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Published On: Wed, Feb 26th, 2014

UFO Flyby Near International Space Station

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nsnbc : An unidentified flying object, UFO, was observed and filmed, leaving Earth’s atmosphere and approaching the International Space Station. 

ISS_UFO_January_2014The UFO flyby was recorded on 14 January but it took a while before a space enthusiast discovered the glowing orb-like object on NASA Live Cam downlink footage.

The unidentified object, neither left condensation or rocket trails, which would have been observable had it been using a conventional propulsion system. The “glow” around the object is, according to multiple experts, including military experts who have been involved in highly classified projects, caused by ionization.

The UFO was discovered by YouTube user Streetcap1, who cut the passage with the sighting from the Live Cam stream and uploaded it to YouTube.

Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects from the International Space Station are, in fact, no rarity. NASA, however, having no explanation for the nature or identity of the UFO’s has a policy of editing sightings out of the Live Cam Downlink. Astronauts have in confidential conversations explained that “talking about the observations is a bad career move”.

The downlink is, according to some experts, broadcast with a 17-seconds delay that gives editors the possibility to “insert snow” or change to another camera or camera angle. Whether the UFO is of Alien nature or whether it is one of many deep black projects, similar to a black hole, in which taxpayer money seems to disappear, is anyone’s guess.

For those who have gotten tired of Train- or Plane- Spotting and consider UFO-Spotting instead, here is the link to NASA’s ISS Live Cam.

Ch/L – nsnbc 26.02.2014

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