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Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

State of Emergency declared in Egypt to Foil NATO-Backed Subversion

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – On 14 August 2013, Egypt´s interim-President Adly Mansour has declared a month-long state of emergency. Violent clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood protesters and Egypt´s police and military after the interior ministry responded to attempts to create civil war by inciting sectarian violence and after leading Muslim Brotherhood members attempted to stage attacks against police stations.  

The interim-government responded by warning protesters to peacefully leave the Campus of Cairo University, Nahda Square and the area near the Rabba al-Adawia mosque in Cairo before cracking down on the protesters who refused to leave.

Eyewitnesses report of scores of dead and injured as protesters, police and military clash as well as of snipers. Analysts have warned for months, that Egypt is being targeted by Western countries and their regional allies for subversion. A one month-long state of emergency has been declared, which arguably may be the last chance for Egypt to avoid a NATO-backed subversion and Balkanization.

CAIRO 2013 august 14Scores of Killed and Injured in Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Protesters in Cairo.  On Wednesday, 14 August, dozens of people were killed when Egyptian police and military forces began breaking up sit-in camps of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Nahda Square and the area ear the Rabba al-Adawia mosque in Cairo.

Egypt’s Health Ministry informs that 60 have been killed and more than 800 have been injured during clashes on 14 August. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed first that 600 had been killed and reduced the number to 200 later. The number of people actually killed is, judging on the basis of eyewitnesses who called nsnbc international, likely to be close to the officially reported number of 60. As clashes continue however, the number of killed and injured could rise later today, during the night, and over the coming days. According to latest reports, protests and clashes have begun erupting in other cities throughout Egypt.

Saudi Arabia congratulates within the hour after Morsi´s arrest

Arrest of Mohammed Morsi

Eyewitnesses report about Snipers and the Involvement of “A Foreign Hand”. The clashes in Cairo on 14 August erupted as police and security forces used armored bulldozers to remove the camps which pro-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood protesters have erected and maintained since early July, after Egypt´s President Mohammed Morsi was ousted in a bloodless, people-powered military coup d´etat under the leadership of Egypt´s chief of staff, Abdel Fateh al-Sisi on 3 July 2013.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood claim, that the military has used live ammunition against the protesters. The interim-government and military reject the claims. nsnbc international has received calls from four independent eyewitnesses who stated that snipers had opened fire on protesters and that there are substantiated suspicions about, that foreign powers are involved with terrorist organizations and death squads, to provoke violence from both pro-Morsi protesters and from supporters of the interim-government and the ousting of Mohammed Morsi.

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

Crackdown followed Attempts to create Sectarian Violence and intercepted Plans to Attack Police Stations. The decision to end the over one month long protest in the sit-in camps came after militant elements increased efforts to create sectarian and political violence, and after intercepting communication among leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood, revealing plans to attack police stations.

Surge in Sectarian Violence. Two weeks ago, Egypt witnessed a sudden surge in attempts to create sectarian violence and politically motivated violence. Incidents of violence and attempts to stir up sectarian strife were particularly intense in the Sinai. Especially provocations against Egypt´s Christian minority increased.

On 9 August, nsnbc international reported about a rally of pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo where protesters left provocative graffiti on the walls and doors of Christian churches and cathedrals. Leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood attempted to position Egypt´s Christian minority as “the ones who stood behind the conspiracy to oust Mohammed Morsi”.

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

Photo, Egyptian Chronicles

Attempts were made to support the accusations by stressing that the leader of the Christian Church had appeared together with Abdel Fateh al-Sisi, Adly Mansour and other prominent Egyptians on 4 July, after the ousting of Morsi on 3 July, asking both Morsi supporters and the 14 million protesters who had demanded that Morsi should step down or negotiate with the opposition to stop the protests, to refrain from violence and to return the country to normalcy.

Since the beginning of August 2013, Christians in Upper Egypt have been subject to continuous attacks by Islamists. The most intense violence against the Christian minority was committed in the provinces North Sinai, Assuit and Sohag, where numerous people were killed and houses of Christian families were torched and burned down by Islamists. The location of these provinces is consistent with alleged plans to create an emergency in the Sinai.

Intercepted Plans to Attack Police Stations. The Egyptian military and interim-government do not only justify the crackdown on the protesters by referring to the increase in violence and attempts to create sectarian violence and civil war. The Egyptian Interior Ministry stated, that officials of the Interior Ministry have intercepted phone calls from leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters, in which the Brotherhood´s leaders have instructed their supporters to stage attacks on police stations. The Interior Ministry´s website states, that the successful intercept enabled the country´s security services to foil the attacks.

Train Services Halted. Arrests of Leading Members of the Muslim Brotherhood. During an appearance on CBC TV, a senior official of the Ministry of the Interior, General Abdel Fateh Othman stated, that several leading members of Egypt´s Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested.

Othman said, that it was yet too early to publicly announce their names. The interim-government has halted all train services throughout the country during the crackdown to prevent the opposition from rallying toward the country´s major cities to aggravate the situation.

Prominent Religious Leaders appeal to All Egyptians to show Restraint. Ahmed el-Tayeb, who is the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, and other prominent religious leaders have addressed the people of Egypt in a live TV broadcast. The prominent clergymen appealed to all Egyptians to show restraint during the ongoing conflict between the interim-government and the supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Ahmed e-Tayeb has backed the ousting of Mohammed Morsi on 3 July.

