard says:

    In the UK there’s 200,000 missing person cases every year, of which the government claims 1% (2,000) remain missing for over a year. Turkey’s issue is less than that here, but all we ever hear about is Maddie Mccann.

    • Steven Jones says:

      Richard.Agreed, the same in the UK. Underreported reality and some case blown out of proportion. So much for the similarities with Turkey. The 200,000 per year figure in the UK counts all age groups. Most of them are found within hours.As you said, only 1% remain missing.The Turkish police uses another methodology in accumulating the data than police in the UK. Hence the relatively lower number but the higher percentage. 10% of “children” remain missing. That is a lot of children. Important in this is that Turkish police is aware of that many of the 10% which are not found end up being recruited as child soldiers, forced into prostitution, and killed for their organs. The other point is that no western media report that until its a couple of blue eyed girls from Austria who disappear. ;)

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