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Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2013

Al-Sisi; US Stabbed Egypt in the Back with Morsi

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) ,- False media reports spread through Al-Jazeera, claiming that Egypt´s police and military had fired live ammunition into protesters, spread like a wildfire through international mainstream media. Meanwhile, sectarian violence and massacres on protesters, committed by the Muslim Brothers have been omitted. Likewise omitted were grenade attacks on police stations and the death of 43 policemen and soldiers.

abdulfatah khalil al-sisiWestern and Gul-Arab media are turning the truth upside down. A curfew and state of emergency has been enforced while Islamists threaten with more and more armed violence. Egypt´s military commander al-Sisi defies the USA, stating that the people of Egypt are aware of, that the USA has been stabbing Egypt in the back with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Is Egypt witnessing the birth of a new Nasr ?

Al-Jazeera in Yet Another Propaganda War. After Libya and Syria, the New Target is Egypt. By Thursday evening, Egypt´s Ministry of Health reported 578 dead and 4201 injured during the violence so far. Confrontations erupted when Egyptian police, supported by military forces cleared out the pro-Morsi protesters camps in Rabia al-Adawiya and al-Nahda.

Contrary to false media reports on Al-Jazeera and other Gulf-Arab and Western-backed mainstream media, the police did not use live ammunition against the protesters. Egypt´s government vehemently rebuts the claims, which have spread like wildfire though international media after initial false claims on Al-Jazeera.

Over the course of last night, nsnbc international has spoken to countless eyewitnesses who corroborated the government statements, and the fact that armed members of the Muslim Brotherhood have deliberately targeted unarmed protesters and created a bloodbath with the explicit intent to stir up violence and a civil war. The eyewitnesses who called nsnbc´s Egypt Hotline over the course of last night corroborated previous reports on nsnbc international. 

Attacks on Police Stations. 43 dead and 211 Injured among Security Forces. Western and Gulf-Arab mainstream media generally also omit or distort the fact, that 43 of those killed and 211 of the injured have been police and military officers.

According to statements by Egypt´s Interior Minister, Ibrahim, the protests have so far cost the lives of 43 members of the country´s security forces. 18 police officers and 25 soldiers have been killed, while 2011 have been injured. Many of them critically.

Rocket Propelled Grenades fired at Kerdasa Police Station. The Kerdaza police station in Giza has been attacked with rocket propelled grenades. Two police officers were killed during the attack. The Interior Minister said:

“Many protesters fired excessively on security forces from the rooftops at the Rabaa sitting in Nasr City. Security forces exclusively used tear gas to disperse the protests.”

Also this statement was corroborated by eyewitnesses who called nsnbc international. Several of the eyewitnesses stated, that it initially looked as if the police was firing at the protesters with live ammunition from the roof tops, but that a closer analysis revealed that it was tear gas that was fired by the police, and also from the Interior Ministry. One eyewitness said that the only reason he could see for why the police would have used live rounds would have been to take out snipers who shot at protesters who wanted to leave.

Western – Gulf-Arab and Muslim Brotherhood Reports Turning the Truth Upside Down. Sectarian violence and violent and provocative conduct from the side of the Islamists had been on the rise over the course of the last two weeks. Numerous Christians in the Sinai were murdered when their homes were stormed and torched, churches were vandalized.

Eyewitnesses largely corroborate that Western and Gulf-Arab media reports are turning the truth upside down, as if the violence had been caused by the dispersal of the protesters. Apparently the opposite was the case, that ending the one month-long protest had become necessary because of daily increases in the level of violence.

The Interior Minister described pro-Morsi protesters as “an armed gang”, saying that scores of weapons were confiscated during the dispersal, including grenades, guns, ammunitions and bullet-proof vests. Ibrahim added, that at least seven churches had been torched by Islamists on Wednesday.

Curfew in 12 Governorates. New Sit-Ins and Protests will be dispersed in accordance with Egypt´s Law. When asked about the establishment of new sit-ins by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Interior Minister said, that any new assemblies will be dispersed in accordance with the law.

Egypt´s Interim Prime Minister el-Beblawy reiterated that a curfew has been imposed, that will last for the next month, or until further notice, in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Benif Suef, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Behira, South Sinai, North Sinai, Suez and Ismailia. El-Beblawi stressed, that anyone who would violate the curfew, which is imposed from 7 o´clock p.m. to 6 o´clock a.m. will be arrested.

El-Beblawi defends decision to disperse protesters. A difficult but necessary decision. Egypt´s interim-Prime Minister, Hazem El-Beblawi defended the intervention of the state to end the pro-Morsi sit-ins, saying that it was necessary to restore security.

On Wednesday evening, el-Beblawi addressed the nation on television in what he called “A word spoken from his heart”, in which he admitted that the decision to disperse the protesters had been a difficult one. El-Beblawi said:

“As a government, we respect the right of peaceful protesting. But in all countries of the world those, rights are respected as long as there is a respect for others’ rights, and this is achieved through a state of law”.

“As a state, we reached a level in which we cannot accept this method of protesting. Still, we gave a chance for reconciliation, and even for international mediation, in order to have democracy in the future. But there was no respect for the right of peaceful protest”. 

“We respected the feelings of the Egyptians in Ramadan and Eid, but then the state had to intervene in order to restore the security of Egyptians. The dispersing of the sit-ins had to happen”.

