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Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2013

Former French Foreign Minister Dumas Blows the Whistle on Western War Plans against Syria

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- The Former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas continues blowing the whistle about Western war plans against Syria, long before the first protests in 2011. After Dumas made a short statement in an interview on French television, he has now added shocking detail in an interview with the Syrian news agency SANA. 

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas. I was approached at a party in Britain, two years before the Arab Spring, and asked if I wanted to take part in toppling the Syrian government with the help of rebels". Photo, courtesy of SANA

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas.” I was approached at a party in Britain, two years before the Arab Spring, and asked if I wanted to take part in toppling the Syrian government with the help of rebels”. Photo, courtesy of SANA

In June, the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, created a scandal, when he admitted, that the war on Syria was planned two years before “The Arab Spring”.

During an appearance on the French TV channel LPC, Dumas made a short remark, saying that top British officials were preparing the subversion of Syria with the help of “rebels” two years before the first protests in 2011, and that he was asked, whether he wanted to participate.

During the TV appearance on LPC, in June, Dumas said:

“I am going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me, that they were preparing something in Syria”.

“This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer Minister of Foreign Affairs, if I would like to participate. Naturally, I refused, I said I am French, that does not interest me” 

On 1 July, the former French top diplomat continued blowing the whistle and added astonishing detail to his initial statement, when he gave an interview with the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA. The statement of the former French Foreign Minister deconstructs any notion that the so-called “crisis in Syria” is anything but an illegal, unconventional war of aggression against a sovereign nation and its people, supported, by an apparently centrally organized propaganda effort.

Speaking to a SANA correspondent in Paris, Roland Dumas added chilling detail to his former statement. While Dumas was on official business in Britain, two years before the first protests in 2011, he was invited to a party.

At this party, so Dumas, he was approached by two people, an Englishman and a Frenchman, who asked Dumas,if he would like to participate in preparations for an attack on Syria to topple the Syrian government. Dumas added, that he initially refused the offer, but that “events proved that they were serious about what they were saying”.

Dumas also criticized the position of the French administrations of former President Nicolas Sarkozy and the current President Francois Hollande, saying that the policies of the French government aren´t appropriate if the intention is to create peace in Syria. 

Asked about the West´s goals with the subversion attempt, Dumas said, that he believes, that the current international climate formed around the Syrian situation is a continuation of policies to deal with the Arab world, which were adopted several years ago. He stressed, that the West´s policies in such issues are not policies of peace but rather of war, and that he personally is against war and supports the path that leads to peace.

Asked about his evaluation of the Syrian opposition, Dumas said, that the opposition is multifaceted, and that countries like Qatar and Saudi-Arabia are involved in the fighting against the legitimate government in Syria. Dumas added: “A peaceful solution isn’t achieved by letting people fight,” and stressed that the shipment of weapons to the opposition would not solve the problems in Syria.

Dumas noticed, that the armed forces of the legitimate government of Syria are reclaiming areas which have formerly been seized by the gunmen and described it as “a good sign“. The former Foreign Minister added, that the opposition of the French government, to holding an international conference on Syria, is contrary to its traditional political creed, but that the government eventually admitted, that the conference must be held as soon as possible and that its position on Iran´s participation in the conference had changed. 

Dumas stressed, that the most important point for the time being, is the agreement between Russia and the United States, on holding this conference, and he noted, that there must not be any preconceptions about the conference.

Asked about the G8 meeting in Ireland, Dumas replied that it was not the optimal place for discussing Syria because many countries interested in the Syrian issue were not present there, and that it is therefore, that it is important that the Geneva 2 conference must be held. 

To a question about French deliveries of advanced weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, Dumas stressed, that sending weapons contradicts peaceful solutions because weapons are made for war. He added, that it is unfortunate that one side is sending weapons because it will prompt the other side to send weapons too.  Dumas stated, that there were discussions about the delivery of weapons because of concerns over who will be receiving them. Dumas pointed toward Libya, where weapons disappeared, and asserted, that sending weapons to Syria will exacerbate the conflict and make it more difficult to resolve.

Dumas stated, that international laws are only good for achieving peace when the time for peace comes, and that there is no hope of ending the crisis in Syria without having all countries participate in an international conference with the purpose of achieving peace. 

On allegations about chemical weapons use, Robert Dumas said, that such allegations are very dangerous, as they bring to mind the discussions, which took place about Iraq in the past, when the United States alleged that Iraq possessed chemical weapons but non were found.

He stressed, that in legal terms, evidence is procured through judicial channels, not through journalists carrying small bottles which they claim they procured in Syria. Those individuals, he added, are not trustworthy. Dumas continued, stating that it is best to have the UN send impartial and reliable experts to look into such matters. Both the Syrian government as well as Russia, have repeatedly stressed the demand, that each and every single incident of chemical weapons use in Syria must be investigated by an independent, expert commission. 

When asked about the double standards of France in combating terrorists in Mali while supporting them in Syria, Dumas avoided addressing the questions about double standards and Mali, saying that France says that it will arm the opposition in Syria while it is unknown what exactly will happen to these weapons, and that there was no way of knowing that these weapons would not be turned against France. He added: “This is a great risk, when we enter a conflict we know that it can spread”

About French – Syrian relations, Dumas said, that relations between the two countries, especially on a cultural level, were very good, but that all that was undermined, and now the two countries are enemies. He added:

“This does not make sense, it is time to fix all this again”. 

Dumas stressed, that

“there are some sides who have the desire to destroy Arab states, like what happened to Iraq and Libya before, particularly given Syria´s special relations with Russia”.

He added, that Israel is playing a role in what is happening in Syria and referred to statements of Israel´s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said:

” that if an agreement is not reached, then Israel will attack and destroy the governments that stand against Israel”.

Asked, whether he believes, that the position of France and the West on Syria could change, Dumas said, that this is possible, and that France´s position has shown some development recently, which is a positive indicator and move into the right direction. 

Dumas stressed, that there is a massive amount of propaganda regarding Syria that is being spread with all news, reports and images. He indicated, that this propaganda campaign is being centrally managed, saying that “all of it is coming from one source”.

Front page of the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, early 2012

Front page of the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, early 2012

Also this statement from the former French Foreign Minister, could have serious legal implications, as propaganda is outlawed by the UN Charter, several UN resolutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and because war propaganda, arguably, falls under the Nuremberg principles.

Dumas stressed, that this propaganda causes the French public, which sees these images every day, to form a terrible impression that there are “bad guys” represented by the Syrian government, who are killing people as they allege, and on the other side, there are “good guys”, represented by the armed groups, causing them to think that the bad guys must go and the good guys must stay. He added: “One day, the truth will come out”.

Dumas stressed, that these conceptions must be corrected, and then those who support certain policies will see, that they are mistaken. It is then, that it is possible to put an end to these policies, he added. Dumas concluded the interview, saying:

“The Syrian people are great, and they will emerge from this crisis.  We must hope that they do not emerge from it too late.. We wish that Syria deosn´t suffer many losses in lives and damages”. 

The fact, that the former French top diplomat continues “blowing the whistle” on both French, British involvement in planning the war on Syria, years before the first protests in 2011, and the fact, that Dumas indicates, that a centrally coordinated propaganda effort is being implemented, have the most serious implications with regard to international law and the possibility of criminal charges being brought against top British and French officials, as well as against western media.

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