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Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

French Africa Policy Damages African and European Economies.

Bleeding Africa and Feeding France – The Face of French Modo-Colonialism.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Since the independence of the former French colonies in western Africa they are in spite of the richness of their natural resources and the productivity of their populations still catastrophically under-developed.

Dr. Christof Lehmann In 2007 the French and European economies began deteriorating into a devastating recession. France seems to be like a man who is standing at the edge of a cliff, transfixed by the thought of falling into the abyss. In fear of losing the lucrative racket of controlling the western African economies he forgets that there is Terra firma and a possibility for both French, European and African prosperity behind him. Africans and leading European politicians expected that the administration of President Hollande would bring much-needed change with respect to French control over the economies of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, the Republic of Congo, Senegal and Togo. However, also Hollande´s administration seems to be so transfixed by the prospect of falling into the abyss that it does not fathom the possibility of taking one step back.

Will France remain transfixed in fear and drag western Africa and Europe with it when it falls or does it dare to loosen up its grip on control over the good old CFA racket in its former colonies and discover the true potential and value of the African markets. As painful as it may be, the primary prerequisite for a progressive development and prosperity is the truth about the current state of affairs.

The root causes for the lacking development of the western African economies are closely related to the fact that France, contrary to other former colonial powers, managed to install its commissars at the heart of its former colonies economic and monetary system and that it still maintains almost unchallenged control over them. The system was created by German National Socialists during the 1930s and 40s. It was used to usurp France and other German occupied nations.

The Genesis of the CFA-System in Nazi Germany and the German Occupation of France.

On 9 Maj 1941 Hemmen, the German Ambassador to France declared that he had signed a treaty with the French Admiral Darlan. The treaty would place German commissars within the French National Bank´s departments for foreign currencies and international commerce.(1) The treaty was negotiated under the auspices of German Minister of Finance Herman Göring, whose father, Heinrich Ernst Göring has been the German Governor of German West Africa, todays Namibia, from 1885 to 1890. Herman Göring was among other notorious for his plundering the occupied nations’ economies through operations accounts and for his special interest in treasures and art from the German occupied areas.

At the end of world war two and the occupation of France, the French President Charles de Gaulle created the CFA Franc as a currency for the western African colonies. De Gaulle created a monetary union whose functions of control were based on the model Germany had used to usurp German occupied France.

Even though the colonies have since gained independence, the system of almost absolute control over their economies by the installment of commissars with the Central Banks of the West African Monetary and Economic Unions, the B.E.A.C., the B.C.C., and the B.C.E.A.O. persists.

Modo-Colonialism, the Veto Right by French Commissars over African Economies.

Together, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, the Republic of Congo, Senegal and Togo, establish the Monetary and Economic Union of West Africa (U.M.E.O.A. / UMEAO. Their currency, the CFA-Franc is printed under supervision of the French National Bank in Charmaliéres, France. The Council of Presidents of the fifteen U.M.E.O.A. member states constitutes the highest authority of the union. Decisions of the Presidential Council are made unanimously. The Ministerial Council of the U.M.E.O.A. defines the monetary and credit policy of the union and it is responsible for the economic development of the region. According to the constitutions of all fifteen member states the creation of their currency, the regulation of its value as well as the regulation of parities and modalities is the exclusive privilege of the nation and its people and decisions about it are made by the parliament.

The placement of French commissars within the heart of the nations and the union`s banking system however, creates an obvious dichotomy between the apparent sovereignty of the union, its constituents, and direct control from the previous colonial power.

Three of the thirteen of the Directors of the B.E.A.C. are French and four of the eight Directors of the B.C.C. are French. The Board of Directors of the B.C.E.A.O. is constituted by sixteen Directors; two from each country plus two additional Directors from France who take part in the management of the bank under the same conditions and with the same privileges as the other Directors. The number and placement of the commissars gives them a Veto right at the board of each of the Central Banks. No decision can be made without their approval and France can enforce its policy by threatening to deadlock the economies unless decisions are made in compliance with French suggestions.

