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Published On: Wed, Jul 31st, 2013

Mystery about Germany´s Gold in the US Solved

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- Nobody wants to admit it openly. The German Gold Reserves in the United States are gone, used for financing the United States war chest and bet for “Global Full Spectrum Dominance”. So why is even the German Federal Bank trying to avoid further speculation by referring to a non-existent “full transparency” ? The answer is quite simple. Nobody wants the current backwardation of the gold market to turn into a permanent backwardation of the gold market. The consequence would be the inevitable collapse of global trade and civilization as we know it. 

Gold_Bars nsnbc archivesnsnbc international report from April 2013 “in the money” – “to take to the bank”. In April 2013, nsnbc international published a report by nsnbc contributor, Prof. Long Xinming, revealing that the German government had asked to visit the vaults of the US Federal Reserve to determine the actual existence of the German gold reserves.

Germany has deposited about half of its gold reserves in the USA. The FED refused to permit Germany to examine its own gold, stating “security” and “no room for visitors” as reasons. Nothing else.

When Germany finally was “permitted” an audit, the auditors were admitted into the vault´s anté chamber where 5 or 6 gold bars were shown to them as “representative for Germany´s holdings”.

The German auditors apparently returned a second time, when the FED granted them permission to “look into” 1 of 9 rooms without allowing them to enter or touch the gold, before the auditors were sent back home to Germany. The report on nsnbc prompted worldwide discussions.

US Gold ReservesIn July 2013, the US American hedge-fund manager William Kaye created a stir when he picked-up the ball, stating:

” Germany won´t ever see its gold again…… Central Banks, such as the FED, where most of the reserves had been deposited, had lent the gold to U.S. Banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

The gold has been used in the market to lower the gold price and the FED has received securities in exchange…. Germany won´t ever see that gold again, because it is safely kept in my accounts and the accounts of our investors”.  

William Kaye, who previously has been working for Goldman Sachs is by no means a “nobody” on the global markets, and the fact that his statement caused a stir was less surprising than the surprise non-insiders got when they heard the news about Germany´s gold. In fact, nsnbc´s initial report was doubted by many but was, as it turned out right “in the money”, one could, so to speak, take our report to the bank.

1916MomusPinocchioGerman Federal Bank. A Real Embarrassment and Non-Existent Transparency. Not surprisingly either, is the fact that the situation became an embarrassment for the German Federal Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank (DB).

A DB speaker said, that the Deutsche Bundesbank told the German financial publication “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” (German Market News), that the DB does not want to comment on the statement and referred to the full transparency which it had provided about the German gold reserves in January 2013. “The situation” said the DB spokesperson, “has remained unchanged since then”. The statement however, was only 50 % true. The true 50 % of the statement is, that the Deutsche Bundesbank does not want to comment.

The untrue 50 % is the statement about the purported full transparency which the DB has provided in January 2013. While it is understandable that it is an embarrassment that one´s purported “ally“, whom many Germans consider more of a political, economical, cultural and not to forget military occupier rather than an ally, has the audacity to put Germany´s auditors off with “no place for visitors” and shows them 1 of 9 chambers, “but don´t enter and touch” after protests from Berlin, is understandable.

M.P. for the Christian Social Union CSU, Peter Gauweiler, working for the repatriation of Germany´s physical gold reserves. Photo, P. Gauweiler.

M.P. for the Christian Social Union CSU, Peter Gauweiler, working for the repatriation of Germany´s physical gold reserves. Photo, P. Gauweiler.

After all, no German functionary would ever be allowed to, and no German politician in his right mind would ever dare to say, that “Germany still has not regained its full sovereignty”without risking the carrier – or more.

But talking about full transparency is equivalent to literally ask for trouble from one´s compatriots.

The demand that Germany repatriate its physical gold reserves is becoming increasingly outspoken, and not only among German patriots and conservatives like Member of Parliament for the Christian Social Union, CSU, Peter Gauweiler.

After all, it can hardly have escaped the DB spokesperson and German as well as international observers, that Germany´s Federal Accounting Office has issued a statement in late 2012, in which it criticized the Deutsche Bundesbank because it had not ever had any of its staff to personally audit the German gold reserves abroad. That is, “Not Ever”.

No Audit of German Reserves “Ever”. Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Market News) also asked the DB spokesperson whether any of the German Federal Bank´s officials has ever taken to Paris or the USA to personally audit the German gold reserves. The DB spokesperson replied, or rather tried to avoid answering the question, saying:

“The Deutsche Bundesbank has, with regard to the storage, appropriate storage and deposit contracts with those Central Banks with whom the gold is being deposited”.

