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Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2013

Beyond Theories of Weather Modification. Civil Society versus Geo-Engineering

Chem or Contrails - Photo La ResponsableA two-day conference on “Beyond theories of weather modification – Civil society versus geo-engineering” will open at 18.30 on April 8 with a screening of the documentary “Why in the World Are They Spraying?” by the American director Michael Murphy. – Christof Lehmann (nsnbc).

The screening of the movie and the conference are being organized by an alliance of European Green Parties, Liberals and Democrats who together created the NGO “Skyguards”. The screening will open on 9 April at 21.00 and will conclude at 22.30, followed by the conference. The conference will be concluded with a press conference which will be open to accredited correspondents. All of the events will be held at the Altiero Spinelli building, Rue Wiertz 60, ASP 1G3.

While there is a slowly growing awareness about the spraying of aerosols in the atmosphere, and while the spraying, in some regions, has become so prevalent that there is hardly a day when it is possible to see a clear blue sky, there is also a large part of populations who hardly dare mentioning the fact due to peer pressure and fear or ridicule.

Mainstream media have, as far as they have covered the subject at all, predominantly reported on the issue by discrediting those who expressed concerns as crackpots, tinfoil heads and by using other, well proven and effective means of social manipulation. There are strong indications which suggest, that there also has been a systematic disinformation campaign involved, disseminating true and false information so that those who would become concerned about the issue would be easily distracted or discredited.

The NGO, Skyguards is collaborating with the Alternative-Political Laboratory under the aegis of the parliamentary groups of the Greens/European Free Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Skyguards could very well become the instrument that could elevate the issue of aerosol dispersal in the atmosphere, weather modification, geo-engineering, and not least related environmental and environmental health issues to an appropriate level of public awareness.

Geoengineering_aka_Chemtrails Photo by Willow 20 12Skyguards informs, that the objective of the conference is to resume the work commenced in 1998 by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Policy of the European Parliament, which culminated in the adoption of a proposal for a resolution “On the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy”, on the 14th of January 1999 , with Ms Maj Britt Theorin as rapporteur. 

In spite of  the seriousness of the potential environmental and environmental health issues at hand, and in spite of the seriousness of the fact that large segments of Europe´s population are subject to the effects of the spraying without having any democratic instruments of influence, this resolution has been ignored.

In its press release, Skyguards informs that the resolution was ignored in spite of the fact that it demanded a detailed investigation of its conclusions on military experiments carried out in the atmosphere; that it put forward the need for protection of the population, public health and environment; and that it underlined the need for citizens to be provided with the means of discovering the purpose, scope and meaning of the experiments being conducted above their heads. 

Since that time, so Skyguards, no measures of transparency have been adopted, even in the face of evidence that the Earth’s atmosphere has become the site for experiments threatening public health: clandestine aerosol spraying of substances of unknown composition and for undisclosed purposes; that ever more sophisticated military research is taking place in disregard of the most elementary precautionary principles; and that the new weapons systems focus on military utilization of the ionosphere and the upper parts of the atmosphere (as in the case of the HAARP project). 

These are not vague complaints, sais Skyguards. “There is proof of fraud, enshrouded in secrecy, and of the compliance of putatively democratic institutions that launch attacks and cast aspersions on those who want to be informed, by issuing blanket  denials”. 

The organizers of the conference are demanding, that the resolution of 14th January 1999 be implemented and updated, given the amount of documentation in existence today, which is underlining the seriousness of this matter. Skyguards also points out, that the European Parliament has at its disposal, the judicial instrument of an extraordinary parliamentary investigative committee, and emphasizes the importance of this instrument being employed without any further delay.

The organizers of the conference, including several prominent members of the European Parliament also demand, that the proposal shall be taken to the Presidency of the European Parliament to be examined, and that a public debate will be opened, in which civil society is a participant and in this context is consulted in order to submit evidence and proof of what is happening.

In its press release, Skyguards and the participating parliamentary groups conclude, “For our part, we will do all we possibly can to call the attention of European public opinion to this violation of European principles, this aggression against the environment and the health of citizens, and to the silence of complicity in the concealment of extremely serious wrongdoing, entailing legal and penal responsibilities. Silence is unacceptable”.

The development of anti-democratic trends in European Union politics, elicited by the fact that there has been no response in spite of the recommendations in 1998, is also elicited by a recent report, according to which the European Union Council is to spend several million Euro on a project to target EU critical media, deny EU critical journalists access, and to infiltrate social media with so-called “trolls” to create a pro-EU discourse.

To contact Skyguards call Josefina Fraile, Telephone +34 680 91 52 00

About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and former independent political consultant on conflict, conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. In March 2013 he established nsnbc as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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