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Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2013

New Massacre in Khan al-Assal Kills 123, Many Are Reported Missing. Syrian Minister “Terrorists and Countries Supporting Them Will Pay Dearly”

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- A new massacre in the Khan al-Assal district of Aleppo has claimed the lives of 123 while many are still reported missing. The attack comes five months after a chemical weapons attack on 5 March, in Khan al-Assal killed 25 and injured more than 110. Syria´s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stated, that the terrorists who committed the massacre and the countries supporting them will pay dearly. The new massacre in Khan al-Assal corroborates reports, according to which a new political and military campaign in August – September shall be used as pretext for calls for a foreign military intervention. 

khan al assal 27 july 2013New massacre in Khan al-Assal Kills 123. Many are still Reported Missing.  Five months after a chemical weapons attack on 5 March, in the Khan al-Assal district of Aleppo, killed 25 and injured more than 110, a new massacre was carried out in Khan al-Assal yesterday.

So far, 123, most of them unarmed civilians, have been reported killed during yesterday´s massacre. However, many are still reported missing, and it is feared, that the ultimate death toll will be higher as more of the gruesome details, such as the discovery of mass graves emerge.

The attack has been carried out by the so-called Ansar al-Khalifa Brigade. The insurgents have partially tried to cover-up the evidence by mutilating many of the victims bodies before dumping them into mass graves. Further attempts to cover-up the evidence were made by attempting to incinerate many of the bodies.

The new massacre followed continuous Western silence and omissions about the fact that intelligence reports had warned about a renewed military campaign by the foreign-backed opposition, in which the opposition would use large scale chemical weapons use at pretext for calls for a no-fly-zone, humanitarian corridors and a foreign military intervention.

Parties and Organizations in Syria Condemn Massacre. The Head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, Ahmad Khazem, called the massacre and the attempt to cover-up evidence by trying to incinerate the victims bodies in mass graves a “blatant violation of the UN Convention against Torture and a Crime against Humanity”.

Khazem added, that this crime also constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 and article 25 of the Rome Statute, both of which are pertaining the prevention of providing material and logistic support to armed terrorist groups.

The Head of the Syrian Human Rights Network added, that this support had continuously been provided for the terrorists by the governments of Turkey and the Gulf States, with Saudi Arabia topping the list of state-sponsors of terrorism in Syria.

The Head of the Syrian Syndicate of Lawyers, Nizar Skeif, demanded that an urgent letter about this massacre be sent to the UN Security Council, so that the Security Council refers the backers of the massacre to the International Criminal Court. 

A spokesperson for the President of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, Adel Nei´seh, condemned the massacre and the calls and efforts to supply the terrorists with sophisticated weapons from the Gulf Sates. Nei´she said:

Those efforts have caused the Syrians to fall victim to criminals whose heads are filled with devilish fatwas”. 

Also the Head of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, Omar Aussi, condemned the massacre in Khan al-Assal, saying that the massacre had been committed by the terrorists who aim at escalating the situation.

With reference to the positive development that the UN team had accepted Syria´s invitation, Aussi denounced the perpetrators, describing the massacre as ” a step they usually resort to before any chance for a political solution”. 

The National Union of Syrian Students condemned the massacre in the strongest terms and denounced the “rude silence” from the sides of all those opposition parties who claim to be voices of moderation. The Union stated, that the massacre reflects the barbarity and savageness of the takfiri terrorist groups who are implementing the agendas of Saudi Arabia.

The Arab Democratic Solidarity Party issued a statement to condemn the massacre and said that the massacre was inhumane and incompatible with the religious claims made by its perpetrators, while the Syrian National Youth Party said, that such an act can only be committed by those who have lost their humanity.  

Also the National Democratic Bloc opposition movement denounced the massacre, saying that this heinous crime will hinder the finding of a political solution with the foreign-backed opposition.  The Popular Front for Change and Liberation denounced the massacre as a crime that adds up to the black record of Jabhat al-Nusrah, and that it only will make Syrians more determined to achieve a political solution.

Al-Zoubi, western reports Incredible. Turkey involved in Chemical Weapons Attack.

Al-Zoubi, “Terrorists who committed Khan al-Assal massacre and the countries supporting them will be held accountable and pay dearly”.

Al-Zoubi ” Terrorists who committed Khan al-Assal Massacre and the Countries supporting them will be held accountable and pay dearly”. Syria´s Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi said that those terrorists who have committed the Khan al-Assal massacre and the countries which support, fund and arm them will be held acountable, and that they will pay dearly for this crime.

In a TV interview on Syrian national television on Saturday, al-Zoubi said, that it is only a matter of time before the perpetrators of the massacre will be held accountable. Al-Zoubi said, that what had happened in Khan al-Assal constitutes a great sacrifice by Syrian civilians and soldiers for the sake of their homeland.

