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Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2014

Hezbollah Denies Israeli Claims of Bombing Hezbollah Rocket Shipment

nsnbc : Israeli media report that Israel’s Air Force has bombed a Hezbollah target at the Lebanese – Syrian border. Some reports claim that the target was a shipment of rockets for Hezbollah. The Lebanese Army and Hezbollah deny claims of an attack.

Hezbollah associated media report about the presence of Israeli jets over the northern Bekaa valley. Israeli claims about bombing a “Hezbollah rocket shipment” come less than one week after Israel openly admitted its support of mercenaries against Syria in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights. An increased presence of Israeli jets could indicate increased Israeli support for Saudi Arabia – backed mercenaries in the Qalamoun region.

Israeli Jets nsnbc archives

Israeli jets. nsnbc archive image.

Several Israel newspapers report about an Israeli air strike against the alleged Hezbollah target at the Lebanese – Syrian border. Some report up to 30 Hezbollah casualties, others that the air strike was directed against a shipment of rockets to Hezbollah.

None of the reports has, so far, been independently confirmed by official Lebanese government sources or Hezbollah. Although Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for any air raid and Lebanese sources reject the claims, Western media, were quick to pick up the story, especially the part about “Rockets for Hezbollah”.

An official spokesman for the Lebanese Army rejected the reports saying that the Lebanese Army was not aware of any such attack, but that it had launched an investigation into the alleged attack.

The Lebanese Al-Jadeed TV quotes a local resident as saying that there has not been any air raid on Lebanese territory, but that there was a strong presence of Israeli jets. The Lebanese, Hezbollah owned Al-Manaar TV, quoted Jaafar al-Musawi, a resident of the municipality of Nabi Chit, as saying: “There is a strong presence of enemy planes over the area north of Bekaa”.

The Israeli and all Western media reports nsnbc is aware of, report about the bombing of a rocket shipment, for Hezbollah, while omitting the fact that the presence of Israeli warplanes in Lebanese airspace is a gross violation of international laws and principles, including the UN Charter.

The reports come less than one week after Israel openly admitted to its support of mercenaries, including Al-Qaeda linked terrorists, from the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights. An increased presence of Israeli military jets over Lebanon’s strategically significant Bekaa Valley could indicate an upgrading of Israeli support for some 40.000 primarily Saudi Arabia backed mercenaries who launched a campaign in the Qalamoun region in October 2013.

Ch/L – nsnbc 25.02.2014

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