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Published On: Tue, Mar 11th, 2014

Myanmar: Doctors Without Borders Operations Suspended Due To Unethical Conduct

For the Second Time Since 2013, Doctors Without Borders is Implicated in a Scandal Indicating that the Corporate Funded Aid Organization Functions as Subversive Element for Core NATO Member States

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Myanmar’s Ministry of Health has deployed an emergency response medical team to Rakhine State after it suspended its agreement with Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF) about operations in the region. Myanmar’s government suspended MSF’s operations over allegations of unethical conduct, including preferential treatment of selected ethnicities. While the government is doing what it can to fill the gap, and while other NGOs continue operating in Rakhine State, there are concerns that it may take some time before the governments medical services can fully compensate. 

Medicins Sans Frontiers - Doctors Without Borders - What is Behind the Humanitarian Facade?

Medicins Sans Frontiers – Doctors Without Borders – What is Behind the Humanitarian Facade?

MSF Holland claims that MSF had become the biggest health care provider in Myanmar’s Rakhine (Arkan) State since it began operating there about 20 years ago. MSF has reportedly conducted about 400,000 consultations in Rakhine State, including a large number of consultations for internally and externally displaced who have been affected by the wave of violence last year.

The violence was widely misreported as “inter-communal violence between Muslim Rohingya and Buddhists”.

Investigations into the violence revealed the involvement of the Military Intelligence Service of Bangladesh, the al-Qaeda associated HuJI from Bangladesh, as well as a fraudulent militant monk known as Wirhatu. The alleged monk is shunned for his conduct by Buddhists worldwide, and is under substantiated suspicion of working for both actors in, and outside Myanmar, who were interested in destabilizing the country.(1 – (2 Wirathu has ties to Myanmar’s Aung San Suu-kyi, and through her, to powerful US lobbies and the US State Department.

vschina myanmar pipelinekrThe reasons for the creation of the “inter-communal” violence in Rakhine State were largely geopolitic and related to a lack of convergence in regional nation’s energy requirements, involving predominantly Bangladesh and Myanmar. Rakhine State is the most rich in terms of natural resources in the entire Mekong region. (ibid.

Other NGOs and UN agencies continue offering health services in Rakhine State, but their programs are considerably smaller than that of the suspended MSF.

The government of Myanmar has largely been dependent on relying MSF and other NGOs to provide health care in parts of Rhakine State since 2012, among others due to violence and at times inaccessibility. The targeting of health care personnel has, among others, created a vacuum that was filled by MSF.

Ye Htut, a spokesman for Myanmar’s President Thein Sein, assured that the government was doing all in its power to fill the gap in health care services.

Last month, the government decided not to prolong its agreement with MSF about operations in Rakhine State. Ye Htut told media that the Ministry of Health already sent an emergency response team with eight ambulances to Rakhine State to fill the gap left after then end of the MSF operation as an initial response.

While the government has made the decision not to prolong the agreement with MSF, the NGO claims that the government had ordered it to halt its operations in Myanmar as a whole, not only in Rakhine State.

The government states that it made the decision not to prolong the agreement because MSF is providing preferential treatment to favor the Rohingya population. The government also stressed several violations of the agreement, committed by MSF; among others, the employment of more foreign staff, in Rakhine State, then agreed, and of operating a medical care clinic for newborns without being licensed to do so.

MSF – A NATO Instrument of Subversion: Contrary to the neutral, and humanitarian image, which MSF adorns itself with, in its PR work, the NGO is increasingly coming under suspicion of having been co-opted by Western, in particular US and core NATO member states, to function as a destabilizing factor that challenges the sovereignty of governments in targeted countries. MSF is far from the only humanitarian aid organizations implicated.

In 2013, MSF was involved in giving testimony about a chemical weapons attack, allegedly carried out by the Syrian Army in Damascus. It has later been proven that the attack has been carried out by the Saudi-Arabia funded, armed and commanded Al-Qaeda brigade named Liwa-Al-Islam. (3

MSF claimed that it received more than 3.000 patients, of which 355 died. Later, it was reported that MSF did not have staff at the location, but cited other “medical sources”. In Doctors Without Borders’ own official statement, it was reported that: (4

Since 2012, MSF has built a strong and reliable collaboration with medical networks, hospitals and medical points in the Damascus governorate, and has been providing them with drugs, medical equipment and technical support. Due to significant security risks, MSF staff members have not been able to access the facilities.

MFS’s Board, includes Elisabeth Beshel Robinson of Glodman Sachs. MSF’s 2010 annual report (5 shows that its financiers and donors include Bloomberg, Bain Capital (Mitt Romney), Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Google, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and a number of other corporations and financiers, reports the Bangkok based consultant and analyst Anthony Cartaluucci. (6

IHH headquarter funded by Turkey's Intelligence Service MIT. The IHH has been implicated in the smuggling of weapons and terrorists, and mass murder of Syrian civilians.

IHH headquarter funded by Turkey’s Intelligence Service MIT. The IHH has been implicated in the smuggling of weapons and terrorists, and mass murder of Syrian civilians.

An analysis of MSF’s deployment and operations in Syria revealed that MSF is in fact fulfilling a function as medical brigade for al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood mercenary brigades, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and core NATO members Turkey, USA, France, UK and others. It is, in other words undermining the sovereignty of the Syrian government while operating in Syrian territory.

MSF is far from the only “Humanitarian Organization” and charity functioning as NATO instruments of subversion. Another such organization is the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights, Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), which operates in over 100 countries.

Since 2013, it has been implicated in arms trafficking across the Turkish – Syrian border in aid trucks, (7 the smuggling of weapons and terrorists across the Syrian border in ambulances, and ultimately, in the mass murder of unarmed Syrian civilians in a massacre, that was blamed on the Syrian government. IHH is known to be operating in liaison with Turkey’s intelligence service MIT. (8

Ch/L – nsnbc 11.03.2014

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