Al-Zoubi stressed, that the massacre had been perpetrated with the intention to terrorize the Syrian people after the situation on the ground showed, that the Syrian Army is making headway in its counter insurgency operations.

Attempts by sponsors of terrorism to change situation on the ground won´t work in their favor. Al-Zoubi stressed, that the attempts by those, who support terrorists to change the situation on the ground in Syria will not work in their favor, saying:

“if they are rallying and arming themselves and talking about special weapons, we are not sitting idly; we are preparing and we will keep preparing”.

USA, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey legally responsible. Minister al-Zoubi pointed out, that it has become well-known, that the terrorists are directed, trained, armed and funded by the USA, France, Britain  Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who are legally responsible for the crimes of their terrorist pawns.

He went on noting, that Syria has reported the supporters of terrorism in Syria to the United Nations. He stressed, that Syria had provided the UN with details, data and documents, but that all that had been ignored. 

Al-Zoubi has called upon the political opposition abroad to distance themselves from terrorism, to condemn the massacre against Syrians and to engage in dialog and a political solution immediately if they really are nationalistic, as they claim. He added, “otherwise they are part of the terrorist acts which are taking place”Al-Zoubi encouraged the Syrian civilian population to take their responsibility in combating terrorism by repelling them and by preventing them from entering their areas, and not to succumb to fear.

Syrian Foreign Minister “What has happened in Khan al-Assal exposed the role of neighboring countries”. Syria´s Foreign and Expatriates Minister issued statements, stressing that what had happened in Khan al-Assal in the past few days has exposed the role of some neighboring countries which are involved in providing military, material and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has addressed the UN Secretary general, Chairman of the UN Security Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Chairman of the UN Human Rights Council, saying:

”After hundreds of armed terrorist groups’ members gained full control of Khan al-Assal area to tighten the blockade on Aleppo city in order to prevent food and medical supplies from arriving there, a terrorist gang called ‘Ansar al-Khilafa Brigade’ committed mass killings in an atrocious massacre that bears the hallmarks of al-Qaeda against scores of soldiers and civilians in Khan al-Assal before mutilating their bodies and hurling them in a big hole on the outskirts of the town, also incinerating the bodies of several other martyrs.”

The Ministry states, that what has happened in Khan al-Assal over the past few days has exposed the role of some neighboring countries which are involved in providing military, material and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups, adding that the involvement went as far as issuing orders to attack specific sites and to commit crimes there with the aim to destabilize Syria.

The Ministry denounced some of the permanent members of the UN Security Council who continue to pursue double standards with regard to terrorism by preventing the Council´s condemnation of terrorism perpetrated by al-Qaeda-linked takfiri organizations against Syrians.

The Ministry denounced those countries for being complicit in terrorism by providing political cover for it. The Ministry called this conduct a grave violation of their responsibilities as permanent Security Council members in preserving international peace and security, raising many questions as to their seriousness in combating terrorism and commitment to UNSC resolutions. The Ministry´s letter affirmed:

”The stances of these countries and their allies in the region contradict the international consensus on combating terrorism and incite more terrorist crimes against the Syrians, and hinder international endeavors to find a political solution to the crisis through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue that respects their choices, helps put an end to terrorism and combat the extremist takfiri groups”.

Syria Demands International Action. In response to the massacre in Khan al-Assal, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry states that it is demanding international action, stating:

“The crime, which comes on the heels of a string of massacres in Jisr al-Shughour in Idleb and Hatla village in Deir Ezzor pushes Syria to demand that the international community, especially the UNSC and the Human Rights Council take serious and responsible steps to face terrorism in Syria that is practiced by takfiri gangs connected to al-Qaeda organization,.. and is urging them to unveil the circumstances of the heinous crime and the motives behind it away from hypocrisy and double standards”.

Massacre Part of August – September Plot. The massacre in Khan al-Assal was committed within two weeks after nsnbc international published, that it had received credible and corroborated information, according to which the political and armed, foreign-backed opposition was preparing a major military and political campaign in August and September, aiming at creating a situation which should justify renewed calls for a no-fly-zone, humanitarian corridors, and ultimately a foreign military intervention.

The planned campaign reportedly contains such elements as large-scale chemical weapons use to justify the calls. Further more, it was reported, that foreign-backed insurgents are being trained by US Special Forces in Jordan. The training aims at Special Operations in joint “opposition” and air force operations, targeting high-profile, Syrian military and political targets.

The Syrian Armed forces have recently seized several large stockpiles of chemicals from insurgents, thus eventually preventing or limiting the scale of chemical weapons attacks. Analysts fear, that massacres of the nature like that in Khan al-Assal may serve as “alternative” to large-scale chemical weapons use, to justify calls for foreign intervention.

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