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Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2013

Check Mate Mohammed Morsi. People-Powered Military Coup Ousts Morsi. Adly Mansour Sworn in as Interim President

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- Events in Egypt took a swift turn when Egypt´s President Mohammed Morsi was ousted in a people-powered military coud d´etat. The Chairman of Egypt´s Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, has been sworn in as interim president. The ousted President, Mohammed Morsi and members of his cabinet have been detained. 

Adly Mansour sworn in as Interim-President

Adly Mansour sworn in as Interim-President

Yesterday afternoon, armored vehicles began securing the building of Egypt´s National Television, while several Islamist TV Channels were taken off the air. After the last public message of President Mohammed Morsi, in which he stated, that he rejected  the ultimatum of the military and the people, and that he would “fight to the end”, all possibilities for achieving a compromise, by which Mohammed Morsi could have secured himself participation in an interim administration had become exhausted.

After intense negotiations between Morsi and Army Chief al-Sisi, Egypt´s first democratically elected President had maneuvered himself into an unavoidable Check Mate position.

Propensity toward Islamo – Fascist Dictatorship. First Democratically Elected President and Government led into Check Mate Morsi Situation. President Morsi´s and the Muslim Brotherhood´s moves, which have led toward the unavoidable  “Check Mate for Morsi” situation were the suspension of the Parliament, the suspension of Egypt´s Judiciary, the forcing upon the people of Egypt a constitution that endowed the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as allied Islamist Parties with special privileges, while it oppressed secular parties and organizations.

Mohammed Morsi detained

Mohammed Morsi detained

Adding to the fatal political moves, which led to the “Check Mate Morsi” situation, were the discrimination in civil life, on the basis of religion, gender, and other diversity issues, nepotism, the continuation of politically motivated torture, the failure of turning around the ailing economy, failure to address adverse poverty.

President Mohammed Morsi was not only the frist democratically elected Egyptian President and the first democratically elected Egyptian President to be ousted by a military coup. President Mohammed Morsi was about to set another record, to become Egypt´s first Dictator who has been democratically elected.

Most analysts and Middle East experts agree, it was this propensity, the propensity toward an Islamo – Fascist Dictatorship, that has led Morsi, the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood to maneuvering themselves into a Check Mate Morsi situation.

A situation, in which 14 million Egyptians set, what many believe, was a world record anti-government demonstration. A situation, in which the country would literally have been brought into a grind down, if Morsi had not either shown willingness to address the peoples´grievances, or if he had been removed. It is Mohammed Morsi, who has chosen the latter option.

Chief of Staff al-Sisi announced Check Mate Morsi

Chief of Staff al-Sisi announced “Check Mate Morsi”

That it should become Egypt´s Chief of Staff, General al-Sisi, who would be spearheading the ouster of the Morsi administration was by many already predicted as the most likely outcome of the political show down in Egypt, after al-Sisi, in January 2013 warned:

“The continuation of the conflict between the different political forces and their differences over how the country should be run could lead to the collapse of the state and threaten future generations”.

In January 2013, Morsi declared a state of emergency and issued a curfew, invited the opposition to dialog, but refused to discuss the constitution.

In March 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood enraged the opposition and made millions of Egyptians, including many who had initially supported Morsi, the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood aware of the propensity toward an Islamo – Fascist Dictatorship, when Amr Darrag, a member of the executive bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood´s Freedom and Justice Party described the oppositions persistence on constitutional amendments as a “waste of time” and that “suspending the national dialog over the constitution was unrealistic”.

Tahrir Square celebrates Check Mate of Morsi

Tahrir Square celebrates Check Mate of Morsi

Changing the law for the registration and approval of new political parties was an improvement, but it was not an improvement that addressed any of the oppositions concerns and grievances regarding the constitution, which oppresses the secular or non-Islamist opposition parties.

The people-powered military coup d´etat on the evening of 3 July 2013 has most likely prevented Mohammed Morsi from setting the other record, to become Egypt’s first democratically elected dictator.

Was it a coup d´etat ? Yes of course it was. Was it a military coup ? It would not have been possible if Mohammed Morsi had been in command over the military. Awareness about the likelihood, that Mohammed Morsi would have misused the military to crush the 14 million men record demonstration by committing a record bloodbath, if the President been the Chief of Staff, was most likely one of the factors, that helped al-Sissi in making a difficult decision on behalf of the people of Egypt.

mbs using flame throwersClashes between Morsi Supporters and Police limited but tragic. Understandable frustrations among supporters of Mohammed Morsi and his presidency led to limited, but non the less tragic clashes between Morsi supporters and police forces in Cairo, the northern city of Marsa Matrouh and other cities.

