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Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2013

Deadly Attack on Egypt’s Security Directorate MB’s Revenge, says Interior Minister

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A massive explosion at the headquarters of Egypt’s Central Security Directorate killed 13, injured 134, and caused massive damage to the headquarter and surrounding buildings.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , -The attack was carried out so as to cause maximum damage and injuries among leading security officials, said Cairo police. Egypt’s Presidency condemns the attack, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim described it as the Muslim Brotherhood’s revenge. Egypt’s State Information Service calls on foreign media to support Egypt’s fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, Turkey’s intelligence service MIT continues supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s Rabia TV based in Istanbul in an attempt to subvert the North African country.

SECURITY_HQ_CAIROPolice suspect Insider Intelligence. The spokesperson for Egypt’s Police Union, General Major Baghat Fahmi, who is participating in the investigation of the attack, said that the car bomb was placed and exploded so as to cause maximum damage to key personnel at of General Security Directorate and government officials.

Fahmi stressed, that the car bomb was exploded underneath the window of the office of the Director of Security. Fahmi also stressed, that the blast occurred, as Security Directorate and government officials were to discuss how to organize security at the referendum on Egypt’s new constitution.

Presidency denounces Attack and sends Condolences to Families of Victims. The office of the Presidency issued a statement, denouncing the attack, saying that operations of this nature make the state more resolved to uproot terrorism and to rid the nation of its threat once and for all.

The statement continued, stressing that such attacks also make the State more determined to pressing ahead with the implementation of the roadmap for the future fulfillment of the will and the aspirations of the Egyptian people, adding:

“Being certain of the unity of the people of this nation and their support of the State institutions, we solemnly pledge to strike with an iron fist against terrorism and to avenge the blood of the victims of this abominable crime. …We will not allow black terrorism and its masterminds to hinder the implementation of the road map and to stand in the way of the will of the people. … May God have mercy on all Egypt’s martyrs and grant consolation to their families.”

Interior Minister denounced Attack as “Muslim Brotherhood’s Revenge”. Egypt’s Interior Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, inspected the site of the attack on 24 December and toured the stricken area around the Security Directorate’s headquarters to get a detailed overview over the attack.

Ibrahim described the explosion as the “Muslim Brotherhoods’ revenge” against security personnel following the dispersal of the Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins. He promised to continue the fierce war against black terrorism that is trying to undermine national security and obstruct the roadmap for Egypt’s transition to a better future.

Prosecutor General ordered Swift Investigation of the Crime Scene. The Counselor of the Prosecutor General, Hisham Barakat, ordered a swift investigation of the crime scene to secure evidence, so as to be able to identify the perpetrators as fast as possible. The Prosecutor General responded to the attack by the immediate dispatch of the Interior Ministry’s Bomb Squad, so as to identify the exact causes of the blast and the nature of the explosives which have been used.

Egypt’s Armed Forces convey Condolences, stress Determination to defend the Homeland. In a press release, Military Spokesman Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali said that the Armed Forces are deeply sad for the martyrs from the Interior Ministry and the civilians. He asserted that these cowardly acts that are committed by a misled group, will only add to the military’s determination to purge the homeland of this group who deviated from the Egyptian national community.

Egypt’s State Information Service calls on foreign Media to help fighting Terrorism, as Turkey’s Intelligence Service back’s Radicals by establishing Muslim Brotherhood TV Channel in Istanbul. The Chairman of Egypt’s State Information Services (SIS), Ambassador Amgad Abdel Ghaffar, denounced  the  attack  and described it as a criminal act that patently proves that the Egyptian State is fighting a virtuous war to eradicate violence and terrorism committed against the Egyptian people since the June 30th Revolution.

Ambassador Abdel Ghaffar notes that this attack proves that the Egyptian people were right when they revolted and that they are moving forward with the roadmap launched with the issuing of the new draft constitution in spite of terrorism and its perpetrators, adding that the Egyptian people will achieve their aspirations and ambitions towards freedom, democracy, and social justice.

The SIS Chairman urges foreign media representatives in Egypt and abroad  to  comprehend the undeniable truth, realize the magnitude of terrorism committed against the Egyptian State, and  the  big responsibility it shoulders in uprooting terrorism, which the free world; its states, and media outlets, should clearly condemn.

Abdel Ghaffar,  further,  urges  foreign  media  representatives  to positively  and effectively contribute  in  mobilizing international  media support  for Egypt in its fight against terrorism as it proceeds towards freedom and democracy and regains its safety and security.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Intelligence Service MIT, in cooperation with the administration of Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan, continues Turkey’s attempt to subvert Egypt by arms smuggling operations as well as by the foundation of Rabia TV in Istanbul. Rabia TV will shortly begin to broadcast for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood from the Turkish city of Istanbul. In a recent statement, Egypt’s interim Prime Minister, El-Biblawi stressed, that Egypt is facing a psychological warfare operation.

The Attack comes as Egypt’s Prosecutor General referred Morsi and Top-Muslim Brothers to the Criminal Court on Charges of Espionage, Terrorism and Murder. The deadly attack on the Security Directorate’s headquarters came not only at a high-level meeting took place to secure the coming referendum on Egypt’s new constitution. The attack also occurred, not long after Egypt’s Prosecutor General has referred the ousted president Mohammed Morsi as well as leading members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to the criminal court, where they will face charges, reaching from espionage and terrorism, activities that threaten the security and territorial integrity of Egypt, to premeditated murder.

Ch/L-nsnbc 24.12.2013

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