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Published On: Tue, Oct 1st, 2013

Tunisian Girls trafficked through Turkey for Sex Jihad

Tunisia´s Interior Minister, Lofti Ben Jeddou, complained that Tunisian Women are being trafficked through Turkey for Sex Jihad in Syria. Young Tunisian girls are being trafficked via Turkey for forced prostitution for holy warriors.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – The CPH deputy and former mufti, Ihsan Özkes, has asked Turkey´s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Davotoglu, about the trafficking of Tunisian women for so-called sexual jihad in Syria, and complaints about Turkey, being used for human trafficking, reports Turkey’s Aydinlik Daily.  

SxJhdÖzkes has conveyed a resolution of the Tunisian parliament to Turkey´s Foreign Minister Davotoglu and to Turkey´s parliament. The resolution states, that extensive media coverage shows that some organizations are trafficking young Tunisian women to Syria, where the women are forced to provide sexual services to terrorists.

The forced prostitution is euphemistically described as sexual jihad. Tunisia´s Interior Minister, Lofti Ben Jeddou, has recently warned that young Tunisian girls are being deceived and then trafficked to Syria where they are subject to sexual slavery.

Özkes has demanded, that Turkey´s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Davotoglu answer the question, whether there is any truth about the press coverage about the trafficking accusations and whether these women stay in insurgent´s camps on Turkish territory. Özkes also demands that the Foreign Minister answers whether any action has been taken to address the problem and that the Foreign Minister should tell which actions, in the case that any actions had been taken.

Tunisia’s Interior Minister, Lofti Ben Joddou has meanwhile announced to Tunisia´s National Assembly, that Tunisian girls are forced to satisfy the sexual needs of terrorists in Syria under the euphemism sexual jihad. Ben Jeddou stressed, that Turkey has become a bridgehead for sex jihad and declared that the trafficked Tunisian girls are forced into having sex with 20 – 30, in some cases 100 of the “holy warrirors”. Ben Jeddou stressed, that most of them return pregnant.

Besides the psychological trauma the young Tunisian girls suffer, the large number of children which will be born due to the forced sexual service will create a sociological time bomb in Tunisia. Another problem, which remains largely unaddressed, is that many of the girls who return, have been infected with sexually transmittable diseases, including HIV.

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