Adli Mansour interim Pres 2A Month-Long State of Emergency – Facing a Foreign-Backed Subversion. In the early afternoon of 14 August, the government of interim-President Adly Mansour declared a one month-long state of emergency in Egypt. The state of emergency is supposed to empower the government so as to establish a situation, where calm has returned to such a degree, that actual political negotiations between all sides can be initiated, and to create the basis for ending the transitional period to return the country to an elected government as soon as possible. The government of Egypt and indeed its people however, are not merely confronted with the challenge to find a solution to apparently domestic problems. Analysts have for months warned, that Egypt is being targeted for subversion by foreign powers.

Last week, also political leaders from regional countries, including Syria and Iran began warning that Egypt is being targeted by foreign powers in an attempt to create a civil war. On 9 August, the head of state of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei warned the people of regional countries and especially the people of Iraq and Egypt to be vigilant against attempts to create civil war in their country.

Main Stays of the Evolution of the Attempted, Foreign-Backed Subversion of Egypt. Former Colonial Powers and NATO´s Attempt to Reassert Power over the Sinai Peninsula and Suez Channel. With the discovery of the worlds largest known gas resources in the Persian Gulf, which are shared between Qatar and Iran, in 2007, and with the results of a new survey showing that the gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean contained 70 % more gas than estimated after previous surveys, powerful Western players, including the USA, UK and France, together with core members of the governments of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, began implementing plans to restructure the Middle East by means of two strategies.

HAMAS_LOGO - KopiThe installment of a Qatar / Western controlled Muslim Brotherhood government where possible, such as in Egypt, and subversions where it was impossible to bring about “regime change” by means of “The Arab Spring”, such as in Syria.

After the initial success to install a Muslim Brotherhood government under the Presidency of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt was initially spared for a protracted low-intensity war such as in Syria.

The Balkanization of Egypt however, was nonetheless part of an overall plan for a new Middle East. Elements of this plan are, according to several analysts, the permanent annexation of more than 90 % of the Palestinian West Bank by Israel and the establishment of a “Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood governed Palestinian State in Gaza. This Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip would be utterly dependent on Egypt. Parts of the implementation of the plan were, among others, that Hamas declared Gaza a “Liberated Zone”.

Another preparatory element of the plan for the Egyptian part of the plan for the new Middle East is the plan to establish a Free Trade Zone in the Sinai. The project was heavily backed by Qatar ( UK ) and warmly supported by Hamas and Mohammed Morsi.

The agreement about the Free Trade Zone and related agreements would also endow Qatar ( the UK ) with a considerable degree of influence over the Suez Canal, leading many Egyptians in 2012 to voice grave concerns and accusing Mohammed Morsi that he  sold the Suez Canal to a foreign power“.

To secure that a Western aligned government would remain aligned with the USA, UK, and France during the recolonization of Egypt via the backdoor, the Morsi government would have to be endowed with powers that would guarantee that it could remain in power, unchallenged.

Tahrir Square celebrates Check Mate of Morsi

Tahrir Square celebrates Check Mate of Morsi

Hence, the Morsi administration´s suspension of the lower house of Parliament, the suspension of the Constitutional Court and Judiciary, and the subsequent changes to the constitution and election law which should guarantee that it would be all but impossible for non-Islamist parties to even register at the next election.

This plan has failed. It failed when more than 14 million of Egyptians went into the streets on 2 July 2013, and when Egypt´s Chief of Staff, Abdel Fateh al-Sisi ousted Mohammed Morsi on 3 July and installed Adly Mansour as interim-President.

After the Coup by Abuse of Democratic Institutions has failed, Egypt is ripe for the Syria Model. Since the NATO attempt to secure control over the Sinai through the backdoor and the abuse of Egypt´s democratic institutions failed, Egypt is now ripe for being targeted with the Syria variant of NATO´s “Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East“. It is important to notice that the use of the term NATO within this context does not necessarily imply that normal political and command structures of the alliance are used. Rather, it is NATO member states, predominantly the USA (and Israel), the United Kingdom and France, which are attempting to create a situation, a crisis in Egypt, that would justify a military intervention under the pretense of a “Responsibility to Protect” or similar constructs. It is worth recalling that NATO´s top-bras Ivo H. Daalder and James G. Stavridis have called Libya “A teachable moment and model for future interventions”. 

One clear indication of the plan to subvert Egypt by means of death squads, by inciting sectarian violence, and by then swarming the country with mercenaries under the banners of al-Qaeda, is the US plan to send Robert Ford to Egypt as US Ambassador to Egypt. The name Ambassador Robert Ford is synonymous with death squads, a history of US manufactured crisis and death and a foreign policy traditions that is spanning from El Salvador over Iraq to Syria.

Month-Long State of Emergency Last Chance to Foil NATO-Backed Subversion of Egypt. The declaration of a month-long state of emergency by interim-President Adly Mansour, on 14 August 2013, can arguably be considered as the last chance to save the nation state of Egypt from subversion and Balkanization.

The alternative to a successful defeat of the foreign-backed attempt to subvert Egypt would be a Qatar / Israeli dominated Islamic Caliphate in the “Free Trade Zone of Sinai” with a Hamas ruled Palestinian micro state in the Gaza Strip as appendices. NATO or NATO controlled troops under the UN banner securing the Suez Canal. The remaining Egypt in a state of sectarian civil war for the coming decade.

As tragic as the death of pro-Morsi protesters today is, as tragic is the death of the policemen and soldiers who died on 14 August. As tragic as the death of more protesters and security forces may be in case that the clashes today would develop into a protracted stand off, the alternative, the successful subversion of Egypt would have far more tragic consequences for all people of Egypt and the country as a whole.

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Eyewitnesses to events in Egypt, especially witnesses with photographic and video evidence can call the nsnbc international Egypt Hotline via Skype at – The Hotline will remain open until 1 September 2013

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