Reuters reports that about were 4 killed and 13 injured during the clashes in Cairo and Marsa Matrouh. The leadership of the Salafist Al-Nour party has encouraged its people to take home, to stay away from further protests and to avoid violence.

Yesterday, when it became obvious that the military would intervene, the al-Nour party decided to endorse the coup. Also the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom of Justice Party have advised their supporters and members to avoid violence.

Adli Mansour interim Pres 2 Mansour sworn in as Interim President, forms Interim Government of Technocrats. Road Map to New Elections Maybe Optimistic. The Chairman of Egypt´s Constitutional Court has been sworn in as Egypt´s Interim-President.

In a televised ceremony and a short speech, Interim-President Mansour stressed the fact that it was Mohammed Morsi, who violated the constitution of Egypt by suspending the country´s Constitutional Court, and that he would form a constitutional commission to right the country and bring it back to constitutionality.

Mansour as well as the military coup, led by Chief of Staff al-Sisi were endorsed by the country´s religious leadership, whose representatives encouraged national unity, inclusiveness and cooperation, referring to all Egyptians as “Children of the Nile”.

The Road Map, as outlined by the military leadership includes the following points:

  • The head of the Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour becomes the Interim-President.
  • The constitution is suspended and a new constitutional amendments committee is formed.
  • A national unity cabinet of technocrats will be formed, to govern the country until new elections have taken place and a new President and Parliament have been elected and sworn in.
  • The Constitutional Court will oversee the parliamentary elections until a new house of representatives is taking office.
  • The Interim-President has the right to issue a Constitutional Declaration.
  • A National Reconciliation Committee will be formed. It is so far unclear whether the Muslim Brotherhood will be taking part in the committee.
  • Several other initiatives will be taken to empower the youth and representatives of political and other grass-roots organizations, to strengthen the basis for the development of a genuine and functioning democracy.
  • The Interim-Period is expected to take 9 – 12 months – which many analysts consider a very optimistic assessment.

abdulfatah khalil al-sisiThe road-map has been developed under the council of Chief of Staff al-Sisi, and is a compromise of several road-maps, suggested by different political parties and movements, including the April 6 Youth and the Salafist al-Nour Party.

The road-map was announced and endorsed by political and religious leaders, after discussions with the military leadership. Among the political leaders that attended the meeting with the military leadership were, Mohamed el-Baradai, and the Tamourd rpresentatives Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Badr and Sakina Fouad, as well as members of the al-Nour Party.

Also the Pope of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church and the Sheikh of al-Anzar were represented at the meeting and endorsed the road-map. It is therefore difficult to say that the coup on 3 July was a military coup. It was a people-powered, broadly endorsed coup d´etat and it is by many described as a continuation of the popular revolution rather than a coup.

International Responses. U.S President Barak Obama called on the Egyptian military to act quickly to restore authority to a civilian elected government. Democratic U.S. Senator Lehay, who is the Chairman of the U.S. Budgetary Committee, criticized the ouster of Morsi and warned that U.S. funds for Egypt may be cut off.

It is in this respect interesting to observe, whether the Egyptian Interim-Government and eventually a new elected government will continue the initiative that had been taken by former President Mohammed Morsi, whose administration wanted Egypt to become a member of the BRICS countries.

The Gulf Arab Nations. Saudi-Arabia´s King Abdullah sent a congratulatory message to the head of the Egyptian Constitutional Court and Interim-President Adli Mansour, saying:

“In my own name and on behalf of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I congratulate you on assuming the leadership of egypt at this critical point of history”. 

The United Arab Emirates´WAM news agency cites the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayad al-Nahayan, saying that:

“The great Egyptian Army was able to prove agains that they are the fence of Egypt and that they are the protector and string shield that guaranties Egypt will remain a state of institutions and law.

Not surprisingly, neither the excellencies from Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates said a word about democracy or rule by the people.

Syria´s President Bashar al-Assad welcomed the development in Egypt saying:

“Whoever brings religion to use in politics or in favor of one group at the expense of another will fall anywhere in the world. The summary of what is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is called political Islam.”

Bashar al-AssadThe statement from Syria´s President Bashar al-Assad is underpinning Egypts strong regional role, and the fact that the Morsi administration, had it wanted to use its influence toward peace in Syria, could have limited the damage done to Syria.

