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Published On: Fri, Jul 5th, 2013

Mohamed Morsi Arrested.Israel Fears It’s Honeymoon Is Over

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Saed Bannoura (IMEMC),- Only a Few hours after the Egyptians managed to get their elected president, Mohammad Morsi, to leave amidst massive protests of millions, Israeli security leaders expressed worry that the honeymoon era with Egypt is over. 

Senior security and political leaders in Tel Aviv lamented what they call an era of “good security cooperation” with the Egyptian president, and his Islamist government. 

Mohammed Morsi arrested, Photo courtesy of Al-Jazeera via IMEMC

Mohammed Morsi arrested, Photo courtesy of Al-Jazeera via IMEMC

They fear that having their good friend removed from office, would boost the power of what they called “Jihadist groups” that might be planning to attack Israel.

Millions and Millions of Egyptians took off to the streets of Cairo, as well as many other areas, not in support of “Jihadist groups”, but to express their will, their demand to remove Mohammad Morsi from power due to his shortcomings, his rulings and decisions that seemed to be heading for a one-man rule, a new dictatorship of a different type than Mubarak’s.

Israel’s leaders are lamenting the Morsi era, though short, but loaded with advanced security coordination, but are still refraining from making clear statements, and are only saying that Israel needs to monitor the situation “and hope for the best”.

The current uncertainty, and the worried statements, or the lack of statements by Tel Aviv, focused on a number of vital issues to the Israeli government, mainly the increase of Egyptian army deployment across the border, and the future of the extensive Egyptian activities against the tunnels with Gaza.

They are worried about what they called “Hamas militants” crossing into Egypt via the tunnels, and the smuggling of arms into Gaza, especially amidst the current developments in Cairo.

The officials are also worried about the current instability in Egypt and its effects on the situation in Sinai where armed groups operate and smuggle weapons.

They fear this situation would lead to a significant increase of attacks not only against Israel, but also against the Egyptian military.

Morsi did not only shut down and destroyed siege-busting tunnels across the border with Gaza; he flooded them with waste-water, gassed them, and detonated them.

Of course, the Egyptians realize the danger of certain extremist, heavily armed elements; they did not remove former president, Hosni Mubarak, to replace one dictator with another. And they did not rebel against Morsi to replace him with an extremist.

They are seeking their ultimate goal of real liberation, real democracy and equality.

The Egyptians removed a one-man rule, a dictator, to live in dignity, not to be ruled by another form of dictatorship.

They realize the real challenges, and possibly dangers looming ahead.

The people of Egypt said their word, expressed their demands loud and clear, and those who do not listen to the will of their people, will be removed by the power of the very same people.

Power that did not resort to arms, but a power of will, determination and a clear message against any form of rule that does not listen to them.

They are, and should be, a reminder to every leader, that the people are the work force, are the determining factor, the people refuse to live under oppression, the legitimacy of any president comes from his people, and when the people ask the president to leave, he must step down, instead of hinting to certain armed groups to retaliate.

Saed Bannoura IMEMC

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  1. First off .. to be clear! I was against morsi the whole time and the whole morsi regime … but to say that morsi is the one the flooded and gassed the tunnels and detonated them, I tell you stop saying lies just to make your article look nice! Morsi opened the tunnels and was helping out aiding palestinians across the borders … as soon as he was over thrown by our people the military itself send bulldozers to demolish the tunnels ……… i wanna know where you get your facts … overall the article is not bad at all but dont just make things up for the sake of getting some more attention please … anyways I congratulate all my egyptian brothers which ever faith they chose to follow, the important thing is they all united it accomplished what seemed to be impossible for the second time! surely we might have one a battle or two but the war is not over! God bless egypt and God bless you all

    • Tarik. Nice that we agree on Morsi and his regime.
      About Saed Bannoura exaggerating ? Come on Tarik. You as well as I know that Bannoura is one of the most objective journalists among Palestinian journalists and that he would not write things without checking the facts. If you don´t, I suggest you read this newspaper more often. – If there is anything in this article that could possible be criticized it is, that Saed maybe generalized a little bit, and that the correlations between MB/Morsi agents, Qatar/Hamasfaction and Mossad could have been detailed better rather than saying MORSI blew up the tunnels. BUT- That was not the objective of this article…. Aniways, Morsi is gone, lets celebrate that one neo-colonialist stooge was removed, now who is next ? Plenty to choose from. Erdogan-Davotoglu-Gül. Khaled Mashal and Mahmoud Abbas. etc… ad nauseam.

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