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Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2013

Morsi and 35 Top Muslim Brothers to be prosecuted in Egypt’s biggest Spy and Terrorism Case

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The Evolution of Egypt’s biggest Espionage and Terrorism Trial, the Regional Energy War and the Resurgence and Fall of Qatar’s International Muslim Brotherhood as a Modo-Colonialist Factor

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – Egypt’s Prosecutor General has ordered the referral of the ousted president Mohammed Morsi, along with 35 members of his administration and leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt’s criminal court. The defendants are to be tried in Egypt’s biggest ever espionage and terrorism case. 

Arrested former President Mohammed Morsi

Arrest of former President Mohammed Morsi

Egyptian government sources inform that Mohammed Morsi and his 35 codefendants will have to stand trial for crimes, including the crime of spying with a foreign organization, for the committing of acts of terrorism, as well as for disclosing classified defense information to a foreign country and to individuals working for a foreign country.

Additional charges include the funding of terrorism, the military training for achieving the objectives of the International Ikhwan Organization (Qatar – based International Muslim Brotherhood), and the committing of acts that infringe upon the independence of the country, as well as on its unity and territorial integrity.

Besides former president Mohammed Morsi, who also was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) Guidance Council, the Prosecutor General has referred Mohammed Badie, the General Guide of the MB and his deputies Khairat El-Shater and Mahmoud Ezzat to the criminal court.

Among the accused are also Saad El-Katani, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, as well as three members of the MB’s guidance office, Mohamed Al-Beltagui, Essam Al-Erian and Saad Al-Husseini.

Also the former chief of Morsi’s Presidential Cabinet, Refaa Al-Tahtaw and his deputy Assaad Al-Sheikha stand accused, along with Ahmed Abdel Aati, the former director of the President’s Office as well as 25 other prominent members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar-based International Ikhwan Organization.

The Evolution of Morsi’s and Egypt’s MB Espionage and Terrorism as Part of a Regional Energy War.

Hakan Fidan and Turkey's MIT behind Rabia TV

Hakan Fidan and Turkey’s MIT behind Rabia TV

While supporters of the ousted regime are attempting to denounce the case as political trial, the evidence in support of the charges in the public domain has been mounting, latest since 2012.

Moreover, the cooperation between the MB and foreign intelligence services to subvert Egypt is still ongoing as Turkey’s Intelligence Service MIT is behind the establishment of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s TV channel Raba in Istanbul.

To understand the development it is necessary to recall the regional developments which were caused by the discovery of the world’s largest known gas resources in the Persian Gulf, shared by Qatar and Iran, as well as the geopolitical and energypolitical consequences, as described by F. William Engdahl. in  “Syria, Turkey, Israel, and a Greater Middle East Energy War”, in October 2012.

In 2007, the Qatar based Ikhwan succeeded at realigning Palestine’s Hamas movement, or rather the political wing of the Hamas movement led by Khaled Mashal, with Qatar and the International Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan).

Qatar was by then heavily financing the war on Syria, among others in cooperation with the government of Turkish Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmed Davotoglu.

In June 2012, the author was one of the first to recognize that a Grad Missile attack in the Sinai, blamed on Hamas, most probably was not only an Israeli false flag operation, but that it aided Morsi’s election campaign. It is noteworthy that Hamas by that time had left Syria and turned against Syria in a war, which at that time was dominated by Qatar and Turkey funded Muslim Brotherhood linked militants.

The War on Syria was from its onset a joint Qatari, Saudi, Israeli and core NATO members USA, UK, France and Turkey – funded operation to prevent the completion of a gas pipeline from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the eastern Mediterranean. It has since become by far more complex than that, and currently, it is Saudi Arabia which has taken the military momentum from Qatar. The core issues and the principal members of the alliance against Syria however, remain unchanged.

The Need for an Egyptian Coup d’Etát by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Morsi_egypt_nsnbc_fileThe need for a de facto Coup d’Etát by Mohammed Morsi and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood arose, among others, due to the decisive defeat of the primarily Qatar – backed mercenaries during two major battles in the Syrian city of Homs in 2012. It was after their decisive defeat by the Syrian Arab Army, that Saudi Arabia began to massively flood Syria with Salafist, Wahhabi, Al-Qaeda – linked mercenaries.

It is necessary to comprehend the true proportions of this influx. Recent figures suggest, for example, that Saudi Arabia had more than 40.000 men under arms at the Lebanese – Syrian border in October 2013. More than 20.000 fighters under a unified command were fighting the Syrian Arab Army in the Jobar District of Damascus on 20 – 21 August, when the Syrian Arab Army broke through their lines. The defeat prompted the supreme commander of the Saudi financed Liwa-al-Islam to launch a chemical weapons attack on Eastern Ghouta. These are by no means “small terrorist cells” but well armed, battalion sized units under a centralized command.

