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Published On: Sat, Feb 15th, 2014

Chaos in Libya continues after alleged failed Coup d’État

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nsnbc : Libya’s Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said on Friday, that his government is working normally, despite an announcement by senior army official Khalifa Heftar, that the country’s General National Congress (parliament) and the Cabinet had been suspended.

zeidan_LibyaOn Friday, P.M. Zeidan said in a televised speech, that the situation is under control, that everything is going well and that the government works normally.

On Thursday, Khalifa Heftar, the former commander of the Libyan Army forces, announced that the country’s executive had been suspended and presented a five-point road-map as a platform to bring about change.

The two contradictory statements threw the country, which has been unstable since the NATO and Qatar-led coup d’état with help of Al-Qaeda mercenaries and Muslim Brotherhood militants in 2011, into even more confusion. Once the most developed of all African nations, the country is now ruled by armed militia and warlords who are fighting turf wars over territories, sectarian issues, and significantly, a cut of the countries oil revenues.

Moreover, the resistance which is loyal to the former Libyan head of state, Muammar Gadhafi and the well-functioning pre-coup political system has far from being defeated and carries on a political and armed struggle for liberation. While the central government asserts some control over the northern Tripoli region, the “green resistance” asserts a great influence in the South, while al-Qaeda linked militia are controlling much of the region around the cities of Derna and Bengazi.

Referring to the gross violation of international law and the abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya by NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, who provided special forces and air support for al-Qaeda mercenaries as “revolution”, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said that he “will not allow anyone to steal the revolution”, adding that it is “the people and not the army who decides the future of the country”.

Several unconfirmed reports state that top ranking military officers and military units had been involved in a failed coup d’etat. The exact situation remains unclear as reports from Libya differ considerably, depending on whom one is speaking to.

Some experts argue, that the continued instability in Libya is fostered by governments of core NATO member states who depend on an unstable situation in Libya to continue using the country as a major hub of recruitment of Syria mercenaries and as a major hub for arms and drug trafficking in support of the US, French, British, Israeli, Qatari and Saudi war on Syria.

Ch/L – nsnbc 15.02.2015

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