The uprising in Syria, beginning in 2011, and its escalation into violence and war was initially organized in collusion between the Qatar based, international Muslim Brotherhood, Syria´s Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Justice and Development Party of Turkey under the leadership of Turkey´s President R. Tayyp Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davotoglu.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Kyi-moon urged to non-violence in Egypt and called on the people to stay calm and to show restraint. Kyi-moon urged to begin a political dialog between Egypt´s political factions.

Interim-Period of One Year Optimistic, given the Role of Egypt. The ouster of President Mohammed Morsi is bound to have long-lasting and comprehensive effects on politics in northern Africa, the Middle East as well as on global, geo-political, geo-strategic and economical levels.

The Interim-Government of Adly Mansour will be challenged by an impatient population that demands swift social, economic and political change.

It will have to address the foreign interests represented in the different Egyptian political stake holders, while keeping the capsizing country on a right keel.

Achieving the re-drafting and adoption of a new constitution, as well as presidential and parliamentary elections within one year is a Herculean undertaking. The worst enemy of the Interim-Government of Adly Mansour, stability, and an economic recovery, may be the temptation of promising more, faster, better than possible. Egypt remains a country of records and superlatives.

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About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. Deanna Clark says:

    I’m proud of Egypt…that marvelous country. They want to keep their cultural heritage, their diversity, their basically happy nature and tourist trade. All they wanted was to get rid of Mubarrak’s brute excesses. Now, God willing, they can have their country and delight in sharing it with the world in freedom.

  2. Fahwad al-Khadoumi says:

    A brilliant article.
    I have just read a BS piece by Pan African Newswire editor Abayomi Azikiwe who called this a Counter Revolution. No insult for nsnbc, but the 4th Media republished his B.S… Maybe the editorial standard at that partner media is not so high as it is here.

    Lehmann is once again making a clear cut case.
    1) Morsi and the MSs removed democratic checks and balances by suspending the Constitutional Court . suspending the lower house of parliament.
    2) Then they amended the constitution favoring Islamist parties (themselves)
    3) Then they rewrote an election law to make i all but impossible for secular parties to register.
    4) Then they were busted in the coup d´etat and refused to negotiate and were removed. Basta.
    Its amazing to see that a so-called progressive like Azikive can write such BS about a counter revolution.
    Congrats to Lehmann – I have followed your thinking and analysis for decades and so far, I haven´t seen you go wrong. Counterrevolution Azikiwe my naked b… Great Job Egypt ! Now make sure that you don´t have another usurper like Morsi and his MBs runs with it again.

    • Steven says:

      Holy Marx and Engels.
      Is it really true Azikiwe called this a counter revolution. What happened to that man ? Did a Muslim Brotherhood infected Mosquito sting him and he got Mursilaria ? Maybe Azikiwe has been out drinking with the other pseudo-progressive, Franklin Lamb, who also loves the Muslim Brothers.
      Fine article by Lehmann, I got to give it to you Fahwad. The man´s analysis is sharp and he predicted exactly this outcome months ago already. Congrats Egypt !! You rock – next stop Erdogan. I head Lehmann wrote something about Turkey and September. ;)

      • Yes it is true Steven.
        But don´t expect me to give you the URL and advertise for that cr.p. Yea, I paid attention to the other one too. Turkey, right, he mentioned it. What people ought to understand too, is that Morsi maniac openly endorsed the ZIONIST/ SALAFIST/NATO REBELS in Syria. With the imprtance Egypt has for the region, the fall of Morsi and the MBs weakens the Neo-Colonialist onslaught against Syria too.

      • Hello Fahwad, Steven.
        Thank you both for the positive feedback about my articles. That said,- About the 4th Media, Azikiwe. We are living in a complex world and cannot always have the same opinion. I think it is a hallmark of truly independent media, that we can cooperate and publish different, opposing “opinion”. That way we create much needed debate. Where I am drawing a line as editor at nsnbc is there, where we are talking about a misrepresentation of facts or attempts to pass “opinion” on as fact. – Turkey, yes I wrote that the protests in Turkey are boiling on a low flame until August – September. The key word to observe with regard to Turkey is “Ergenkon”.

  3. Hala Mahfood Ali says:

    We’re waiting for the other check (Dogan) to mate

    • What has been happening in Egypt since 2011, and probably what will be happening in Turkey, is somewhat similar to the French revolution(s)… Things will be going back and forth over several years ad rounds, until the nation stabilizes and finds itself. Patience and persistence are the order of the day.

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