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Syria’s “President” Jarba visits USA: Washington vs. Moscow, Weapons vs. Votes

nsnbc : The leader of the foreign-backed Syrian “opposition” Ahmed “Assi” Jarba has visited Washington and met US President Barak Obama. Much advertised is, that “Saudi Arabia’s Syrian Man” returns with a 1.7 billion check for “US humanitarian aid”. Less advertised is that Jarba took to Washington with a Saudi blanck check for advanced weapons for the “opposition”. 

Jarba_Kerry_USA_SyriaObama med Jarba when he “dropped by” a meeting between Jarba and Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice. The White House stated that Obama and Rice condemned the Assad regime’s “deliberate targeting of civilians through aerial bombardments, including the use of barrel bombs, the denial of food and humanitarian assistance to civilians located in areas under siege by the regime”.

The White House issued a statement, saying that Jarba thanked Obama for a total $287 million US aid to opposition forces and noted the US role as the largest humanitarian donor to Syrian refugees with a total aid grant of $1.7 billion.

Kerry_USA_May 2014The White House did not acknowledge that Jarba had asked or received guarantees for deliveries of advanced weapons. US officials at the State Department have, however, privately and under condition of anonymity, acknowledged that Secretary of State had discussed the delivery of advanced weapons with Jarba last week.

Last week, nsnbc received information from a Palestinian intelligence expert who reported that Jarba was scheduled to visit Washington  equipped with an open line of Saudi money to pay for the surface to air missiles and other advanced weapon systems. Other weapons to be discussed include additional Russian made Konkurs anti-tank missiles.

Washington has been delivering limited amounts of these weapons to the so-called “opposition” since 2013 via Turkey and Jordan. Deliveries of advanced weapons systems have regularly been met with warnings from the side of some US Senators who are concerned that the weapons could fall into “the wrong hands”.

Jarba_Washington_USA_SyriaEvaluations of available intelligence led to the conclusion that the US and Saudi government as well as Jarba would act on the basis of a previous agreement and that the argumentation for weapons deliveries will be based on sparing bloodshed by breaking “the Assad regime’s air superiority”. Opposition against the additional deliveries would be countered with a media campaign, assuring the public that “Jarba would assure” that weapons exclusively are given to “the moderate opposition”, said the expert.

The evaluation is consistent with the White House statement today and the admission of State Department officials that Jarba and Kerry discussed the weapons deliveries last week.

Meanwhile, the fact on the ground in Syria is that there does not exist any “moderate opposition”. Even the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is everything but moderate and responsible for serious war crimes, while religious fanaticism and an anti-democratic attitude is endemic among its leadership. Moreover, about 80 or more percent of the fighters on the ground belong to Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood brigades who are based on a radical Islamist philosophy.

The intelligence expert said that new weapons deliveries could suggest an increased international effort to destabilize and sabotage the upcoming elections in Syria, scheduled for June, at any cost.

Ahmed “Assi” Jarba is heavily backed by Saudi Arabia, which finances most of the Al-Qaeda-linked brigades in Syria as well as those in Lebanon and Iraq’s Al-Anbar province. The planned media campaign aims at omitting or minimizing the fact that any advanced US weapons systems, bought in the US, with Saudi money, invariably will end up in the hands of Al-Qaeda linked brigades, said the analyst to nsnbc.

Syria: USA vs. Russia – Weapons vs. Votes. While the White House equipped Jarba with a 1.7 billion dollar check, allegedly for “humanitarian and non-lethal aid”, the USA will be delivering advanced, shoulder-fired surface to air missile systems as well as anti-tank missile systems to the mercenary forces in Syria, courtesy of Saudi Arabia.

Analysts had forecast that the USA, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Israel and allies would intensify the military, political and propaganda campaign up the upcoming presidential elections on June 3.



Meanwhile, the election campaign in Syria began, officially, on May 4, when Syria’s Supreme Constitutional Court announced the names of the three presidential candidates.

Running for the 2014 presidential elections are, Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar Hassan al-Nouri, and Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council, Ilyas Umakhanov, endorsed the upcoming presidential elections in Syria, saying that holding elections is the right solution with regard to ending the crisis in the country. Syria invited Russian parliamentarians to monitor the elections in June.

Umakharov_Russian Federation Council_RussiaUmakhanov expressed the readiness of the Council members to attend the presidential elections, scheduled for June 3, and affirmed that the Syrian people alone are entitled to determine the future of their country and to elect their president.

The Russian Federation Council Chairman expressed his view, that the elections will have a positive impact on the situation in Syria overall.



Member of the Rusian Parliament (Duma) and head of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said to the Syrian news agency SANA, that  the elections are entirely legal and that Russia fully supports these elections.

Zhirinovsky said that he believes that these elections will be carried out fairly and will enable the Syrian people to express their views and perspectives through them.

Zhirinovsky added, that it is the sovereign right of the Syrian people alone to decide the political leadership of the country, and he condemned the double-standard policies of western countries, embodied in depriving Syrians in their countries from participating in the election via Syrian embassies.

Zhirinovski’s statements were reflected by a number of other Russian MPs, among them Valentin Shurshanov and Nicolay Ryabov.



Shurshanov said that the Russian State Duma assesses the election process in Syria positively, adding that the Duma considers the elections as a positive process that would lead to a legal change in political power in Syria.

Shurshanov  denounced western countries double-standard policies in calling out for presidential elections in Ukraine, while denying Syrians to vote.

Ryabov, for his part, said that the election should be carried out on time, despite the attempts of the United States and her western allies to thwart them. Ryabov denounced the US for imposing its will on the world.

Ryabov stressed that the US, illegally, imposes its will on the world and attempts to disrupt the elections. He stressed that the United States failure to recognize the legitimacy of the elections has nothing to do with the legality and legitimacy of the presidential elections.

Ch/L – nsnbc 14.05.2014

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