He then added, that these contracts, however, were subject to confidentiality, and by the way, he added, “the Chair for Cash, Settlements and Payment Systems of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Carl-Ludwig Thiele had said in January that he had been there”. 

Given this answer, the journalist probably knew that his job would be entering the “Danger Zone” if he would have asked:

” Was there ? Where ? In France ? In New York ? Did Herr Carl-Ludwig Thiele inspect the gold and how much was there ? Is it documented anywhere ? Can I see a copy ? I mean, we are speaking about full transparency right ?

An ode to independent media! So, the poor German journalist could keep his job, the Bundesbank spokesperson was proud about his evasive PR skills and that he could keep his job, and we remain in the dark. Everybody is happy. Right ? Business as usual !

The effect of the Deutsche Bundesbank´s complicity in covering-up  the obvious theft of Germany´s gold reserves by Germany´s occupying ally USA, the United States blatant arrogance in dealing with his “Trans-Atlantic Partners in Germany” however is beginning to backfire.

How much longer the scandal can be contained is becoming increasingly questionable, and Germans begin to organize themselves to demand the repatriation of the country´s gold reserves.

A group of renown Germans, including the member of the European Taxpayers Association, Rolf Baron von Hohenhau, Peter Boehringer of the German Precious Metals Society, M.P. Frank Scäffler, Author and former IBM Germany CEO, Prof. Hans O. Henkel, Ralf Flier, the Editor in Chief of Smart Investor Magazine, and numerous others have organized themselves in the Association “Repatriate Our Gold” (Holt unser Gold Heim)

The Co-Initiator of the Initiative, Peter Boehringer, states that he considers it absolutely plausible, that the German gold reserves no longer exist within the USA in terms of physical gold bars. Moreover, Boehringer states, that one can strongly suspect it. Boehringer concludes:

“We do believe the Deutsche Bundesbank in its statements, but we do not believe that the Bundesbank can believe what its contractual partners say. The Deutsche Bundesbank simply cannot be sure, that the gold reserves still are present at the FED in the form of gold bars” . 

“The Bundesbank does not even officially claim this, or cannot prove the physical presence according to appropriate principles of accounting. The Bundesbank has officially informed us, that the depots and Partner Central Banks have a marvelous integrity, and that the doubts, which we have forwarded in the form of questions, are unsubstantiated”. 

Federal Reserve Note legends on dollars, 1928 and 1934

Federal Reserve Note legends on dollars, 1928 and 1934

He then, correctly remarks the fact which the Bundesbank obviously attempts to omit, which is, that the FED has not performed any official audit of its gold holdings since 1953, and the fact that the Americans they don´t even trust the FED. Ask any US citizen in any major city in the USA and ask: “Can the FED be trusted?”. If you can ask the question with a straight face, people will either believe that you are retarded or that you are part of a new “Candid Camera show”. 

Repatriate Our Gold therefore demands, that the Deutsche Bundesbank publishes all the lists with the gold bar numbers of gold bars, which are deposited abroad as well as in Germany.

The question one may ask is, whether the publication of the gold bar numbers would add any credibility to the claims that the gold is physically present, and the ultimate proof can only be given by a full inspection, rather than a dog and pony show, in which German auditors at the fed are shown one out of nine vaults “but don´t enter and don´t touch”. Repatriate Our Gold is therefore still insisting on a full, physical audit of the gold.

Repatriate Our Gold warns, that the repatriation of the German gold reserves from the USA and France by 2020, as the Bundesbank states it would, is far from sufficient. Boehringer states, that the Bundesbank seem to be betting on time because, as he states:

“If German gold reserves really have been used as collateral, one will first have to buy them back”.

And here, Boehringer is touching the most touchy of issues. It is correct, that the FED would first have to buy the gold before it could deliver, but the trouble is, that the gold-market has been in backwardation since early July 2013. To buy gold requires that there is someone who is able and willing to sell gold, and with the market being in backwardation that is impossible.

karen-world-bank-320x239According to a nsnbc international report with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, we may be facing a global currency war as corruption at the World Bank unsettles the gold market. Karen Hudes has worked 20 years as legal counsel at the World Bank´s legal department. Hudes was sacked in retaliation after she blew the whistle and reported massive corruption in the Bretton Woods institutions.

Hudes has since been reinstated, but the US administration continues its retaliation, and is, as a stakeholder analysis shows, under arrest of a conglomerate or megabank, has Hudes describes it, which prevents that the USA begins to comply with international accounting standards.

