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Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2014

Turkish Charity implicated in Mass Killing of Syrian Civilians

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nsnbc ,On Tuesday, Turkish police raided the offices of the Foundation for Human Rights, Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, also known as IHH. The police raid was part of a police operation against Al-Qaeda, reports the Turkish Aydinlik Daily. The IHH has attracted international attention for involvement in high–profile intelligence and terrorist operations before and it is banned in the Netherlands.

IHH_TurkeyIHH Known for Involvement in High-Profile Intelligence and Terrorist Operations. The IHH has become known for its involvement in high profile intelligence and terrorist operations before.

In 2010 the IHH was involved in the scandal surrounding the IHH owned Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara and the shooting of nine Turkish nationals by Israeli special forces while the vessel was in international waters, en route to the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Later investigations concluded that both Turkish and Israeli intelligence as well as the known Al-Qaeda terrorists and NATO double agents Abdelhakim Belhadj and his second in command, Mahd Harati were on board the Mavi Marmara to point out the nine Turkish citizens who had been targeted for assassination because of their opposition to the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement in planning and preparing the war on Syria, which began in early 2011.

Mavi Marmera 2Abdelhakim Belhadj, then a member of the Al-Qaeda linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, should after NATO’s involvement in ousting the Libyan government, become the Military Commander of the Tripoli Military Council.

Belhadj is now a prominent member of the Libyan political elite. After his involvement in Libya, Mahd Harati led the Libyan Brigade under the two failed attacks against the Syrian city of Homs in June and July 2012.

On 1 January 2014, the IHH attracted the attention of Turkish police when police stopped a truck, laden with weapons and explosives, en route to Syria. The three persons who were arrested when police stopped the truck claimed that they thought, that they were delivering humanitarian aid from the IHH to Syria.

Turkish Police launched Anti-Terrorism Operation in Six Provinces. The Turkish Aydinlik Daily(AD) reports, that Turkish police carried out simultaneous operations in six provinces, including Istanbul, Van, Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Kilis on Tuesday.

Besides seizing documents which clarify IHH members individual involvement in operations, the police seized a number of documents which point to the IHH’s involvement in recruiting militants for jihadist terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda. Police also accuses the IHH of providing lethal weaponry to terrorist groups and of providing medical treatment to wounded militants after bringing them to Turkey through illegal channels, reports Aydinlik Daily. So far, the IHH had repeatedly denied what it called claims and allegations about its involvement in illegal operations.

Details which have transpired after the coordinated police operation suggest that Turkish security forces finally have obtained concrete evidence that proves the IHH’s collaboration with al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups.

Photo: SANA

Photo: SANA

While there are no official links between the AKP government and the IHH, the charity is playing a prominent role in Turkey’s international humanitarian relief efforts. Follow-up operations may involve major criminal networks in Turkey as well as elected officials, bureaucrats and members of the Turkish police and security forces.

Aydinlik Daily reports, that the anti-terrorism police chief in Kilis has been removed from his post and reassigned to a juvenile crime department, only hours after the raid. Also the anti-terrorism police chief in Van, who coordinated Tuesday’s raid, has been reassigned to another post.

The major charges which are being brought against the IHH after Tuesday’s operation include collaboration with known terrorist organizations and links to Syria, which implicate the charity into attacks against and the mass killings of civilians.

Aydinlik Daily reports that it is known, that the headquarter of the IHH has been unofficially financed by Turkey’s intelligence service MIT, since the AKP government of P.M. Erdogan came to power in Turkey. Prime Minister Erdogan has denied all accusations to that effect.

The primary operations of the IHH are reported as being, the recruitment of militants to fight alongside al-Qaeda brigades in Syria; the evacuation of wounded militants in ambulances and the simultaneous infiltration of new militants as well as weapons and supplies in those ambulances; the smuggling of large arms transports in trucks under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid.

IHH Director held for Questioning.  One of the IHH directors, Recep Camdah, has been sent to Van for questioning on Tuesday morning. Another IHH director, Ömer Faruk Aksebzeci, can look forward to being detained for questioning when he returns from Saudi Arabia, reports Aydinlik Daily.

The newspaper reports that 22 will be prosecuted, 4 of them in Istanbul, Kilis and Kayseri, while the other 18 are facing charges in Van. These include İbrahim Şen, who served time in Guantanamo Prison after being charged as a leader of an al-Qaeda organization, and Kenan Gül who used to be in charge of the ultraconservative Akit Newspaper in Turkey. The IHH has been designated a terrorist organization in The Netherlands in 2011. It carries out operations in more than 100 countries.

Ch/L – nsnbc 16.01.2014

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