The French Veto right also extends to the nomination of the Governor of the B.E.A.C.. The Governor is elected with the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, on suggestion of the government of Gabon, and after the approval of the other member states as well as France.(2)

The Central Bank does not only have the privilege to create the currency. It also has the privilege to grant credit for the current accounts of the national treasuries at its discount rate. The Board of Directors is making the decisions about the temporalities and about the total amount that is granted for financing the economies of each of the member states.

Feeding France, Bleeding Africa – Current Accounts and the System of Usurpation.

While the primary instrument of control is the installment of French commissars, the primary instrument for usurping the western African economies is their current accounts. The member states agree to deposit their foreign currency reserves in a shared reserve fond.

The foreign currency reserves are subject to deposition in an operations account at the French National Bank. Between 1945 and 1973 one hundred per cent of the foreign currency reserves had to be deposited in the operations account, in 1973 it was reduced to sixty-five, and on 27. September 2005 to fifty percent. (3) Another fifteen percent is kept in a guaranty fund.

In other words sixty-five per cent of all foreign currency reserves of the fifteen nations and all revenue generated outside of the unions territory is kept at the French National Bank. On 3 Mai 2010 the website of Jeune Afrique quotes the former French Minister of Finance and Commerce, Christine Lagarde: “The Bank of the States of Central Africa, for instance, places an almost 90 per cent of their reserves in the French National Bank”. (4)

In 1960 Jean Boissonat, a member of the currency committee of the French National Bank wrote: “Almost all decisions were made in France .. The Franc Zone allowed France to deliver certain natural resources to itself without having to spend any foreign reserves. It was estimated that this represented two hundred and fifty million US-Dollar savings in terms of foreign reserves per year …” Boissonat continues by stating that approximately half a million Frenchmen in Paris receive their means of survival from the Franc Zone.(5)

The French socialist Jean-Noël Jeanny wrote in 1963 that: “all that the African nations achieve by increasing their export is the generation of more foreign currency reserves for France”.(6) He could as well have added “and the creation of debt for themselves”. Beside profiting on African foreign currency reserves which are returned to the West African nations in the form of debt, France is also profiting from African gold.

The gold reserves of the fifteen nations are kept in France, supposedly to guaranty for the value of the CFR Franc. In 2001 the West-African gold reserves at the French National Bank had an estimated value of 206,528 billion CFR Franc. In an interview for Le Liberation in 1996 the late President of Gabon, Omar Bongo said: “We are in the Franc Zone. Our operations accounts are managed by the French National Bank in Paris. Who profits from the interests that our money generates ? France.” (7)

France is indebting and enslaving Africans by means of Africa’s own wealth; for example: 12.0000 billion invested at three per cent creates 360 billion in interests which France grants as credits to Africa at an interest rate of five to six per cent or more. The allegory of “Bleeding Africa and Feeding France” is no exaggeration, not alarmist, and not revolutionary. It it is a sobering fact of French modo-colonialism and the cost in terms of under-development and human suffering is staggering. The current accounts and the French usurpation are a humanitarian disaster that is induced by France and financed by those who are suffering from it.

Coups, Crisis and French Finance-Nazism in Africa.

In 1996 France devalued the CFR Franc in spite of the protest of most western African nations. Former French Prime Minister Eduard Balladour justified the French dictated devaluation of the CFR Franc because “ it was considered to be the best possibility for aiding the development of the western African countries” (8), even though another statement by Balladoure indicates that he was aware of that the regulation of a currency is a matter of national sovereignty(9).

The late President of Togo, Etienne Gnassingbé said about the devaluation: “One uses to say that violence overrules justice. I was not the only one who issued the warning….. But France has decided otherwise. The African voices don´t count for much in this affair.(10)

The words of the late Etienne Gnassingbé indicate that the Bleeding of Africa can be taken literally. According to the statutes of the monetary and economic union every member state is free to leave it. So much to theory. In practice, France has left a trail of post-modern coup d´etats, violence, and murder in those nations who tried to get out from under what many West-Africans perceive as French Finance-Nazism in Africa.

