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Published On: Fri, Dec 13th, 2013

Egypt: Car bomb at Ismailia Police Station kills One and Injures Twenty

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nsnbc , – One was killed and twenty were injured, when a car bomb exploded outside a police station in the Egyptian city of Ismaila, reports Egypt’s Interior Ministry. The explosion was followed by an intensive gunfight. The attack comes as foreign powers increase their subversive efforts against the North African country. 

File photo

File photo

The car bomb exploded outside the police station and the camp of the central security forces in the city of Ismaila, which is located at the economically and strategically important Suez Canal.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry and Egyptian media report that the blast killed one and injured at least 20 conscripts.

Eyewitnesses reported that the blast was followed by a high intensity gunfight between security forces and attackers, whose identity thus far has not been made public.

The injured conscripts were reportedly transported to a hospital for treatment. Thus far there are no reports about the severity of their injuries.

The attack comes as certain foreign powers, including Turkey, intensify their efforts to subvert Egypt. A similar attack against a facility of Egypt’s military intelligence service in Ismaila in October injured six army personnel.

The attempted subversion of Egypt began already before the ousting of Mohammed Morsi, who according to many analysts colluded with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and foreign intelligence services to deploy the Egyptian military to fight against the Syrian Army. (see related articles)

There is mounting evidence, suggesting that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood also was colluding with foreign powers to destabilize the Sinai peninsula prior to the election of Morsi and his subsequent attempt of a de facto coup d’Etat through constitutional changes which would have made it impossible for non-Islamist parties to register for the coming elections.

El-BeblawiThe destabilization efforts increased significantly after the ousting of Morsi, with both Egyptian armed Muslim Brotherhood radicals and armed foreign insurgents, attempting to create sectarian conflict in the Sinai and launching attacks against security forces.

Earlier this week, Egypt’s interim Prime Minister, Dr. El-Biblawi announced that Egypt’s government had banned all Turkish diplomats from entering Turkey. El-Beblawi accused Turkey of interfering into the country’s internal affairs.

El-Beblawi’s announcement came only days after the disclosure that the Turkish intelligence service MIT stood behind the establishment of a new Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood TV channel, Rabia TV, located in Istanbul.

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