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Published On: Thu, Aug 15th, 2013

Foreign interests in Egypt: ‘UK, US, and Qatar might be behind the violent clashes’ – expert

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Dozens of people are reported to have been killed in Egypt, as security forces moved in on Wednesday morning to clear two protest camps in Cairo. Christof Lehmann, Consultant in politics at Lehmann International Services from Denmark and Editor-in-Chief of nsnbc international gave the Voice of Russia his comment on the situation.

Clashes in Egypt 14 August 2013. Photo courtesy of EPA via Voice of Russia

Clashes in Egypt 14 August 2013. Photo courtesy of EPA via Voice of Russia

VoR: The Egyptian government is breaking up the protest camps as it did promise but yesterday it was reported that the government was still contemplating the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. What do you make of the latest government move to break up the camps? Was it a wise decision?

Ch.L.: I think it was a very wise decision, but first let me tell you that I have been talking with eyewitnesses this morning, who reported that the live ammunition that was used was used by snipers.  It may very well be foreign elements who have been shooting at protesters too to stir up violence.

It was a wise move to break up the camps because over the last days there have been several attacks against Christians in the provinces of North Sinai, Minya, and Sohag, in the Sinai Peninsula and, there is an attempt made to create sectarian violence in the Sinai. Besides that, the mere fact that the USA would try to appoint Ford as Ambassador to Egypt corroborates that we can very well expect Egypt being targeted for Balkanization.

VoR: You mentioned foreign forces that are possibly responsible for the sniper shooting during these demonstrations but do you have any indication as to who these foreign forces exactly were, and who might stand behind them? What kind of motives could possibly exist?

Ch. L.: We have very good indications who may stand behind that because there have been infiltrations by the Qatar backed faction within the Hamas movement in cooperation with militants of the Qatar backed Muslim Brotherhood, and some Salafists are involved in the violence, but they are more supported by Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas movement are actually cooperating very closely with the government of Qatar, and one other reason that Qatar is interested in stirring up this violence especially in the Sinai Peninsula is that there has been reached an accord in 2012 about the creation of a free-trade zone in the Sinai; In cooperation between Qatar, the Morsi administration at that time, and Hamas (and probably Israel as heavy investor too )

VoR: What do you think Qatar’s final plan really is, what do they want to achieve if they are involved?

Ch. L.: Qatar´s foreign policy is in many respects a prolongation of the long arm of British Empire. So, we could see this as an attempt to create instability, what military strategists would call creative chaos in Egypt, in an attempt to establish a pretext for NATO control over the Suez Channel for example.

VoR: So you think this could actually have the UK behind this?

Ch. L.: It is very likely to have the UK, the US and Qatar, and to a certain extent also Saudi Arabia are behind this.

VoR: If that is what exactly is going on, how can we expect the situation to further develop?

That depends on how the interim government and the Egyptian military are managing this situation now and if they succeed at stopping the violence before it gets endemic all over the country, they could be successful at saving the Egyptian nation state.

VoR: Do you think it hasn’t gone past the point where it can be peacefully saved?

Ch. L: I think it can still be successfully saved and that Egypt can return to a peaceful state because the Egyptian military is quite self-confident and quite defiant against the US. As General Abdel Fateh al-Sisi said it: “The US has tried to stab the Egyptian people in the back with the Muslim Brotherhood and the majority of Egyptians know that”.

nsnbc international via Voice of Russia 14. August 2013. Transcript edited by nsnbc.

Editorial Update and Note – Casualties: Official casualty figures and casualty figures claimed by some representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, ranging from 200, over 600, to 2.000 and more range, of course widely and wildly. It is not our intention to minimize the tragic death of what could be everything between dozens to approximately 100 or more of lost lives, including on the side of the security forces, but the reports and figures nsnbc receives from eyewitnesses at the scene do match the official reports very closely. It ought to be stressed, that we have corroborated reports that extremists, including foreign-backed extremists are murdering protesters in an attempt to create a state of civil war. For more information and a background analysis, please see the related article below. – Christof Lehmann. 


Eyewitnesses to events in Egypt, especially witnesses with photographic and video evidence can callthensnbc international Egypt Hotline via Skype at – The Hotline will remain open until 1 September 2013

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- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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