In January 1963 the President of Togo, the late Sylvanus Olympio was murdered three days before the issuing of a new currency.

On 19. November 1968 the late President of Mali Modibo Kéita was ousted in a coup and arrested. In 1977 Modibo Kéita died in prison. Kéita was poisoned.

On 27. January 1996 the President of Mali was ousted in a military coup d´etat.

On 15. March 2003 the late President of the Central African Republic Angè Félix Patassé was ousted by the “rebel leader” Francois Bozizé. In all cases the monetary union and France have played a role.

Ivory Coast´s President Laurent Gbagbo, France, the ICC and Modo-Colonialism.

When Laurent Gbagbo became the President of Ivory Coast one of his first official initiatives was the erection of a concrete wall in the tunnel that connects the French Embassy with the Presidential Residence. Gbagbo wanted Ivory Coast to abandon the CFA and institute a new regional and if possible a Pan-African, gold-backed currency. The initiative toward the establishment of a gold-backed Pan-African currency enjoyed the sympathy of many African nations and enjoyed unequivocal support from Libya, which until the so-called Arab Spring in 2011 was the richest and most developed of all African nations.

As if it was a conditioned reflex, France seemed transfixed by is fear of falling into the abyss, of losing the CFR racket that has kept the French economy afloat since it was conceived by de Gaulle in 1945. Rather than seeing a potential, France was biding its time until an opportunity for a post-modern coup d´etat. The 2010 Presidential elections in Ivory Coast. France sided with Alessanne Outtara. Libyan intelligence reports from 2009 and 2010 indicated that the French Intelligence Service D.G.S.E. had begun infiltrating, financing and arming a group of “rebels” in the northern region of Ivory Coast.

The outcome of the Presidential election was apparently very close. The electoral commission declared Alessanne Outtara the winner but the election result was disputed by Laurent Gbagbo.

There had been registered serious irregularities. In one particular village with a population of approximately ten thousand, Alessanne Outtara seemed to have received almost one hundred thousand votes.

Western mainstream media began building a narrative: The electoral commission had declared Outtara to be the winner. The despotic Laurent Gbagbo refused to hand over the reins of power to the winner of the elections. Gbagbo is cracking down on peaceful protesters. Gbagbo is cornered in his bunker…

What western media generally failed to report, underreported, or conveyed in a distorted and strongly biased fashion was that: Laurent Gabgbo and his party had brought the case to the Supreme Court; that the Supreme Court of Ivory Coast had recounted the votes; that the Supreme Court had taken notice of election fraud in favor of Outtara; and that the Supreme Court of Ivory Coast had declared Laurent Gbagbo to be the winner of the elections and the rightfully elected President of Ivory Coast. That French backed guerrilla began attacking predominantly pro-Gbagbo villages, committing massacres, and that French backed “rebels” were attacking the Presidential Residence.

What was emphatically reported in French and western media like the BBC was that “security forces” clamped down on peaceful protesters, and that “Ouattara´s Army” is cornering “Gbagbo in his bunker”.(11)

Nobody seemed to ask the important question. Where in the world had Outtara, who just claimed to have won the elections gotten an “army” from ?

It is symptomatic for the high prevalence of racism and condescending modo-colonialist reasoning among European populations that only very few commentators and analysts said:

“But the electoral commission is not the one who has the competence to approve of election results, it is the Supreme Court”.

A comparison can illustrate the point: When George W. Bush and Al Gore had the closest of all elections that have been held in the United States of America; who certified the election ? The Supreme Court, of course. (12)

Many Americans felt utterly disenfranchised but the population respected the Supreme Court. Could anyone have even thought about the remote possibility of “Al Gore´s Army cornering Bush in his Bunker” of “Gore neglecting the Supreme Court because the electoral commission had pronounced him to be the winner ?” And where in the world would Al Gore have gotten his army from Anyways ? And where did Alessanne Outtara get his army from ?