The evolution of Morsi’s and the MB’s coup attempt can be understood as being driven by three dimensions. The nature of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Ikhwan in general, whose declared goal it is to take power and to create Sharia states in all of the countries where they are represented, by making use of the democratic institutions of the country. Qatar’s need to reassert itself as a regional power by supporting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and Qatar’s taking into account, that Egypt is the key North African country with the strongest military which could have turned the tide in the Syria war, if it had been deployed as part of a US-led “coalition of the willing”.

Deploying Egypt’s Military to fight in Syria, Destabilizing the Sinai. It is crucial to understand that Mohammed Morsi, not much more than a month before he was ousted, declared that he planned to deploy the Egyptian military to Syria to fight against the Syrian Arab Army.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood facilitated the push by core NATO members USA, UK and France as well as Israel, to use Egyptian resources against Syria, while destabilizing Egypt and in particular the Sinai, so as to justify the presence of Israeli troops in the Sinai and the presence of NATO troops, eventually under a UN umbrella in the Sinai and along the Suez Canal.

The anti-Syrian alliance had to realize that even tens of thousands of Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries were no match for a well-trained Syrian Arab Army, aided by Hezbollah, using Russian counterinsurgency strategies. The deployment of the Egyptian army would indeed have been a game changer and an unprecedented act of treason against an Arab brother nation. This deployment of Egyptian troops to Syria would not have been possible without a Morsi and Ikhwan government that had a solid grip on power over Egypt, including its military.

Although the risk of a deployment of Egypt’s military has been mitigated by the ousting of Morsi, the subversion of Egypt itself by, creating a civil war in the Sinai is a risk that still persists as the trial against Morsi and his codefendents is being prepared, and as Egypt is going to hold a referendum about its new draft constitution on 14 – 15 January 2014.

Dynamics of a Postmodern Coup d’Etát in Egypt.

The coup itself was conducted in precisely the manner which numerous Ikhwan leaders have described as the organization’s core strategy. The use, or rather abuse of a country’s democratic institutions. The coup was perpetrated in four stages.

The suspension of Egypt’s judiciary after the elections. The suspension of the Lower House of Parliament. The subsequent amendment of the constitution, favoring Islamic parties and organizations while discriminating against secular parties and organizations. And finally the amendment of the election law, which would have made it all but impossible for any non-Islamist party to register for the elections.

tahrir 1 june 2013All of these four steps were met by a growing wave of protests. In January 2013, the demands by members of all opposition parties, to discuss the constitutional amendments Morsi had pressed through, were met with arrogance. 

Amr Darrag, a member of the executive bureau of the Freedom and Justice Party, addressed the press and described the oppositions persistence on constitutional amendments as a “waste of time” and that “suspending the national dialog over the constitution issue was unrealistic. A state of emergency was declared. Police cracked down on protesters.

abdulfatah khalil al-sisiOn 1 July the opposition launched a demonstration that drew an estimated 14 million Egyptians into the streets. The protesters demanded that Morsi either began a dialog with the opposition or step down.

The military deployed, initially to protect key government installations. Several attempts to encourage Morsi to launch a dialog with the opposition were made by General Abdel Fateh Al-Sisi, to no avail.

On 3 July a people-powered military coup was launched, Mohammed Morsi as well as key members of his administration and the Muslim Brotherhood were detained. The coup paved the way for the establishment of an interim government.

Muslim Brotherhood Snipers and Gunmen cause Massacre, blamed on Military. The Presence of Foreign Gunmen, Attempts to create Sectarian Violence in the Sinai and throughout Egypt. 

The ousting of the Morsi administration prompted protests. Many, especially those who had supported Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in the hope that they could bring much needed change after years of the Mubarak regime were bitterly disappointed.

The disappointment and pro Morsi protests were also fueled by the fact that many continued to perceive Morsi as Egypt’s first democratically elected president without paying too much attention to the fact that Morsi, had he not been ousted, also would have been the last democratically elected president in the foreseeable future.

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

The interim government played its cards wisely and allowed weeks of protests by pro-Morsi protesters, calculating that they eventually would fade away as the situation normalized, and as a growing number of of even the sternest supporters learned that Morsi in fact had committed a coup.

The dwindling number of protesters was most likely the factor that necessitated a change in strategy.

The protesters encampments in the Rabaa al-Adwiya and al-Nahda Squares in Cairo were fortified with sand sacks. Militant protesters began bringing traffic, including railway traffic to Cairo to a standstill by barricading and blocking streets and railways.