Already in May, Hudes warned that the consequence of failure to address the problems would be a permanent backwardation of the gold market and a global currency war that would, one started, grind world trade to a standstill. Moreover, Hudes states:

“A stakeholder analysis derived from accurate game theory modeling shows a clear fork in the road for the United States: rule of law and the transatlantic alliance or corruption and the ascendency of China.”

It may very well be that the United States and Germany, the FED and the Deutsche Bundesbank perceive it as being in their shared interest to cover-up the fact that Germany´s gold is gone, that:

” Germany won´t ever see its gold again…… Central Banks, such as the FED, where most of the reserves had been deposited, had lent the gold to U.S. Banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The gold has been used in the market to lower the gold price and the FED has received securities in exchange…. Germany won´t ever see that gold again, because it is safely kept in my accounts and the accounts of our investors”.  

as William Kaye said it. The shared interest would in that case be the attempt to prevent the permanent backwardation, the subsequent currency war and the grinding of world trade to a hold. The problem for both the FED and the Bundesbank is, that the “Gini has left the bottle”, the truth is out and no complicity of silence will make it return into the bottle on its own volition. More simplified: “How to get the paste back into the tube?”. 

When push comes to shove we will see that the German gold and the gold of numerous other countries who deposited their gold in the USA after WW II has been used to line the pockets of the US military industrial complex and has financed the US bet for global, full-spectrum dominance. Not surprisingly, many, especially older Germans come to think “Dresden and Pforzheim” when they are confronted with that fact.

CH/L – nsnbc 31.07.2013


Gold or Gunfire: Hedging Against the Collapse of the Dollar

About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. Am a little surprised we the people’s have no more gold. The Feds and r bankers must have stolen this early on. Criminal bus!!!

  2. Ira Roth says:

    Hi, yup this piece of writing is really good and I have learned lot of things from
    it. thanks.

  3. Original problem arose in the 1922 Genoa Conferences which permitted Central Bankers to use the British Pound and the American Dollar instead of gold as reserves.

  4. Interesting facts about this ongoing story. And of course, gold has been going down since the announcement from Germany of wanting their gold back. It’s not only the Chinese who’s buying….

  5. It should be obvious United States is dabbling in the gold market. Every time gold increases in value by $10-to $20 the next day it will be beaten-down . I think the US government is selling gold and buying dollars in a attempt to support the paper dollar.

  6. mike88 says:

    So that still does not answer the question, where has the physical 50-60 tons of Gold Bars disappeared to. A Gold Certificate is easy to put into a safe or hide in clothing or wherever, but a 50 lb gold bar is not that easy to move or store.
    And millions of those 50 lbs Gold bars would be even more difficult to move.

    • Mike.
      The answer to that is the same as already given in the article. The only thing one could add is this..
      All gold below 99 % has an individual fingerprint which allows it to be identified. Once gold is refined to 99 % that fingerprint is gone – forever. None of the gold Germany has gotten back so far (not much)was the original gold. All of it was refined to 99 %.

      Compare it with this:
      You bring a Lamborghini to a safe garage (after the garage owner gave you a bloody nose – WWII )..
      When you finally man yourself up to demand your car back you are given a steering wheel and told that you can pick up the rest later. When you ask to get the engine instead, you are given an engine without a motor number on it. … That’s about the best comparison I can come up with.. It is GONE… And an entirely different question is “what Germany” are we talking about. The BRD GmbH ? Or Germany ?

    • Steve says:

      Easy to move in military convoys, nobody sees, nobody knows.Nobody has been allowed in to inspect the gold. Measure and weigh bars, make fake bars same size and weight, dip in molten gold and stack in vault. Nobody see it or checks it for 30 years, real stuff is long gone. There was a movie made along those lines a few years ago.

  7. Ian Thorpe says:

    The corruption and criminality in the global financial system is getting worse not better. No wonder some communities around the world are turning to coupon money (local currencies) because there is no confidence in governments or the banks.

  8. allan says:

    hi,why would Germany have there gold in the USA in the first place,i dont keep my money under the neighbors mattress..please explain

    • Sandy says:

      Good question. Because this is a comment section and not a place for writing books.. the best thing you can do is use your internet browser and look up the words:
      * Bretton Woods
      * Gold Standard
      Or alternatively read Lehmann’s article called Germany’s Gold and the FED for Dummies . He has a humorous way to describe the situation. Enjoy.

    • dddienst says:

      Because we used to back the currencies of the world by gold before Nixon. So all countries put there money in a vault in NYC and when one country wanted to pay another the USA would just move the gold from one room in the vault to another. Safe and easy and the world trusted us – Fools.

    • bob says:

      Europe was a dangerous place to store gold after WWII with the Red Army right on their border.

