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Published On: Fri, Feb 7th, 2014

US’ Victoria Nuland about Ukraine “Fuck the EU”

nsnbc : A recorded telephone conversation between US State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, and the US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, reveals direct US interference in the internal affairs of the Ukraine. Moreover, Nuland’s statement “Fuck the EU” further substantiates warnings by analysts, who argue that the USA uses the destabilization of the Ukraine to obstruct friendly relations and cooperation between the EU and Russia.

nuland_USAIn in four minute-long telephone conversation with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the senior US State Department official Victoria Nuland exclaimed, “Fuck the EU”.

The astounding exclamation came, while the two were discussing whether one of the opposition’s figure-heads, the former heavy-weight boxing champion Vitali Klitchko, should be given leading government positions or not, and whom to install in which political office, or not.

The recording was posted by an anonymous user on YouTube. nsnbc international sent a copy of the audio to a forensic audio expert who said, that the recording did not show signs of manipulation. After a comparison with other, official audio recordings with Victoria Nuland, the expert stated that it is possible to synthesize any voices, but that the recording does not show signs of voice emulation and is consistent with Nuland’s usual speaking patterns.

The recording, which was also published in the Kiev Post, is an additional confirmation of the United States interference in the domestic affairs in violation of international law.

Pamphlets used in the Ukraine and Egypt.

Pamphlets used in the Ukraine and Egypt.

The release of the recorded telephone conversation between the State Department spokeswoman and the Ambassador coincides with the publication of evidence that proves, that the US State Department sponsored NGO CANVAS is directly involved in organizing the violent riots in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

Nuland’s statement to “Fuck the EU” further substantiates analysts who repeatedly stressed that the USA’s involvement in the Ukraine aims at creating a lack of convergence in the energy-security requirements of respectively the European Union and Russia, with the intention to obstruct the implementation of EU – Russian programs which were agreed upon during the 1990s and within the context of the OECD.

Ch/L – nsnbc 07.02.2014

Update: The US State Department has since recognized the authenticity of the audio by apologizing for the F.. word, which does not change the fact, however, that the USA actively attempts to install a government in a sovereign country. We will publish a comprehensive report tomorrow.


Nuland’s F** the EU scandal proves illegal Ukraine Regime Change Plans

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