Incidents of vandalism and arson against Christian churches and violence against Christian communities skyrocketed in Cairo and in the Sinai. Gunmen with assault rifles spread terror in predominantly Christian villages in the Sianai and launched attacks against military detachments and police stations.

Hamas Gunmen force the Interim Government to Close Tunnels to Gaza Strip, Worsening Humanitarian Crisis caused by illegal Israeli Blockade – Reports about gunmen and violent episodes in the Sinai already began in 2012. Many of such reports implicated radical Egyptian Muslim Brothers as well as Hamas. These incidents increased in both number and intensity after the ousting of Morsi and his administration.

Reports however, did not only stress the presence of Hamas fighters, also other foreign gunmen were observed, including gunmen from Qatar as well as foreign Al-Qaeda linked fighters.

The interim government responded, among others, by detonating almost all of the smuggling tunnels between the Egyptian Sinai and the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Members of the Qatar -backed wing of Hamas, led by Khaled Mashal, denounced the interim government for the destruction of the tunnels, stressing that the tunnels were an important lifeline for the Palestinian Gaza Strip, which has been suffering an illegal blockade by Israel since 2007.

Senior Hamas legislator Yahia Mousa "Hamas will pay a heavy price... "

Senior Hamas legislator Yahia Mousa “Hamas will pay a heavy price… “

More than one week before the removal of the protesters, the prominent Palestinian legislator and Hamas member, Yahia Mousa, addressed reporters and stated that both Hamas and the Gaza Strip will pay a heavy price for interfering in internal Egyptian affairs.

Mousa called on the Hamas movement to reconsider its regional policies, especially with neighboring countries.

Mousa added, that Hamas, as an Islamist movement, supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but does not have the right to interfere in internal Egyptian affairs, but instead must act to stop the bloodshed between the supporters of the Brotherhood and their opponents.

CairThe False Flag – The Murdering of Protesters by MB Snipers and Gunmen.

By the middle of August the interim government and the military made the decision to disperse the protesters in the Rabaa al-Adwiya and al-Nahda Squares.

Police and military deployed, calling on the protesters to leave the squares. Tear gas grenades were fired “conservatively” so as not to create panic. Little by little, protesters began vacating the squares, when gunshots were heard.

Sniper on the roof near Republican Guard Club shoots protesters, cameraman standing beside him.

Sniper on the roof near Republican Guard Club shoots protesters, cameraman standing beside him.

Shocked eyewitnesses reported directly to the author, calling nsnbc’s hotline, that snipers were firing at protesters who were trying to peacefully leave the squares.

In the Rabaa al-Adwiya and al-Nahda Squares, the sniper fire caused panic and many protesters were fleeing from the sniper fire, back into the squares only to be met by fire by Muslim Brotherhood militants who were shooting at the returning protesters from behind sandsack barricades.

It was only then, that the military forced its way into the squares in force, among others, to prevent or at least limit the massacres. Similar incidents occurred in other towns throughout Egypt.

On 15 August, the Egyptian Ministry of Health had to announce that 421 had died and that 3572 had been injured. A staggering number of casualties that shocked the world.

Many of the dead and injured were police and military officers, the majority of the dead and injured however, were peaceful protesters who had been bitterly betrayed by radical elements within and the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood which they supported.

Videos of victims, not showing who it was who did the shooting and the killing, would be disseminated via well known channels. Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC. Muslim Brotherhood “eyewittnesses” and Muslim Brotherhood “experts” got air time regardless conflict of interest.

The military would be blamed for the killing of “peaceful protesters”, the interim government was reprimanded internationally, with Iran and Venezuela falling into the choir. The most adamant condemnations however, came from the governments of those countries who stood behind the attempted subversion, the USA, UK, France, Qatar and Turkey.

Videos, showing snipers on the rooftops, any evidence that exonerated the interim government, the military and police were omitted. Foreign media helped stir Egypt into frenzy against the government and the military, and successfully so, until the dust settled.

The dust settled, when reports about gunmen on the rooftops of Cairo and reports of  foreign militants in the Sinai penetrated the fog of propaganda war and brought many Egyptians back to facing reality. It was a disturbing demonstration of the awesome power of state and corporate controlled media when a country is being singled out for subversion.

File photo

File photo

The Subversion and Cooperation with Foreign Intelligence Services continues. The Muslim Brotherhood’s attempted subversion of Egypt as well as its cooperation with foreign intelligence services continues.

During the second week of December 2013, one was killed and twelve were injured when a car bomb was exploded outside the building of the central security forces in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.

