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Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2013

Chemical Weapons Propaganda Prompted Security Council Session

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – On 21 August 2013 reports that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons, killing dozens, according to some reports hundreds, up till 1.188 have prompted an emergency session of the UN Security Council on the evening of 21 August.

The reports, which began with a “Tweet” on Al-Arabiya, spread like wildfire. The Syrian “opposition” handed out “photo handouts” to international journalists. Journalists from RT and nsnbc, who were contacting local residents, could not confirm the use of chemical weapons. The Syrian government and military reject the claims. 

Real or alleged, large scale chemical weapons attacks have been forecast by nsnbc international on 7 July, after an intelligence source with close ties to a Syria based Palestinian faction warned that such attacks would be part of a planned, major political and military campaign against Syria in August and September 2013. 

Opposition handout

From Video of Opposition handout

On 21 August 2013, reports emerged on the Twitter account of the strongly anti-Syrian biased Al-Arabiya, claiming that 280 had been killed in a chemical weapons attack near Damascus. Later on, Al-Arabiya reported that as many as 1.188 had been killed in the alleged chemical weapons attack.

The Al-Arabiya reports were followed by statements, issued by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The SOHR, which has been widely criticized for strongly biased reporting, reported a considerably lower casualty figure, claiming that dozens had been killed. The SOHR stressed however, that many of the alleged victims were children.

The Syrian “Opposition” distributed handout photos of the alleged attack, showing the alleged victims, rescue and medical personnel. Videos of the alleged attack were uploaded on social media. International media picked up the “news” which spread like a wildfire on media including al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, Sky News. Western and Gulf-Arab media reporting was, as could be expected, strongly biased against the Syrian government.

The pure speed, the well organized and immediate “handout of alleged evidence” and the inconsistency of the alleged photographic evidence with a chemical weapon attack however, did not prevent immediate calls for an emergency session of the UN Security Council, which convened at 19.00 o´clock.

unbuldingUN Security Council Emergency Session  - The United Nations Security Council convened the emergency session at 19.00 o´clock. The session was held behind closed doors. The Chairwoman of the UNSC, the Argentinian UN Ambassador Maria Cristina Perceval who is heading the SC this month stated that the members of the council want to reveal the truth about the allegations about the use of chemical weapons in the countryside of Damascus, and that she welcomes the UN investigation in this regard.

The French news agency AFP quoted Perceval as saying after the session, that there must be clarity about what happened and that the situation must be followed closely.

Syrian General Command rejects Allegations. A Desperate Attempt to Cover up Defeats, reflecting Hysteria, Disorder and Breakdown. Prior to the UNSC session, the General Command of Syria´s Armed Forces issued a statement, saying that “biased channels of misdirection and bloodshed have, as they always do, made false allegations that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in the Damascus countryside”. The General Command affirmed that those allegations are completely baseless and untrue, and that they are part of the dirty media warfare against Syria.

The General Command reiterated its commitment to fulfilling its national and constitutional duties of combating terrorism everywhere in Syria as part of its duty to protect the country and its citizens. The General Command stressed, that the allegations made by the terrorist gangs and the channels that support them, about the Syrian Army´s use of chemical weapons constitute a desperate attempt to cover up the defeats they are suffering on the ground, and that these allegations reflect their hysteria, disorder and breakdown. The General Command also encouraged those who are carrying arms to turn themselves in before it is too late.

Al-Zoubi, western reports Incredible.

Al-Zoubi, western reports Incredible.

Minister Al-Zoubi, Western Theory of Intervention doomed to Failure. Syria engaged in War on Terrorist Groups from 83 Countries.  80 % of Insurgents in Aleppo and Damascus non-Syrians. Syria´s Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi rejected the allegations that Syrian armed forces should have used chemical weapons. Al-Zoubi issued a statement, saying that the events on the ground in Syria prove that Syria cannot be fragmented and that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the armed terrorist groups in some areas to prevent such attempts as they attempt to launch chemical weapons attacks.