El-Beblawi stressed, that the authorization to disperse the protests had been given long before, but that an attempt was made to give a chance to negotiations. He also stressed the increasing level of violence in the country. Finally, el-Beblawi praised the Interior Ministry, saying:

“We demanded the police restrain itself to the maximum level. The first phase is achieved, but now with the current chaos, the state has to intervene with exceptional procedures”.

Return to Democracy – No Religious and No Military – Based Egyptian State. With regard to a return to a democratically elected government, el-Beblawi said, that the interim-government was moving forward with the roadmap and wishes to accomplish the drafting of a constitution that would bring about a state that was neither religious nor military based.

El Baradai Resigned – Al-Sisi compared to Nasr. The Vice President for International Affairs, el-Baradai, who according to many analysts had been appointed to appease the United States administration, has resigned, saying, that there still could have been found a political solution instead of dispersing the protesters. Many analysts and experts in Egyptian affairs believe that the departure of El-Baradai was el-Baradai being sacked by al-Sisi rather than el-Baradai leaving.

The commander of Egypt´s Armed Forces, Abdel Fateh al-Sisi is increasingly being perceived as a new Nasr – like figure. Al-Sisi is a nationalist at heart and stands for an Egypt that stands for independence and social justice. Moreover, al-Sisi is acutely aware of the fact that the “trouble with the Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt and the attempt to establish a de facto Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship in Egypt had the full blessing and support from the United States.

In an interview with Larry Wayman, al-Sisi stressed, that the people of Egypt are aware of the fact that the USA has stabbed Egypt in the back with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. According to many analysts, al-Sisi could, if he is playing his cards wisely, be the man who could transition from a military to a political career and unite the nation as well as reorient it towards a closer alliance with Russia and China. In that case, Egypt could become the sixth member of the BRICS. It could also avoid becoming a geopolitical pawn of Western globalists, the IMF, and a pawn that is to be used for military adventures against Ethiopia.

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About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi Christof. I followed you for a long time and appreciate all you have done and are doing.
    I’ve noticed increasing disillusion, (due to seeming western public apathy) of journos that keep us informed about the evil machinations of the psychos among the W. leadership. I hope it’s a passing phase.
    During Mubarak’s time and earlier, I believed the Egyptian army had close ties to W. intelligence and US-UK gov’s due to what I read. Is it in fact the army that has been stabbed in the back, sold down the river due to W. interests in supporting Qatar and Saudi in their attempts to increase influence on behalf of W. business, bank and oil and Israli regime interests in the ME and Africa as well as themselves?
    Another explanation could be the SNAFU in the ME NA with the public learning who to trust in reportage and the moguls, politicians and secret services increasingly fearing for the necks, especially as truth increasingly emerges about what is happening in Syria and happened in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ireland, central and S. American countries causing the Egypt situation to be developed against the CFR developed Arab Spring plot.
    I think your thoughts likely closest to the truth though as I think Egypt demonstrates just another facet of the destabilisation of the whole ME and NA.
    I wonder how soon the same will happen in Turkey? The process of creating a Kurdish country, well under way with semi autonomy discussed by Turkish authorities, possibly agreed, with Iraqi Kurds that have been strongly supported by Israel, and the CIA-Mossad-MI6 backed al Qaeda in Iraq would cause Turkey to erupt if it became public knowledge that Turkey was being carved up like a …

    • Dear Ian.

      Thank you for your positive feedback – I largely agree with your analysis.

      Turkey: With regard to Turkey you are right. I also covered the issue more or less extensively, and so have others on nsnbc international. Among others, Prof Semih Koray. The key words with regard to Turkey are “Greater Middle East Project – RAND Corporation 1996 and ERGENKON.

      Punch any of the three into the nsnbc internal search engine and you will probably find an abundance of material (taken into account that we only started nsnbc as a newspaper on 25 February 2013 and that you eon´t even find 10 % of what we have on major media ) ;)

      With regard to Latin America: 2013, Colombia has signed a cooperation contract with NATO. On a positive note we see good progress in the Colombia Peace talks. Besides Venezuela, Colombia is rich in oil (and gold which is a hot commodity this year).

      In general: In 2012, prior to NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago, NATO´s top-bras Ivo H. Daalder and James G. Stavridis published an article in Foreign Affairs, in which they called Libya “A teachable moment and model for future interventions”. This policy was confirmed during the summit in Chicago. That means, it has become official NATO doctrine to cooperate with the Muslim brotherhood and al-Qaeda, with special forces as liaison and also “deniable special forces deployed long before recognition, to destabilize a country. The Salvadorean Option is being used to stir up violence… In Egypt, that means for example the killing of protesters as well as massacres against Christians….

      I call all of that NATO´s Discount Warfare Model… It is a sign of a USA/UK/France/NATO within the context of a global economy where the predominance of the USD and Euro as globally accepted exchange currencies and the Bretton Woods system is about to be discontinued. . It is a desperate race for resources and territory before the inevitable. The question is, how catastrophic the end of the PaxAmericana and the “Globalist Cabale” will become before we are coming out at the other side of the tunnel.

      World Leadership. Sadly the struggle and the implied suffering can become a long and catastrophic one. Especially the Western political leadership seems to dress in pilots uniforms while hardly having the qualifications of an air purser. What we urgently need is visionary leadership and international conferences which address the real core issues.

      Thanks for reading nsnbc international and your kind remarks. Much appreciated.

      NB.:I hope you enjoyed the video with Naser´s words about the MB.

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