The capture of Laurent Gbagbo cost the lives of approximately 1.600 young Ivorian soldiers. Young patriots who were willing to defend the President of Ivory Coast from the onslaught of a French-backed post-modern coup d´etat. The capture an arrest of President Laurent Gbagbo was possible only after French special forces violated international law by blasting a hole into the wall which Laurent Gbagbo had erected inside the tunnel that connects the French embassy with the Presidential residence.

The sealed boxes with the ballots from the 2010 elections are kept at the United Nations. So far U.N. Secretary General Ban Kyi-moon has failed to order an independent re-count of the ballots. The fact that the United Nations has so far failed to re-count the ballots to determine the legitimacy of either Laurent Gbagbo´s or Alessanne Outtara´s claim for the Ivorian Presidency, combined with the selective and one-sided prosecution of Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC and of military officers who were loyal to him in 2010 is symptomatic for grave systemic and procedural problems at the United Nations and the International Criminal Court at The Haag. The case against Laurent Gbagbo ought to have been dismissed on the basis of selective prosecution from the very start. His prosecution at the ICC after French involvement in the aggravation of post-election violence in Ivory Coast and the arrest with the aid of French special forces is a blatant example for the abuse of the ICC as an instrument of modo-colonialist control. The most recent selectively prosecuted case is that against General Dogbo Ble in Ivory Coast. Also here western media are de-facto sentencing a political opponent of modo-colonialism before he is even heard in court.(13)

A recent analysis of the systemic and political problems with the ICC, the United Nations, the Rome Statute and the explosion of international law at its very root by Dr. Hans Köchler (14) reads as if it was written to elicit the injustice that is being perpetrated against Laurent Gbagbo and the people of Ivory Coast.

Missed Chances for African and European Economies and the Urgency of Change.

A growing number of African and European leaders are becoming impatient about the paralysis of France. African leaders are impatient because the obvious usurpation of their nations is unbearable for the African economies and their populations. European leaders are mostly impatient because France prevents a European adaptation to the last decades geopolitical changes in Africa and because the crisis of the Euro requires initiative rather than stagnation. Failure to integrate the western African economies into the economic sphere of Europe is bound to have devastating long term consequences for both Africa and Europe.

China has recognized the colossal market potential of a developing African middle class. The French and Trans-Atlantic model of usurpation and subjugation is not only criminal and unethical, it is also uncompetitive.

Recent statements made by the French political heavyweight Jacques Chiraq, who said that France does not have to be a benefactor, it must merely stop usurping Africa, are indicating a potential for change. Chiraq stated that failure to change French-African relations can have catastrophic consequences. 2012 Presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenon stated that the CFA represents the severe mistake not to tie the western African economies to the economies of the European Union. Mélenon demanded that France abandons its veto right at the Boards of the African Central Banks.

The European Council stated that France is blocking for any project of the European Central Bank that attempts to change the nature or the bearing of the French involvement in the western African Central Banks. The French approach to managing French-African relations is not only bleeding Africa. It is increasingly bleeding both the French and European economies who are missing out on the market potential of an emerging African middle class.

Some political analysts have suggested the establishment of an African-European Peace and Reconciliation Commission that is dealing with the crimes of the past, the building of trust, the review of highly politicized cases at the International Criminal Court, such as the prosecution of Ivoryan President Laurent Gbagbo to ease a transition toward new African-European relations.

The question for this and the coming year is whether France will continue standing at the edge of the cliff and fall while dragging both western Africa and Europe into the abyss together with it, or if it dares to listen to the voices of reason from Africa and its European partners, turn its gaze away from the abyss and see that there is fertile land, right behind it.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

I want to express my recognition and gratitude to Prof. Nicolas Agbohou. The historical context of the article and references about it are inspired by his speech at the Conference on African-French Relations in Paris City Hall, on 09 October 2012. – Dr. Christof Lehmann.