Al-Zoubi gave an interview with the China Arab Times, in which he explained that the theory of Western military intervention is doomed to failure because of the capabilities of the Syrian Arab Army and because of the international support by Syria´s friends, including Russia, China and Iran.

Al-Zoubi added, that Syria is engaged in a war against terrorists from 83 countries, including all of the Arab countries except Djibouti. Al-Zoubi continued by underlining the fact that between 36.000 to 48.000 gunmen are estimated to be in the countryside of Aleppo and Damascus, and that 80 % of them are not Syrians.

Gulf Arab States want to launch Military Intervention under US Supervision. Al-Zoubi stressed, that the Gulf Arab states want to launch a military intervention in Syria and that such an intervention would be taking place under the supervision of the United States. Implying the regional consequences of a military aggression, he added that there would not be any Gulf Arab states afterwards.

With regards to the long overdue international conference on Syria, al-Zoubi pointed out that the Geneva conference is meant to achieve a political solution and that the idea of this conference was proposed by the Syrian leadership since the beginning of the crisis.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the opposition and the armed terrorist groups did not believe in a political solution. Al-Zoubi added, that the Americans are still procrastinating the political solution as they hope that the armed groups would make progress on the ground.

Opposition handout

Opposition handout

Report, published in nsnbc international on 7 July 2013 forecast actual or alleged “large scale chemical weapons use by opposition in August and September “. On 7 July 2013, nsnbc international published a report under the title Syrian “Opposition” Prepares Political and Military August / September Campaign.

The report, written by nsnbc international editor, Christof Lehmann, was among others, based on intelligence nsnbc received via a reliable intelligence source with close ties to one of the Syria-based Palestinian factions. Referring to the intelligence nsnbc international received, the report from 7 July stated, among others:

The report forecast that the political and military, foreign-backed opposition would be launching a renewed, large-scale, political and military attack against Syria in August and September 2013. 

 That there are strong indications for a preparation of a renewed military campaign against Syria in August or September 2013, and that it is highly probable, that Western, Arab and Israeli Forces will be playing an active role. The current, relative calm in Syria is reportedly deceptive and tied to attempts to increase the different insurgent forces and militia´s interoperability, communication, and the attempt to build a more centralized command and liaison structure.

The report from 7 July continues, warning that US Special Forces in Jordan are training insurgents in preparation of a military intervention, saying that:

According to a recent report from nsnbc´s source, U.S. Special Forces train predominantly foreign insurgents near the Jordanian – Syrian border city al-Mafraq. According to reports from within the ranks of these insurgents, U.S. Troops are training some of the insurgents in targeting high value political and military targets in cooperation with air-support. The development indicates, that the United States is preparing air raids against targets in Syria.

US Special Forces near the city of al-Mafraq have also been reported to be training “rebels in the securing of captured chemical weapons”. The Palestinian intelligence source however, reported that the insurgents were planning large-scale chemical weapons use, among others, to create a situation, which would appear to justify renewed calls for humanitarian corridors, a no-fly-zone and eventually a military intervention. The 7 July report on nsnbc international stated, among others:

“The election of the new opposition leader and military preparations indicate a new, combined political and military storm on Syria in August and September, renewed calls for humanitarian corridors for “rebels”, for no-fly zones, and for chemical weapons inspections throughout Syria”.

The Syrian Arab Army seized 281 barrels with chemicals from insurgents at a farm in Banias, Tartus.

The Syrian Arab Army seized 281 barrels with chemicals from insurgents at a farm in Banias, Tartus.

Actual Large Scale Chemical Weapons Use may have been prevented by Seizing large Chemical Stockpiles. – Actual large-scale weapons attacks may have been prevented after the Syrian Army seized large stockpiles of chemicals from the insurgents.

On 11 July 2013, nsnbc international reported, that the Syrian Armed Forces have seized a stockpile, containing 281 barrels full of chemicals from insurgents in the town of Bania.

