Published On: Wed, May 14th, 2014

Kiev’s Crackdown and Failure to Talk to Regions Deepens Civil War

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nsnbc : The acting government in Kiev continues its crackdown in southeastern Ukraine, using heavy military equipment, leading to additional death. While rejecting the referendum in Donetsk and Lughansk as illegitimate, the outcome of the referendum is undeniable fact. Local authorities in Donetsk have started the process of disarming militia and forming a regional army

Ukraine_UN_HelicopterThe acting government in Kiev continued the military crackdown in southeastern Ukraine with heavy military weaponry, including heavy tanks, armored personnel carriers, mortars, artillery, fighter jets and heavy combat helicopters. One of the latter drew international attention because the helicopter, used in so-called “anti-terrorism operations”, displayed UN markings in violation of international law. Combat operations have cost at least 12 more lives among Ukrainian soldiers, self-defense forces as well as unarmed civilians.

The split in western policy with regard to the military crackdown continues with the US claiming the legitimacy of the “anti-terrorism operation” while France, Germany, Switzerland, and several other European nations as well as the OSCE on one hand reject the referendum in Donetsk and Lughansk, while they continue calling on Kiev for the immediate halt of military operations.

Russia, Germany, France, the OSCE and other European nations have called on Kiev to immediately begin talks with all Ukrainian regions, suggest constitutional reform, legal reform, adopt an amnesty, and begin a process advantageous for all of the countries regions.

Kiev has so far ignored these repeated calls as it aggravates the military situation. Last week, acting President Turchynov decreed the general mobilization of all of Ukraine’s armed forces, calling on all military age men including reserves to report to the military. Kiev has failed to disarm Pravy Sector, UNA-UNSO and other ultra nationalist and neo-Nazi militia and attempted to “legitimize them” by creating so-called “special regional military units”.

Local authorities in Donetsk and Lughansk responded to the continued military crack-down by beginning to re-organize the very loosely knit local self-defense groups into more organized military units. The Chairman of the Donetsk Central Electoral Commission, Roman Lyagin, told reporters on Wednesday, May 14, that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has begun forming its own army. Lyagin stressed that weapons are being seized from militia in order to bring all weapons and self-defense volunteers under centralized control and command.

The Russian expert in international law and governance, Alexander Mezyaev stressed earlier, that the coup in Kiev was a criminal and unconstitutional act and that the current acting government, therefore, is not a legal government.

Arguably, neither the government in Kiev nor the referendum in Donetsk and Lughansk are legal uner Ukraine’s constitution.

Representatives of Ukraine’s rebellious regions have repeatedly said that the acting government in Kiev does not have legitimacy to deny the regions to organize government in the absence of a legal government in Ukraine and under the circumstances of being illegally attacked by a military under command of the illegal government.

While Kiev continues intensifying the military crackdown, it also continues “loosing it” meaning a chance to be accepted as a possible partner for a dialog to solve the crisis, and meaning that the number of villages and towns in the southeastern regions who call for independence from Kiev continues growing proportional to the crackdown.

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  1. Gary fraser says:

    One thing is disturbing me about the ambush of the troop carrier where there were a number of fatalities. How do we know this was not just more fomenting of the problem by unknown foreign interests? The problem is that it is hard to believe anything now. Was it really beneficial for separatists to do this?
    Just saying…

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