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  1. myk Yeboah says:

    a nice peace. One can only hope that the global civil society will appreciate why there appears not to be an end in sight for our supposed “dictators”, because the very reasons why they become so-tagged are external and detrimental to the progress of their poorer states. it is not only France but the EU has systematically gated African states in its trade agreements and yet Africans are always painted as backward and hopeless.
    thanks for your boldness in lightening the tunnel.

    • Dear Myk Yeboah.
      Thank you for the positive feedback, I am glad that you appreciated the article and my “boldness in lighting the tunnel”. You are right, historically, there have always been persons or groups who have collaborated with the usurpers. You are also right that the E.U. as system in and on itself has used / is using protectionism. That said, for all practical intends and purposes, we have to break the bigger systems like “The E.U.” down into smaller units, because it is there, face to face with individual elected officials, parties, organizations, and the individual countries governments, that we have a chance to influence the political discourse. Generalizations merely prevent us from taking action when and where it is needed. There are quite a few members of i.e. the European Council, the E.U. Parliament, and members of parliament in E.U. member states, who would like to set a new, constructive, mutually beneficial course with regard to African – European relations. Again, thank you for your appreciation of the article, please get a subscription and tell your friends and colleagues about nsnbc international. Most media will not even touch an article of this nature.

      • hank says:

        I read a semilar article three months before, did that pice have anything to do with you? Anyways, Europe time is running out, however, forgive me for saying this truth; but whites have rode this racist horse into town and it looks like they are going to stick with it unto the bitter-end. Are there time to move in a positive direction with black Africa-yes. However, white South Africa is a fine example, Namibi is another African country with a large white population. My point is this whites are for whites. Even if a few well meaning whites speaks up for change…there want be any change unless Black Africans effect change for themselves.

        • Hank.
          Of course people should stand up for themselves. That is regardless where they are and regardless how much they have been in the sun or not ;). This article has been around since October 2012, so maybe you have read it before, or one of the more than 100 articles that quote it and others who were inspired by it. Hank, we are in this together, regardless if we are black, white, yellow, red, green or gray. If we belong to the 99% we will be kept down unless we stand up from our knees”TOGETHER”.

  2. henry asong. says:

    Brilliant article,i have always known France is the mean reason behind our poor economy.But this article of your give me a better inside.Please can you send this article to African Union?
    I feel so frustrated,knowing we are rich yet so poor.Please kindly research on propose solutions and let me know.

    • Dear Henry Asong.
      Thank you for your positive comment. Yes, France is the main reason for poverty in the UMEOA member states. It is also the main reason for coup d´etats, violence, and so forth. I am glad that you found the article helpful.

      About your suggestion to send the article to the African Union. Do you have a special person, or a special office at the AU in mind ? If so, maybe you can send it to them. Or contact me by e-mail at nsnbc international if you have the name, office and e-mail at the AU where you want to send the article to. If you do that, I promise you that I will send a copy. ( )

      Other things you could do are a) to get a free subscription for nsnbc international, and to b) post the URL for this and other articles in social media, so more people come to read them.

      Thank you and warm regards.
      Christof Lehmann

  3. TCJDJ says:

    Before commenting I would like to express my gratitude to the author for such an informative article. It must have taken a lot of effort, courage and dedication to write such an article and I thank you for that. Before reading this I always thought very highly of France and its doings but now my eyes are open to the truth. Shame on France for dropping so low. If nothing else, I hate the system they created for fulfilling their deeds. They have created a never ending loop from which it’s nearly impossible for the victims to get out. If this is the reality behind France’s so called ideal economy then I spit on it.

    • Thank you for the positive response to my article. I am glad to hear that the article functioned as the “eye opener” as it is intended to be. Much of the information was compiled by Prof. Nicolas Aghbohu, to whom I owe my gratitude for compiling the information.

