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Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

Al-Nusra Producing Chemical Weapons in Turkey

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An indictment from the Adana Public Prosecutor’s Office has declared that anti-Assad gangs are known to be producing chemical weapons inside of Turkey.

AD , – The investigation into chemical weapon production in Turkey continues. Haitham Kassab, the number one suspect in the indictment, has given details of his contacts in Turkey and of work that they have carried out in his statement to the prosecutor’s office. Kassab’s expressions have revealed how Syrian terrorist groups have made Antakya into a center for exporting terrorism.

Most of the European youth end up with al-Qaeda linked brigades such as this Jabhat al-Nusrah brigade near Aleppo. European youth are also systematically being targeted for recruitment during family visits or holidays in countries like Libya, Tunisia and Turkey.

According to the chemical weapons investigation conducted by the Adana Public Prosecutor’s Office, Syrian terrorist groups set up a camp in the Antakya district of Hatay. Haitham Kassab has openly admitted operations they have carried out, and the network that terrorists established in Turkey.

Haitham Kassab, who was charged with a 25-year prison sentence for being a member of and supplying weapons to a terrorist organization, explained to prosecutors the activities that he conducted in Turkey on behalf of Syrian terrorist groups. Kassab’s confessions showed that Antakya has become the operations center for Syrian terrorists.

Events started when Haitham Kassab rented a home in Antakya on the instructions of Abul Hassan and Tammam, officials of the Syrian terrorist group Ahrar ash-Sham. Following the settling of Kassab in Antakya, the representatives of Syrian terrorist groups began to knock on his door and give him tasks. Kassab supplied electronic circuits for the integrated explosive systems used against armored vehicles in Syria, from the instruction of a terrorist named Abu Ukhba.

Syrian terrorists are quite comfortable in Antakya. In fact, deliveries are being made to a place next to the Antakya State Hospital in the city center. The terrorist group Al Haq Battalion which fights in Homs found Haitham Kassab through a man called Abu Mohammed. The Al Haq Battalion requested chrome pipes from Kassab to be used in the production of mortars. The mortar is the most widely used weapon type against civilians in Syria.

Kassab’s tasks that he completed included providing “time fuses”, “chrome pipes used in the production of mortars” and most importantly providing “raw material for the production of chemical weapons.”

Via Aydinlik Daily

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