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Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2014

Turkish Intelligence and Special Forces allegedly deployed to Ukrainian Republic of Crimea

nsnbc : The Turkish AKP government maintains close ties to the new, disputed Ukrainian government in Kiev. Turkish intelligence operatives and special forces have reportedly been deployed to the Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic Crimea, with Russian intelligence services being aware of their presence and the coordination of Turkey’s involvement with both the USA and EU.

Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu

Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu

After his recent visit to Bulgaria, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with the Ukrainian MP and former President of the Assembly of the Crimean Tartar People, Mustafa Abdülcemil Kiriımoglu.

During their meeting at Turkey’s Embassy in Kiev, the two discussed the situation in the Ukraine and regional developments, reports the Turkish Aydinlik Daily (AD) newspaper.

Following the meeting between Davotoglu and Kirimoglu, the two met with the current Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament and acting President of the Ukraine, Alexandr Turchynov.

At a press conference, following the meetings, Turchynov stressed the long-standing Ukrainian – Turkish relations and the importance of Turkey for the Ukraine, reports AD, adding that the Turkish Foreign Minister also has scheduled a meeting with the Ukraine’s new Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrei Deshchytsia.

Being one of the most reliable sources of information about the activities of Turkey’s intelligence service MIT and Turkey’s armed forces, Aydinlik Daily quotes a “source that has spoken with the newspaper”, alleging, that an intelligence unit linked to Turkey’s intelligence service MIT has headed to the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic Crimea to provoke Crimean Turks to act against the ethnic Russian majority and Russian interests in the autonomous republic. The source reported that the deployment of the Turkish unit has been coordinated with both the USA and EU.

The newspaper’s source also reported that a team of Turkish Special Forces accompanied the MIT team, adding that the majority of the team was placed in the Autonomous Republic Crimea. The units are tasked with provoking Crimean Turks into mobilizing against the local administration, which rejects the new, Western-backed government in Kiev.

The source stated that Russia is aware of the Turkish intelligence unit and that its presence and activities may cause difficulties in Russian – Turkish relations over the period that lies ahead.

The government of the Autonomous Republic Crimea and the governors of the Ukraine’s southern and southeastern regions reject the new government in Kiev, stressing that it came to power in an armed coup d’état after it broke a German- French- and Polish-brokered agreement on holding early elections in September – December, the establishment of an interim unity-government, a return to the 2004 constitution, and amnesty and the disarmament of the armed gangs in Kiev and other cities. On the same evening that the agreement was signed, the parliament was seized by masked gunmen, ousting the elected government.

Rear Admiral Berezovsky

Rear Admiral Berezovsky pledging allegiance to the Crimean people.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian military forces deployed in the Crimea pledged allegiance to the Crimean people and the Crimean government. The upper house of the Russian parliament authorized the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to deploy additional Russian troops to the Crimea to protect those Russian troops who are in the Crimea in accordance to a long-term contract with the Ukraine, to protect Russian citizens in the region, if needed, or to respond to an eventual call from the Crimean government to help stabilize the situation in the Ukraine.

The authorization came after Russian Senators described a statement by US President Barak Obama, that “Russia would have to pay a price” for its involvement in the Crimea, as a direct threat.

While reports suggest that NATO member Turkey has deployed Special Forces to the Crimea, and while it has become known that the armed coup d’état in Kiev, in close cooperation with Neo-Nazi, Fascist and Ultra Nationalist parties and organizations has been prepared, financed and supervised by core NATO members USA, Germany, and others, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is making bellicose statements, blaming Russia for an illegal intervention in the Ukraine.

Russian media and diplomats rebutted Kerry’s allegations, referring to US and NATO involvement without mandate or exceeding a UN mandate, from Yugoslavia, over Kosovo, Iraq, and Libya, adding the illegal support of terrorists in Syria to the list of illegitimate military adventurism. Captured Turkish, that is NATO soldiers in Crimea could spark an acute, diplomatic crisis. Analysts warn that the situation in the Ukraine is the gravest threat to peace and security in Europe for decades, and risks to bring the nuclear armed blocs NATO and CSTO on a dangerous collision course.

Ch/L – nsnbc 03.03.2014

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