      If more people like you, eventually experts in law, respond to the article the way you did, all we need to do is to give it greater exposure. Besides that, I believe it would be good if European and International experts began using the information for lobbying members of the European Council, the EU Parliament and the appropriate national governments in Europe. As I said, France is harming not only Africa but Europe too. Courageous leadership, sometimes, requires a public outcry before it can react.

      While writing the article, I saw video images of children in Ivory Coast who were starving to death. I one of the worlds most rich agricultural countries. Jaques Chiraq´s words, that France does not have to play the benefactor, it just has to stop usurping Africa are as true as they possibly could be.

      Again, thank you for your kind response.

  4. NWN says:

    When I read and posted this article on my wall. I didn’t know Africans will re-act to it this much. Mr. Lehmann that’s a job well done. I am a Filmmaker and will be very happy to shoot this as a documentary.

  5. Dawn Elise says:

    This is such a well-written article. Thank you so much for presenting Prof. Aghbohu’s info is such a readable way. I have been looking for a good background piece to present current U.S. imperialist support of French troops in Mali/Niger/North Africa and this is definitely it. Thank you!

  6. Djeneba says:

    Sadly as a Burkinabe, Thomas Sankara told us about this and also predicted his end because of this eternal economic slavery. I was choked last year when Alain Juppe of France told French businessmen in a forum to “…stop with the guilt of Africa…” and ‘claim’ their rightful place in business in West Africa as opposed to leaving it all for the Chinese! My hatred (yes I recognize the weight of my words) for French politics has made me say from as far back as when I was 10 that even in Colonization we Francophone Africa were unlucky! The Anglophone African countries were so lucky to not have had the French as masters’ because they and only they really did get their independence. I look forward to the day, I or my children ask France to answer and pay for the crimes, murders and robberies they committed in My country! But also my anger is beyond words for our African leaders, that have yet to understand that our strength is in our numbers, we must join forces and leave no room for traitors to end the French economic/physical/mental assault on its colonies. There should be thousands of movements in our countries against France, anything and everything French in our sovereign nations. Shame and anger fill me up each and every time. Thank you Sir for your efforts and honesty. Hopefully we can all sit together in West Africa and talk about this some day soon.

  7. SOMALIWEYNE says:

    As A Somali psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist who lived and worked in Italy,Romania+ former USSR, and Canada for the last 32yrs, I see how the so-called ” Europe” in cahoots with the Global Bankers Zionist America + City of London stole the “Blood & Sweet and sometimes Tears” of Africa since slavery and more recently since 20th and 21st centuries of American Exsptionalism and European Enlightenment.It is my personal , professional, and academic experience of European Racism and Alienation of Anything Black and African ( read F.F anon and Manning Marable). They used to blame slavery and under-development on corrupt national leaders as well as Racist and Ruthless ARABS.
    what a chauvanistc and neurotic history which is weaved by the psychotic minds and hearts of EURPA?

    For any one who daubts the under-development of Africa by European colonizers Please , READ MANNING M ARABLE’s “How EUROPE UNDER-DEVELOPED AFRICA”

  8. Niall Oman says:

    A fascinating and excellent article. As a proud Irishman I feel a bond between Ireland and many former African colonies. Ireland was Britain’s first colony and it was never industrialised in the 19th Century despite the fact that Ireland and Britain are only 25 miles apart at the narrowest point. How the world and Europe in particular can allow such blatant neo-colonialism to occur in West Africa by France is truly shocking and disturbing. France and Britain are still sources of many of the world’s ills. Needless to say you have gained another supporter here from your brilliant article.

  9. Your article rightly denounces virulence and the evils of “French”. The exploitation of Africa by neo-colonial policies is a bloody and terrible greed. France is in direct competition with Anglos-Saxons on the continent. They argue the wealth of Africa like mad dogs. Not to mention the Chinese. It also knows the evils of England in the Commonwealth countries; Including multinationals like schell Nigeria, Congo, Sierra Leone …. The England and the United States are not left in the destabilization of Africa by the hand placed on his wealth.

