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Lila, The Revolutionary by William T. Hathaway

Lila the Revolutionary_HathawayLila, the Revolutionary is a fable for adults about an eight-year-old girl-smart, charming, and tough as can be-who creates a world revolution for social justice.

No one ever told her she couldn’t end poverty and inequality, so she doesn’t doubt that she can Just Do It! Starting with the Nike shoe factory where she works. Like the boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” Lila can see the reality that adults are blind to.

And she’s not shy about pointing it out. Her story is a call to action: If Lila can do it, so can we. She convinces us that Yes, a better world is possible, and we’re the ones to create it. (

nsnbc warmly recommends the book which has been received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is not only entertaining and bringing William T. Hathaway’s fictional characters to life, so much that it is difficult to put the book away once one has started reading it.

For those who have the passion and compassion to read what stands written between the lines, Laila, The Revolutionary is a novel that indirectly deals with the debate on neo-colonialism and and Erzenwankor’s hypothesis about Africa’s Unfreedom, versus the hypothesis that everybody bears responsibility for his own and his people’s liberation.

Hathaway’s book may be the most subtle and talented approach to answering which of those two points may be closest to the truth. Understanding that the world, sometimes, requires an entirely new look at its problems, through the eyes of a child.

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