After the successful seizure of the chemical stockpile, the Syrian UN Ambassador, Bashar Ja´afari expounded:

The Syrian authorities have discovered yesterday, in the city of Banias, 281 barrels filled with dangerous, hazardous chemical materials, capable of destroying a whole city, if not the whole country”.

. Yesterday, Syria´s Information Minister al-Zoubi stated, that Syria has incontrovertible evidence, proving that the foreign-backed insurgents had used chemical weapons in Syria. The statement is supported by a Russian experts report that strongly suggests that foreign insurgents, not the Syrian military had used chemical weapons during a chemical weapons attack in Khan al-Assal on 5 March 2013.

Opposition handout

Opposition handout

Alleged Photo Evidence in “Opposition Handouts to Media” staged, say experts. Yesterday night, nsnbc international contacted two active duty members of the Danish Civil Defense Services who are experts in chemical weapons.

The experts, who wish to protect their identity, were shown the alleged photographic evidence that has been handed out to media by the Syrian opposition.

Both experts unequivocally expounded, that the likelihood, that the alleged photographic evidence is showing images that have been taken at the scene of a real chemical weapons attack is close to zero in not zero.

One of the two experts went as far as to say, that it is not even a well-staged falsification. Both of the experts pointed out that the medical staff, shown in the images, does not wear gloves, does not wear protective suits, and does not protect their airways. Hospital images prompted one of the experts to expound:

“It is not even likely that this is a real medical team that is alleged to treat chemical weapons victims. Every nurse knows that you have to protect yourself in order not to become the next who will have to be hospitalized. Or maybe the images are real but presented within a false context”. 

Images showing rows of alleged casualties, outdoors or indoors, with unprotected persons handling the bodies of the alleged victims elicited similar responses.

Both of the experts, both of whom have spent more than two decades on active service as volunteers in the Danish Civil Defense rescue services stated unequivocally, that the likelihood of the images showing a real chemical weapons attack is, if not zero, then very close to zero. Moreover, both experts agreed, that the staging of the event has not even been very professional, nor does it show a realistic chemical weapons attack scenario.

“We can do better, we do better when we prepare training events for rescue workers” said one of the experts.

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas. I was approached at a party in Britain, two years before the Arab Spring, and asked if I wanted to take part in toppling the Syrian government with the help of rebels". Photo, courtesy of SANA

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas. I was approached at a party in Britain, two years before the Arab Spring, and asked if I wanted to take part in toppling the Syrian government with the help of rebels”. Photo, courtesy of SANA

War Drums and Omissions..… The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius has called on the “International Community” to respond with force if it will be proven that the Syrian government has carried out a chemical weapons attack. Fabius said:

“There would have to be a reaction with force in Syria from the international community, but there is no question of sending troops on the ground”. 

As a compliment to mainstream media it ought to be remarked that no journalist has asked Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius whether he thinks that any investigation into chemical weapons use and the conflict in Syria should include an investigation into the statement, made by the former French Foreign Minister on television,

that British Top-Officials had asked him whether he would like to participate in subverting the Syrian government with the help of “rebels”, two years prior to the first protests in Syria erupted in 2011″. 

Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu

Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu

The Turkish Foreign Minister Davotoglu stated to the media in Berlin, Germany, that all red lines have been crossed . Davotoglu blasted the UN Security Council for not being able to make a decision. 

Germany´s Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle stated, that Germany had asked Syria to immediately give full access to UN chemical weapons experts to investigate the alleged attack, saying:

“We are very worried about the reports that poison gas has been used near Damascus. These reports are very serious and if they are confirmed would be outrageous. We call for this clarification to be made possible promptly.” 

Also in recognition of mainstream media´s failure, if not complicity in manufacturing war propaganda to justify an overt illegal war on Syria, none of the journalists in Berlin deemed it appropriate to ask Foreign Minister Westerwelle if he was aware of the fact that the alleged attack happened on the same day that the UN experts had arrived in Damascus on the invitation of the Syrian government.

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