  10. Friday says:

    I read the article when it was first published in 2012. Now with the kidnapping and troubles in Nigeria i remembered that I wanted to read it again. I never knew things were THAT bad before I read it. Reading it again shocks me even more. If I didn’t know better I would be in utter disbelief that this slavery is possible and happening under my nose and I didn’t see it.

  11. Bea says:

    Thank you for writing this article.It has been very enlightening. I hope d African Union will fight with these countries for true indepEndence.

  12. Thank you for such thoough attention to this injustice. So many quotable facts about something which was entirely unknown to me until you wrote on it.

  13. Dr. Bischara EGAL says:

    France and British colonialism and Noe-colonialism are unending saga for all COLORED peoples of this World , from Africa , Asia and the Americas. They loot, bleed, and destroy Nations and their cultures. Gambian President Al-Haji Ya hiya Jame , said it correctly that the French and British and Now the Zionist Israel and Zionist America are after Guinea’s Petroleum+Gold,Sierra Leon’s Precious Metals ; Liberia’s DIAMONDS when they talk about “The Ebola FALSE FLAG”- WHY ONLY ON THESE 3 COUNTRIES NOW , SINCE IT ORIGINATED IN ZAIRE= CURRENT DRC??? THEY (FRANCE+UK+NORWAY+ISRAEL) INVOLVED IN REGIME CHANGE IN SUDAN , SOMALIA AND DRC, SINCE 1980’S . With Disastrous economic, financial, psychological and human consequences . AS DAN GLAZBROO’S ” DIVIDE & RUIN: THE WEST’S IMPERIAL STRATEGY….. The Libya war opened the eyes of many – or should have. But the overriding lesson – if it needed reiterating – should be the realisation that the US, the UK, France, Israel, and their allies will stop at nothing, including even the imposition of total societal collapse, in order to attempt to reverse their declining global economic position through military destruction. This is the reality behind all talk of protecting civilians, humanitarianism, and democracy promotion, and all Western military intervention should be seen in this light.


  14. Hanad says:

    This is disappointing and heart breaking. Africa needs to completely severe all ties with the Western Hemisphere and establish the UNA ( United Nation of Africa) With one currency, free border movement, trade within African countries must be priority and any excess goods can be traded with the rest of the world. We need to move away from the idea of nationalism and begin a new trend of “Continentalism” in which we take fierce pride in our continent and don’t pay attention to eachother ethnic backgrounds and culture ( to create social cohesion.) The white man has for ever proven they hate the black man, so let us live in peace free from exploitation etc.

  15. kariuki Kiragu says:

    Frankly, what the French are doing in the 14 CFA African countries is a human rights issue that should be forwarded to the UN and other global tribunals, for the bad press if anything.
    We were given this information last year at a seminar by Amb. Erastus Mwencha, the Deputy Chair-Person of the African Union Commission. He did not mention what the AU was doing about it but we were stunned, couldn’t absorb finer strategic points anyway and staggered home.
    Nevertheless, the need to retain these colonies explains many recent French activities:
    .1 The murder of the captive Col. Gadhaffi by a French agent to preempt the African Golden Dinar, a pan-African currency the Colonel championed in line with the African Monetary Union.
    .2 The ersatz “revolution” in Burkina Faso.
    .3 To protect atrociously polluting uranium mining, cooperation with Al Qaeda Magherib in defeating the Azawad people in Mali.
    .4 Apparent support for Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria, with her 180 million people, surrounded by Togo, Niger, Mali, Chad and Cameroon, all French CFA colonies. The former agent in such work, apartheid South Africa, no longer exists.
    .5 The embedment of the French Development Agency into practically all pan-African development organizations.
    My thinking is that every African, continental or diaspora, in the know should do what they can to remove this millstone from around our neck… for instance, the African diaspora can easily replace the French Development Agency in pan-African development organizations. It is investment after all….