    • It was moved to the US for “safe-keeping” during the Cold War when Russia was threatening to invade West Germany.

  9. this is where is gold…

    from year 1981

  10. The “global economy” has been so thoroughly corrupted for so many years that even the corruptors have lost control of it. The best analogies would involve tanker planes taking water from the gulf of Mexico and dumping it in Lake Superior and announcing hydraulic parity. No one would understand it, but the pilots would get paid and buy cars and cheese and computers and some wag would go on TV and use that to show how healthy the global economy is.
    It’s enough to make a maggot giggle.

    • Assassinsix says:

      The Germans will never see their gold. After the Nixon Administration denied “transferability” in 1971 many Americans demanded to see the gold. After a long fight a few Congressmen & reporters were allowed to see the gold. Same deal 1 rm only. NO ONES gold is left, not even the Americans

  11. Dr. Hláva says:

    It is typical US banksters robbery. The whole “economy” of USA is based on robbery in different formes- nobdy can deny that the USA(as a state- citizens must not be disturbed by this statement) are the terrorist state N. 1 in this world. Their terrorism is based on the greed of the ruling elite of USA- and the onyl one who can end it are tzhe Us citizens themeselves.

  12. gerfome says:

    I agree with Dr. Hlava. the ruling Elite of the USA are the worst terrorists of the world and ought to be feared by the world. Unfortunately few of them are known. They are amongst the richest people of the USA and practically untouchable. If the global economy collapses, they will be the least affected, and are probably plotting something along those lines even now.

  13. Kwith says:

    I am really not surprised! Leaving the Gold Standard opened the way for imaginary money, but when belief in fiat money subsides, only gold will do! We are headed for the biggest collapse in global history. And then we’ll probably do it all again – after all, we are stupid and gullible.

  14. I’m retired Russian secret service agent and as far as I know all US and other countries gold stored in USA has been stolen by Jews bankers, it’s sure for 100 per cent!!!!% Some say here that US sold gold to finance wars but it’s not true. All US, German etc., gold were small value, about 500 billions dollars (12 000 metric tons) so it would be stupid to sell gold since USA printed lately 5 trillions of dollars.
    Sorry for my poor English.

  15. Tim says:

    We’ll take the gold for payment of WWI and WWII expenditures.

    • Tim. :)
      Your comment is off topic, try to check out our comment policy and the point about comments being on topic. The reason why it’s uploaded anyway is the other point, that comments should contribute to the discourse. In short, your comment is a perfect example for people confusing principles, law with lawlessness etc.. Approximately as “insightful” as debating the mass murder of unarmed civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki saying “We damn nuked em to stop the war”… THAT’s the real value of your comment.. It illustrates how much propaganda has done to people. Please don’t take this feedback as an insult, it really is meant for the greater well, your own included. Yours, Fahwad al-Khadoumi, Co-Editor, nsnbc international.

      • Debbie says:

        Fahwad. Let me start with something off topic too.
        I love you for your uncompromising honesty and for telling our friend Tim in a polite way that there is no room for “American Exceptionalism”. It’s a nation ruled by the thieves for the thieves and their robbing the rest of the world must end. No wonder the USA has been left behind as the world’s No.1 economy, according to the latest IMF figures. Who in the world who is in his right mind would want to do business with criminals who mug them? Unless criminals themselves or those who are too afraid to open their mouth. I was in the USA many times. There are many lovely people there. I guess even Tim is one of them, but they have to grow up and live up to their responsibility as citizens to take their government back from the criminals if they want to survive, as a people and as a nation.

        • Joseph Mashburn says:

          I do live here and you are so very right i hate these basterds ..i wish i had a game plan to take it my country back from these punk ass bitchs .. Ya im talking to you Bush’s clintons edgar hoover vice President johnson for part in killing Kennedy federal reserve imf world bank .this is a hand full of the scum of America that i would love to slap the piss out of..

  16. Greg says:

    Venezuela was the first country to ask for its Gold back from the Fed in Aug2011, surely no coincidence, that that was the tipping point for the price of gold huh…..The price of Gold should be above 2000, but certain Central Banks are indirectly suppressing the price, possibly to aid with the repatriation at a significantly lower price. If you ever thought about buying paper Gold, DONT! its not worth the paper its written on. Buy physical and keep it safe at home. Oh and don’t tell anyone! If you buy physical and pay a bullion bank to store it for you, the chances are you are in fact buying paper gold that does not exist, even though you pay to store it!!!!Want to know more; there is a good video on You Tube called The Secret World Of Gold, which if nothing else will teach you a little bit about the history of Gold, while also covering the missing Fed Gold. Well worth a watch!

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