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Published On: Sun, Mar 16th, 2014

Syrian Army Wins decisive Battle in Yabroud, Secures Damascus, Cuts off Supply from Lebanon

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nsnbc : The city of Yabroud and its surroundings in the northern countryside of Damascus have fallen under the control of the Syrian armed forces on Sunday,  following a series of special operations with units of the armed forces carried out in cooperation with civil defense forces. Expelling mercenary brigades from the Yabroud area and its surroundings dealt a fatal blow to the insurgency and its foreign supporters and likely a key event that spells a near final defeat of major foreign-backed insurgencies. 

Yabroud, SANA reports from the city after its liberation.

Yabroud, SANA reports from the city after its liberation.

The Syrian Arab News Agency SANA quotes one of its reporters on the scene as saying that army units have restored security and stability to Yabroud after they killed large numbers of mercenary terrorists who had been stationed in Yabroud and used it as a passage to allow the entry of arms and terrorists into Syria. 

The army units, the reporter added, are now in the process of combing the neighborhoods in the city and dismantling the many explosive devices which the terrorists had planted at the entrances of the city and its neighborhoods and in front of the residents’ houses.

The reporter stressed that about 150 explosive devices of various weights and types, including magnetic and trip-wire improvised explosive devices which immediately explode upon touching, were dismantled, in addition to a number of mines. 

IED left by mercenaries. Photo, courtesy of SANA

IED left by mercenaries. Photo, courtesy of SANA

The terrorists had also made a number of car tire bombs and planted them in various areas across Yabroud city, particularly at its entrance, to prevent the Syrian army’s advance, said the reporter. 

The SANA reporter said that taking Yabroud was a swift military operation and that it took less than 48 hours to seize control over the entire area after first seizing control over all the city’s entrances and the surrounding hills.

The operation succeeded in cutting of the mercenary brigades supply lines between Yabroud and the Lebanese borders, killing large numbers of mercenaries who were fighting under the banner of the Saudi Arabia and Western – backed Jabhat al-Nusrah, while many others managed to flee towards neighboring towns, particularly Rankous, reports SANA.

Destruction, a fate of Syria since the onset of the foreign imposed war in 2011.

Destruction, a fate of Syria since the onset of the foreign imposed war in 2011.

Over the past days, the eastern and northeastern borders of Yabroud had fallen under the control of the Syrian Army during a number of preparatory operations over the last few days.

Lebanese security sources reported movements of mercenary brigades to and from Lebanon, and movements, especially in Ersal in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

The Lebanese al-Manar TV quoted the sources as saying that numbers of terrorists fleeing from Yabroud entered the Lebanese refugee camps in Wadi Hamid.

The reports followed the Syrian Army’s victory in Yabroud. The Lebanese army recently closed a number of illegal crossings on the borders between Lebanon and Syria, which had been used for the infiltration of terrorists and for weapons smuggling operations. 


Restoring a sense of normality. Photo courtesy of SANA

The recently closed crossings, especially those near Ersal, were also used as routes for car bombs which targeted Lebanon. 

The General Command of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces announced on Sunday, that:

“After a series of successful operations, units of the Syrian Army, in cooperation with the civil defense, restored stability and security to Yabroud City and its surroundings in the northern countryside of Damascus. … Big numbers of mercenary terrorists who had fortified the city and used it as a passage for transferring weapons and terrorists into the Syrian interior were killedand the Armed Forces are pursuing the defeated terrorist gangs in the area. … This new achievement that led to the collapse of the armed terrorist groups comes as a continuation of victories accomplished by the Syrian Arab Army in al-Qalamoun area against terrorists’ gatherings and dens, and it also constitutes an important link in securing the border areas with Lebanon, cutting off supply roads and tightening grip on the remaining hotbeds of the terrorists in Damascus Countryside, as it also contributes to boosting the security of the international road between the central and southern areas”. 

Yabroud, a fist step towards peace and a large step towards securing Damascus.

Yabroud, a fist step towards peace and a large step towards securing Damascus.

The statement concluded that the dislodging of the mercenary brigades from the Yabroud area and its surrounding has dealt a fatal blow to the terrorists, their supporters and funders, and reiterates the armed forces’ determination to restore stability and security everywhere in Syria.

Dislodging Jabhat al-Nusrah, Liwa-al-Islam and other brigades who were fighting under a joint, Saudi Arabia and pentagon led command structure, has not only blocked insurgents logistic supply line between Lebanon and Damascus, but also between the Jordanian border town al-Mafraq and Damascus.

In October 2013, about 40.000 Saudi Arabia and Western – backed fighters under the banners of Jabhat al-Nusrah, Liwa-al-Islam and others, turned the Lebanese side of the border in the Qalamoun region into a massive military staging theater that included advanced logistics, weapons and munitions factories, training facilities, as well as command and intelligence networks.

The defeat of the mercenaries in Yabroud, today, Sunday 16 Marh 2014 will, most likely, enter the history books as one of the most decisive battles of the Syrian war, carried out in less than 48 hours, after a careful preparation, and in a joint operation of Syrian Special Forces, Syrian self-defense forces, and the Syrian Arab Army.

Ch/L – nsnbc 16.03.2014

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  1. This is fantastic news, but I am not so sure it means the end of the terrorist invasion even if it is the beginning of the end without NATO bombing.

    There are many other routes from hostile nations everywhere else on Syria’s borders.

    • Sure, there are always routes, and the push for an aggression under humanitarian cover is likely to return. What makes this significant is that it:
      * Cuts the main route from Lebanon, Qalamoun region and Bekaa to Damascus.
      * Also cuts supply from Al-Mafraq & Ramtha Air base in Jordan.
      * That it happens as Irai troops, upgrade their response to ISIL insurgents in the Anbar province..

      The massive transport – logistics tied to supplying brigades of the size of 20.000 – 40.000 mercenaries, as stages in Qalamoun in October and supplying as sustained attack against Damascus has become – lets say – very difficult.

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