    • Daw Elise says:

      Dear Brother Kariuki,
      Please let us know if you find any group(s) working on this. If you would like to start one I volunteer to make a website. It kills me that Paris brags of itself as “The City of Lights” and has lots of “light art shows”, yet those lights come from very under-priced uranium from Niger where school children have to stop studying when the sun goes down for lack of light.

  16. Tem Fuh says:

    Well articulated article. Thanks for bringing this to light. France is responsible for much of the misery and poverty plaguing most of West and Central Africa. However, they have only been able to do so with the complicity of the leaders of these countries. Instead of focusing on France, there is need for accountability on the part of the leaders of the region. France is certainly not wholly responsible for the endemic corruption, mismangement, pillaging of state resources and awful human rights abuses that are a daily reality in this region. What France is doing is totally unacceptable but one has to understand that they are doing this in their national interest and for the interest of French citizens. What are the leaders of this region doing for its citizens? In whose interest are they acting? Your guess is as good as mine!!!

  17. Gideon says:

    Sir this is a really good article that has helped me understand much better what my francophone brothers have been talking about. It is sad to think of how men are so naturally greedy and would take advantage of their starving brothers just to enjoy the luxuries they are used to. Africa is really suffering with poverty, lack of jobs, lack of basic infrastructure, wars, terrorism etc but all most of the western world thinks about is how to exploit us. Most of the blame though lies with us africans as we need to truly unite, forget our differences, educate ourselves then apply this education. We need to encourage our most promising minds, sponsor local entrepreneurs and cut the embellical cord. I was really sad when Gaddafi was killed (another french atrocity) who had a vision of a united africa (though not totally perfect) but we need true leaders. If we need to do more business with China, then so be it. But this Comissar system needs to stop. France please mind your own affairs and stop meddling in Africa. I thought you are the great champions of democracy and freedom, well practice what you preach

    • chidoh says:

      Thanks so much for the article, u have just added much to what i knew. U left one part the killing of lybian president, for initiating the creation of an African IMF and the communication satellite. France has been using African nations for decades, one day this will stop.the recent boko haram in nigeria the french knew something about it.we have come of age, Africans should stand for their problems.

      • nsnbc says:

        CHIDOH : a) Thank you for the positive response. With regard to Qadaffi etc… it is impossible to cover everything in one article. Try to check out my article Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict (link below). b) Besides that, please do register your free subscription at the bottom of this page and donate a modest monthly amount, equivalent to one print newspaper. That way we don’t have to starve for the privilege of running an independent newspaper. ;) Donate button is in the right column. Warmest regards. Christof Lehmann, Editor-in-Chief, nsnbc international.

  18. Nadia Ayuk says:

    Thank you for your educational and valuable posts. Please add Paypal for your means of receiving donations, so myself and others can make donations to your work. Once more thank you for all your excellent work.

    • nsnbc says:

      Thank you Nadia Ayuk.
      There is a DONATE / PAYPAL button in the right column on our website, including the page with this article. We greatly appreciate small monthly donations from subscribers. You can register a free subscription on the bottom-left. Donate button is in the right column. Again, Thank you.

  19. Ngong says:

    History solves all problems; empires rise and fall. All these happen because of injustices done to others. Greatness acquired through just means lasts.

    France, France, France!!! A time is coming when, the bones of your leaders shall be exhumed and placed on the judgement stand, you’ll lose all you’ve worked for, for centuries.

    What I see now, is that you’re thinking of instant gratification. When you use Africa to develop your country why not do same here. What do gain by distabilizing African countries? Remember, Africans have died with anger, we’re living with anger and children are born in anger.

    History determines fate and rest assured that Africa will some day retaliate. This is destruction of civilization.

  20. Sammy says:

    Could you do another piece and explain how the former uk colonies are doing much better because they don’t have the cfa franc to worry about? From memory Zimbabwe has no such arrangements in place how is their currency and reserve situation?

  21. Atam says:

    Good write up.

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