Besides militant aggression and foreign backed terrorism, Egypt is also facing a foreign – backed psychological war waged by the Ikhwan.

An nsnbc article from 12 December quotes the government of Interim Prime Minister El-Biblawi as announcing that Egypt has banned Turkish diplomats from Egypt over Turkey’s interference into the country’s internal affairs.

The Muslim Brotherhood based AKP government of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan is not only continuing its political support of Egypt’s Ikhwan and Morsi, it has also been implicated in the smuggling of weapons to its militants and in supporting Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood through the Turkish Intelligence Service MIT.

El-Biblawi stressed that the interim government is aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s schemes and that it will use its force as well as its wisdom in addressing them. El-Biblawi added, that Egypt is a target of a psychological war, which clearly was a reference to the Turkish MIT’s involvement in the establishment of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s TV channel Rabia in Istanbul.

Rabia TV has been founded by Turkey’s National Security Service (MIT) and under the leadership of the undersecretary of the intelligence service, Hakan Fidan, report several of Egypt’s media.

Are the Charges for Espionage and Terrorism warranted ?

When Egypt’s Prosecutor General makes his opening statements, he will open Egypt’s biggest espionage and terrorism trial.

He will demand that Mohammed Morsi, Mohammed Badie, Khairat El-Shater, Mahmoud Ezzat, Saad El-Katani, Mohamed Al-Beltagui, Essam Al-Erian, Saad Al-Husseini, Refaa Al-Tahtaw, Assaad Al-Sheikha, Ahmed Abdel Aati, as well as 25 other prominent members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar-based International Ikhwan Organization will be found guilty as charged. The charges are:

  • The crime of spying with a foreign organization,
  • The crime of committing acts of terrorism,
  • The crime of disclosing classified defense information to a foreign country and to individuals working for a foreign country,
  • The crime of funding of terrorism,
  • The crime of conducting military training for achieving the objectives of the International Ikhwan Organization (Qatar – based International Muslim Brotherhood),
  • The crime of committing acts that infringe upon the independence of the country, as well as on its unity and territorial integrity.

If to judge by what is available in the public domain, it is very unlikely that the prosecution would be unable to substantiate its charges, but…

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Party will protest, claiming a political show trial. The state sponsored TV channels of Turkey and Qatar, including Al-Jazeera will be claiming human rights abuses and cite the George Soros funded Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. CNN, BBC, and Israeli state funded television channels will join the choir.

Photo courtesy of SANA

Photo courtesy of SANA

Raba television will be broadcasting from Istanbul and stir up political and sectarian violence in Egypt; courtesy of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP and MIT.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will appear on national television and will use polemics as usual, like when he blasted Israel for the killing of nine Turks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara, a false flag in which his intelligence service participated to remove Muslim Brothers who opposed Turkey’s involvement in the war on Syria.

The US administration will threaten the discontinuation of military aid for Egypt, “a project to subsidize US weapons manufacturers” to keep up appearances, but continue anyway after having been given guarantees that the accused will get a fair trial.

Does the prosecutor have a case ? Justice will have to be more than blind not to see that he has a case and justice will be well advised to be deaf too, so as no to hear the propaganda spectacles which will be unleashed against an Egypt, that was wise to defy modo-colonialism’s onslaught by removing its Quieslings from power to put them where they belong.

Ch/L-nsnbc 19.12.2013

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About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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    Great analysis and systematic approach.And I hope that the whole world knows the fact that terrorist group the brotherhood ….And all of these groups does not aim to establish Islamic law but are aiming to achieve personal interests under the slogan and allegation of religion based on ignorance and poverty and need simple …The sharia is far from what they call the understanding mistaken or misleading … …So Islam prohibits the killing of innocents and rejects and renounces to harass women and, on the contrary, the brothers are killing innocent people and harassing women and harassment …The Muslim Brotherhood killers terrorists kill children and blow up schools and threw Molotov cocktails at the children’s schools buses … …Islam recommends Muslims treat Copts and Christians so that the prophet “Mohammed” Coptic Christian woman married and fathered her children and did not ask or tell her to follow or followers of Islam … ….I recommend the prophet “Mohammed” to protect churches and respect freedom of religious beliefs.Though the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist killers burned churches and murdered the Copts, the law that they claim they want to apply they did reverse everything ordered by the Islamic Sharia.They are mercenaries, terrorists like Al-Qaeda killer and Islam and of terrorizing innocent. …..Islam has prompted days of violence or calls him … …All he wants Muslim Brotherhood take power in Arabic … …And split them.Demolition of powerful military institutions in Egypt to ensure that one of them in the future or having expressed in the judgment.

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