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Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2013

El-Baradai to be Interim-Prime Minister of Egypt. Al-Nour Party Protests Appointment. Talk about U.S. Backed Military Coup “Over the Edge”.

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- Dr. Mohamed El-Baradai has been appointed to the post of Egypt´s Interim-Prime Minister. The Salafist Al-Nour Party protests the appointment of el-Baradai and threatens to withdraw from the political interim-process. Meanwhile, both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Tamaroud movement continue calling for protests, respectively against and for the peoples backed military coup, leading to clashes between the two sides. Talks about U.S. Coup “Over The Edge”, but Egypt´s Interim Government faces major decisions about Egypt´s future. 

Egypt mil 3 July 2013Interim-President Adly Mansour has appointed Dr. Mohamed el-Baradai to become Egypt´s Interim Prime Minister. While a majority of Egyptians endorse the appointment of el-Baradai, his appointment is both being endorsed and  criticized from all sides of the political spectrum.

While some are of the opinion, that the decision to appoint el-Baradai was based on the perceived necessity not to appoint an Interim-Prime Minister with too close ties to the military, leaving the administration vulnerable to criticism of being a military putchist government, others criticize el-Baradai for his close ties to the United States.

Egypt´s Salafist al-Nour Party has protested the appointment of el-Baradai and is threatening with removing the party from the political interim process. The al-Nour Party criticizes el-Baradai for not wanting to work toward an Islamic Sharia and for his support for a secular state.

With the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party removed from the political process however, the al-Nour Party is the sole remaining, actively participating Islamist party, which means that any possible appointed Interim-Prime Minister who possibly would endorse an Islamic Sharia and an Islamist State would have to be chosen from within the ranks of the al-Nour Party itself. Hardly a realistic scenario, considering, that the al-Nour Party has lost most of its basis when its leadership decided to endorse the military coup against Morsi.

The al-Nour Party´s rejection of el-Baradai deepens the popular divide and complicates the task of returning Egypt, and with it its ailing economy back to normal. The appointment of el-Baradai was both endorsed by the Tamaroud and the Strong Egypt Party, led by Abou Fotouh.

Both the Tamarouk and the Muslim Brotherhood continue calling on the people for protests. While the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for protests against the military coup, and demands the reinstatement of  Mohammed Morsi, the Tamarouk is calling for protests against the continued protests and violence from the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While the Muslim Brotherhood protests with slogans like “Restore the Revolution”, the Tamarouk proclaims “The legitimacy of the people”. The demonstrations and counter demonstrations are taking place in several cities, throughout the country, leading to clashes and casualties. Also sporadic gun battles between police and Muslim Brotherhood protesters have led to injured and dead.

While even some progressive analysts criticize the coup as a U.S.-backed coup, the actuality is far more complex and hardly supports the validity of such claims.

anti us protests egypt july 2013Within the one year of Morsi´s administration, the Freedom and Justice Party succeeded, at what can only be described as a de facto coup d´etat, by suspending the constitutional court, suspending the lower chamber of the parliament, followed by an amendment to the constitution and the election laws, which would have made it all but impossible for any other party than the Freedom and Justice Party and the al-Nour Party to register for new elections.

The protests, with 14 million Egyptians, holding 22 million signatures that demanded Morsi´s resignation, was a genuine uprising against a usurpation of the Egyptian revolution.

anti us protests egypt july 2013 2The coup is criticized because the military of Egypt, traditionally has good relations to the United States. Correlation however, is not equivalent to causation, and stating that the military coup was a renewed US coup is by most analysts considered as – analysis over the edge.

Millions of Egyptians protested, and millions of them protested against Morsi´s cooperation with the United States, in the war on Syria.

The Interim-Government will be confronted with several challenges and tasks, and the United States will make its interest be heard, and so will the people of Egypt as well as Russia and China.

What may lead to suspicions, that the coup was supported by the USA and other western actors, is the fact, that Morsi was planning for Egypt to become a member of the BRICS. So far however, there is no evidence that supports, that the coup would halt Egypt´s approach toward BRICS membership.

The question that will ultimately determine how the people-powered coup will be perceived by historians can only be answered after the people of Egypt have gotten answers to questions like; Will the Interim-Government succeed at holding fair and free elections within 24 months; Will Egypt be returned to constitutionality with an inclusive constitution; Will the Interim-Government succeed at continuing Egypt´s approach toward BRICS membership or will it enslave the people by agreeing to the IMF´s conditionalities that would indebt and enslave generations of Egyptians. –

For the time being, Egypt is comparable to a Gold Rush Region. Everybody, the USA, EU members, Iran, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, as well as Russia will do theirs to offer the new gold diggers “deals”. How the Interim-Government and the coup will be perceived in the end will be determined whether the new government acts in the best interest of a sovereign Egypt or not.

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- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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