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Published On: Wed, Jun 5th, 2013

Turkish Opposition: NATO’s Turkey – Kurdistan Corridor Project is Failing

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- As Turkey´s largest trade union has joined the popular uprising against the Erdogan – led AKP government and declared a two-day-strike, the imprisoned chairman of the Turkish Workers´Party, Dr. Dogun Perencik has issued a damning statement about the Erdogan administration, and announces, that the US/NATO project to involve Turkey in a war against neighboring Syria, the Kurdistan Corridor, and the Islamist coup d’État in Turkey is failing.

resim 3Dr. Dogun Perencik is the chairman of the Workers´ Party Turkey. Like many other prominent civilian as well as military members of the opposition, Dr. Perencik is detained on manufactured and trumped-up charges, manufactured in what Turkey´s opposition describes as a de facto coup d’état by the Muslim Brotherhood, the AK Party of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan, in cooperation and with the support of the USA and NATO.

The Workers´Party – Turkey is at the core of the activist opposition in Turkey and at the very heart of the popular uprising that has mobilized hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens within hours after the brutal police crack-down against peaceful protesters who opposed the destruction of a historic park in the city of Istanbul on Friday morning.

In a special bulletin, issued late on Tuesday 04 June 2013, Dr. Dogun Perencik states, that the Taksim Square, Kizilay Park and Gündogdu unite the people of Turkey, and that a solution to the Kurdish question has been found on 29 October 2012 at Ulus Square. The bearing and symbolism of Perencek´s statement stands clear for every Turkish citizen.

Erdogan´s Slap in the Face of the People has Backfired. The planned destruction of Kizilay Park and Taksim Square were one more attempt by the AKP and Erdogan to re-write Turkish history, to annul the victory of the Turkish revolution on 29 October 1929. Both the park and the square have a long tradition of popular protests as well as a tradition for celebrating the revolution.

The plan to re-build military barracks from the Ottoman era and to build a shopping mall in the park were meant as one more slap into the fact of the secular Turkish republic. That slap in the face of the republic and of the secular constitution however, has backfired into the face of R. Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the imperialist plans of the USA and NATO to drag Turkey into a war with neighboring Syria to destroy the national integrity of Turkey once Syria has fallen.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

In 2012 the Erdogan administration passed legislation that outlawed public meetings on the Turkish independence day, the day of the victory of the Turkish revolution under the leadership of Kemal Ataturk on 29 October 1929.

29 October has since the revolution been one of the most important, if not the most important Turkish holidays. It is traditionally celebrated by hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens who take to the cities, attend speeches by political leaders as well as festive celebrations.

On 29 October 2012 the Erdogan administration prompted the police to erect barricades to block the people’s access to Gündogdu. The legislation however, did not discourage the people from celebrating the victory of the revolution. In Istanbul the masses were marching straight toward the barricades and the police, which wisely removed the barricades as well as themselves before being removed by the people.

The solution that was found to the Kurdish issue by the people on 29 October 2012 was the integrity of the secular Turkish republic with respect for diversity and resistance against the Israel / US backed PKK insurgency and the attempt to establish NATO´s Kurdistan Corridor, paid for by the blood of Turkish people of all ethnicities.

Dr. Perencik continued, stating that the members of the Nationalist Movement Party, MHP, and the Peace and Democracy Party, BDP, had heard each other´s heartbeats. ” In more than 100 cities and town squares” he wrote, “members of the MHP and BDP came together with united aims”.

Perencik pointed out the historic importance of the uprising, because “in these squares, there is no USA and EU, there is no racism and no discrimination either”. He continued, ” and there is no hostility against our neighbors as well. The squares are not following the program and action of being a tool in the Atlantic Projects and of the US´s Imperialism”.

Dr. Perencik concludes, “The plan of the USA has failed. The political line of the Ulus Square has hit a nasty blow to the ethnic conflict projects of US imperialism”

Dr. Dogun Perencik warned, that some of the statements made by the chairman of the MHP and BDP are siding against unity and warned them to rethink their position, stating, that ” a great number of militants of both parties are in these squares”. “Especially the administration of the MHP should consider this: The popular uprising that started at Taksim has broken the back of the AKP – PKK alliance. The US plan has failed. This should and will be seen by every patriot”, Perencek said.

Kurdish+Syrian+Strat+ScenarioThe Counter-revolution was separating, the revolution is uniting, the Turkish flag has united. Dr. Perencek points out the uniting quality of the Turkish flag, as representing the secular Turkish republic and said that the Turkish flag that unites does not disturb anybody who lives in Turkey and the program that unites is the program of the Kemalist revolution. “The counter-revolution”, so Perencik, “was separating while the revolution is uniting”.

Perencik continued by pointing out that separatism, which is the Kurdish problem, has evolved in circumstances when the Kemalist revolution was liquidated and warned, that the circumstances of the region should not be forgotten. “The USA has divided Iraq by arms and thereupon separatism had an armed, regional support”. Dr. Perencik points out that it is the counter-revolution that was dividing Turkey and nourishing PKK separatism.

When the people of south-east Turkey are turning toward Taksim, Kinzilay and Güdogdy they see a modern Turkey. Dr. Perencik continued by stating, that “what the people of south-east Turkey see in the squares is that the peoples´government begins there; they see fraternity and equality there; they see modernity there; they see peace there; they see that instead of the flag of the USA and EU in the skies, the nation is united under the Turkish flag; they see there that unity and freedom is going to be in uniting under the Turkish flag”.

The US Israeli Option is Collapsing and the Option of a Free Turkey is rising.

Dr. Perencik continued by stating, that there will be objections and that not everybody will be seeing the historic development but that the uprising is a beginning. He states that “the citizens of south-eat Turkey had no Ankara option. The advancing option, he stated, was the Barzanistan or the Small Israel option that was given by the USA and Israel. This was the only viable option. Even the Co-Presidency of the Greater Middle East Project in Ankara was pushing our Kurds to Barzanistan” He said

Dr Perencik points out that the situation is different now and that the option of an independent Turkey has actively entered the stage of history. He stressed, that there are millions of people who rose up and thrust out their hands from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir to south-east Turkey and that these millions are a popular revolution option for the Kurds.

Protests a game changer. There are no signs that the popular uprising will lose momentum any time soon. The solidarity of the mass organizations, the strike of Turkey´s largest Trade Union with more than 200.000 members, the solidarity of the Bar Association in support of those who are detained during the protests and the sheer demonstration of the people that they have the will to oppose yet another attempt to slap their face and the face of Turkey´s independence, national integrity and sovereignty as secular republic are likely to propel the situation toward a decisive stand-off between the AKP and the opposition. Erdogan´s slap into the face of the people has backfired.

The developments Turkey will witness over the coming week can be a game changer. The struggle between the AKP and Imperialism and the Turkish Opposition can lead toward disaster, balkanization and endless ethnic and sectarian conflict, or it can lead toward the victory of the people, of solidarity and unity and of peace with Turkey´s neighbor Syria.


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- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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