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Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2013

We Destroyed Arab Villages To Create Our State, Retired General Said

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Saed Bannoura (IMEMC),- A retired Israeli military general told the Israeli Army Radio on his 100 birthday that the Israeli army destroyed and depopulated hundreds of Arab villages in order to establishment the state of Israel in 1948, and added that “he feels good about it.”

“I can sleep with clear mind”, Yitzhak Pondak, told the Israeli Army Radio [Galei Tzahal] last week, “otherwise the number of Arabs in Israel would have been a million more than their number now”. 

pondakPondak headed Platoon #53 of the Givati Brigade, and served as Israel’s ambassador in Tanzania.

“Under my command, soldiers destroyed Arab villages”, he said, “We did what we needed to do, otherwise the number of Arabs now would have been a million more”. 

Responding to a question regarding lectures he gives to Israeli soldiers, Pondak said that

“the Israel is still facing the same dangers it faced when it was created in 1948”, and added “Should the Jews fail to fight the same way they fought back then, our state will be in real danger”.

He also claimed that should a war break out now, “the Jews will be able to sacrifice the same way they did in 1948”, according to the retired general.

“Wars unite the ranks of the Jewish people”, he added, “after wars, Jews form parties and become divided”. 

He also said that he is sorry for the death of 145 Israeli soldiers under his command throughout his years of service, and added that “should those soldiers miraculously come back to life now, and witness the current divisions in the Israeli Jewish society, they would run back to their graves”. 

Pondak also served as the Israeli Military Commander of the Gaza Strip in the early seventies of last century. He said that the credit former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, got for “stopping Arab terrorism in 1971 is overrated”. 

“Sharon was harsh without a reason”, he said,

“Sharon once told senior military generals that he will give a bottle of Champaign to every soldier who kills an enemy fighter, and will give a soda to every soldier who captures a wounded enemy”.

Saed Bannoura via IMEMC

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- The International Middle East Media Center, IMEMC , is an independent Palestinian news agency specialized in reporting on Palestinian domestic politics, foreign policy and the Palestine - Israel conflict in English language. The work of IMEMC is particularly valuable, because it is reporting on the daily events, related to the occupation of Palestine, which are otherwise only available in Arabic language. IMEMC contributor and editor Saed Bannora, born 1973 in Palestine, is a prolific Palestinian journalist. After having been shot multiple times by an Israeli death squad, Saed Bannoura is confined to using a wheelchair. Saed Bannoura is a tireless activist for Palestinians rights. His work and the work of his colleagues at t IMEMC is a valuable contribution for readers of nsnbc ìnternational. IMEMC´s website is located at

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  1. Naveed says:

    Rest of the humanity is there only to serve the chosen peaple. Although I am sure this wasn’t the intent of Torah. Although 100, Mr. Pondac didn’t learn a thing.

  2. nikto says:

    Evil is as evil does.

  3. USAFPJ says:

    There won’t be nearly as many “Holocaust Survivors” next time.

  4. Straight from the horse’s ass’ mouth…
    We committed genocide to create out racially pure state
    and if we had to, we would do it again..
    because, we do not feel or share any commonality with other human beings. We are different and deserve more.

    RACISM 101
    Nothing has changed from the colonization of the Americas to the colonization of Australia to the colonization of Palestine. Bigots justifying their murder out of greed.

  5. Big Man says:

    Ethnic cleansing. Bring on Nuremberg Trials II.

  6. Ezra Pound says:

    These people are enemies of all mankind, just as St. Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 2:14.

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