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Published On: Tue, Jul 9th, 2013

Hamas Will Pay A Heavy Price For Interfering In Internal Egyptian Affairs

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Saed Bannoura (IMEMC),- Legislator Yahia Mousa, a political leader of the Hamas movement, stated that the Hamas movement and the Gaza Strip will pay a heavy price for interfering in internal Egyptian affairs, and called on his movement to reconsider its regional policies, especially with neighboring countries.

In an interview with the Wattan News Agency, on Wednesday morning, Mousa said that Hamas, as an Islamist movement, supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but does not have the right to interfere in internal Egyptian affairs, but instead must act to stop the bloodshed between the supporters of the Brotherhood and their opponents.

Yahia Mousa - PNNHe said that meddling into Egyptian affairs would affect the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, and would lead to shutting down all siege-busting tunnels that have become virtually the only source of goods and supplies to the coastal region.

Mousa called on the Hamas leadership to reconsider its policies when dealing with Egypt, and to reconsider its regional relations, especially with neighboring countries that support the Palestinian people and the Hamas movement.

He said that Hamas needs to place the Palestinian interests as a top priority for its policies, and added that the Egyptian experience with Hamas during the June 25 2011 Egyptian revolution, caused concern among Egyptian leaders, and affected Hamas’ relation with various Arab nations.

“We asked the Hamas leadership to stop interfering into internal Egyptian affairs; the Egyptians are always concerned when any party does that”, Mousa said, “No Palestinian party in Gaza has the right to meddle in what is happening in Egypt, or any other Arab country, such acts negatively impact the movement and the Palestinian people”.

“Let me say it frankly: my fellow legislators, and myself, might have to stand at any given moment and say all doors have been shut in front of us, and then we must submit our resignations”, he said, “The Palestinian Legislative Council is not operating as a united body, all legislative blocs, including Fateh and Hamas, are not working together, we must make that clear to the Palestinian people”.

Saed Bannoura via IMEMC

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- The International Middle East Media Center, IMEMC , is an independent Palestinian news agency specialized in reporting on Palestinian domestic politics, foreign policy and the Palestine - Israel conflict in English language. The work of IMEMC is particularly valuable, because it is reporting on the daily events, related to the occupation of Palestine, which are otherwise only available in Arabic language. IMEMC contributor and editor Saed Bannora, born 1973 in Palestine, is a prolific Palestinian journalist. After having been shot multiple times by an Israeli death squad, Saed Bannoura is confined to using a wheelchair. Saed Bannoura is a tireless activist for Palestinians rights. His work and the work of his colleagues at t IMEMC is a valuable contribution for readers of nsnbc ìnternational. IMEMC´s website is located at

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  1. Arabs do avange from each other when someone belongs to any side errs against the other side …only Syria ! All Arabs erred with it , and it forgot everyone…and because of that it’s an outsider in this tribal nomadic world…and we , the Syrians are paying this enormous price….we refuse to avange from the Palestinians because the bitter denial and cheating of the Hamas boys , who don’t know what faithful mean nor have any further vision than their dwarfed islamic noses …we are still balanced , owe ouselves and know what a huge crime has happened to Palestine

    • My respect Ms. Mahfood Ali, this is very well said, and I believe representative for most Arabs and others, who know history, real history, not “his story”. – The Hamas faction led by Khaled Mashal (Qatar + Britain + indirectly Israel ), has already begun turning against Syria and Palestine in 2007. Just think about the damage they have caused by functioning as a Trojan horse from 2007 to 2011. There are some decent, in fact many decent people in Hamas, but the organization as such is beginning to loose its credibility and coherence, – and maybe it is about time – seen from a historic perspective.

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